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ABAG Regional Planning Committee

Wednesday December 4, 2019 1:00pm | MTC Event Url
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ABAG Regional Planning Committee location Yerba Buena - 1st Floor

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Legistar Agenda
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19-1365 Item 04a Minutes 20191002 Draft.pdf
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Approval of ABAG Regional Planning Committee Minutes of October 2 2019
19-1366 Item 05a Summary Sheet Housing Subcommittee Report.pdf
Housing Subcommittee Report
19-1367 Item 06a 0 Summary Sheet Regional Growth Framework Update v3.pdf
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Plan Bay Area 2050: Regional Growth Framework Update and Next Steps

Staff will present on local submissions for the Regional Growth Framework Update including Priority Development Areas (PDAs) Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs) and Priority Production Areas (PPAs) as well as Potential Next Steps of the Plan Bay Area 2050 Blueprint process.
19-1367 Item 06a 1 Attachment A_Memo v2.pdf
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19-1367 Item 06a 2 Attachment B_Presentation v2.pdf
19-1367 Item 06a 3 Attachment C_Maps.pdf
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19-1367 Item 06a 4 Attachment D_Tables_v3..pdf
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19-1368 Item 07a 0 Summary Sheet RHNA Housing Methodology Committee v3.pdf
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Update on Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) Housing Methodology Committee

Staff will provide an update on Housing Methodology Committee discussions.
19-1368 Item 07a 1 Attachment A Local Jurisdiction Survey Option 1.pdf
19-1368 Item 07a 2 Attachment B Local Jurisdiction Survey Option 2.pdf
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19-1368 Item 07a 3 Attachment C RHNA HMC Update v2.pdf
19-1369 Item 08a 0 Summary Sheet Report Draft 2020 Advocacy Program v2.pdf
Report on ABAG and MTCs Draft 2020 Advocacy Program

Staff will report on the draft 2020 Advocacy Program and seek the Committees input.
19-1369 Item 08a 1 Attachment Draft Advocacy Program.pdf
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