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Bay Area Partnership Board

Tuesday December 1, 2020 1:00pm | MTC Event Url
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Bay Area Partnership Board location Bay Area Metro Center - Yerba Buena - 1st Floor (REMOTE)

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Legistar Agenda
20-1661 4a_SB1 Update and RM3.pdf
Update on Senate Bill 1 Competitive Programs and Regional Measure 3

Update on Senate Bill 1 Competitive Program Recommendations and Regional Measure 3.
20-1660 3a_07-07-2020_Partnership Meeting_Draft_Minutes.pdf
Approval of the Bay Area Partnership Board Minutes of the July 7 2020 Meeting
20-1714 4c_Safe and Seamless Quick-Strike.pdf
Proposed Safe and Seamless Mobility Quick-Strike Program

Proposed approach for a one-time grant program within the One Bay Area Grant program (OBAG 2) framework.
20-1715 4d_PBA50_PBA50 Update + Implementation Plan.pdf
Plan Bay Area 2050 Update and Implementation Plan

Update on Plan Bay Area 2050 status and overview of the Plan Bay Area 2050 Implementation Plan phase including key goals and timeline.
21-0016 4b_COVID19 Recovery.pdf
COVID-19 Recovery Efforts
i.Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force
ii.BATA Recovery Ad Hoc Working Group Report
iii.Connected Mobility Subcommittee Report

Update on COVID-19 recovery efforts and strategies.
21-0016 4b_COVID19 Recovery.pdf