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ABAG POWER Executive Committee

Wednesday December 11, 2019 11:00am | MTC Event Url
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ABAG POWER Executive Committee location Tamalpais CR 7102 - 7th Floor

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Legistar Agenda
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19-1395 Item 3.a - ABAG POWER EC Summary Minutes of 20190821.pdf
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Approval of Summary Minutes of ABAG POWER Executive Committee Meeting held on August 21 2019
19-1396 Item 3.b.1 - Summary Sheet - Gas Transmission Northwest.pdf
Authorization to amend a purchase order with TC Energy Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN) in an amount not to exceed $62000 through June 30 2020
19-1396 Item 3.b.2 - Summary Approval - Gas Transmission Northwest.pdf
19-1399 Item 5.a - Summary of Natural Gas Program.pdf
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Staff will review recent gas operations including gas purchases; the programs long-term hedge position; gas imbalances; regulatory updates; and other miscellaneous program items.
19-1399 Item 5.b - Historical and Anticipated Gas Purchases by Origin.pdf
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19-1399 Item 5.c - Market Price Chart.pdf
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19-1399 Item 5.d - Gas Program True-up and Working Capital Deposits.pdf
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19-1399 Item 5.e - FY 2019-20 Budget to Actual.pdf
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19-1400 Item 6.a - Summary Sheet - Transwestern Pipeline Company.pdf
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Committee to approve a staff recommendation to enter pipeline use and transportation agreements and accept associated pipeline capacity to enable transport from the Permian natural gas production basin.
19-1400 Item 6.b - Summary Approval - Transwestern Pipeline Company.pdf
19-1401 Item 7.a - Calendar Year 2020 Meeting Schedule.pdf
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Committee to approve the Calendar Year 2020 meeting schedule for the Executive Committee and Board of Directors