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Clipper Executive Board

Monday September 16, 2019 1:30pm | MTC Event Url
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Clipper Executive Board locationCaltrain / SamTrans - Caltrain / SamTrans Auditorium
1250 San Carlos Ave
San Carlos, CA 94070

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Legistar Agenda
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19-0937 2a_CEB Minutes_Aug 19 2019.pdf
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Minutes of the August 19 2019 Meeting
19-0960 3a_Fare_Coordination_Integration_Work_Program.pdf
Fare Coordination and Integration Work Program

Request for Board approval of the following items related to regional fare coordination and integration efforts:
1.Establishment of a Fare Integration Task Force as a special committee of the Clipper Executive Board.
2.Designation of Chair and Vice Chair of a Fare Integration Task Force.
3.Confirmation of a project management structure for a Fare Integration Task Force.
4.Authorization of MTC staff to request Commission allocation of up to $599839 in residual funds available from Regional Measure 2 (RM 2) to fund a fare coordination and business case study scope of work.
19-0960 3aii_Handout_Comments_i_Clipper Fare Integration (002).pdf
19-0960 3aii_Handout_Comments_ii_SPUR Comment Letter.pdf
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19-0963 4a_C1 Program Update.pdf
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Current Clipper System Update

Update Board members on the current Clipper program. Clipper staff last updated this Board on the ongoing work and projects related to the current Clipper system at the August 2019 meeting.
19-0964 4b_C2 Program Update.pdf
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Next Generation Clipper System Update

Update Board members on key developments related to the implementation of the Next Generation Clipper System Integrator project focusing on recent strategies on next generation onboard equipment and an update on the Next Generation Clipper customer service center procurement.
19-0964 4b_C2 Program Update.pdf
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19-1007 2b_Contract Amendment Invoke.pdf
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Clipper Contract Amendment - Technical Strategic and Long-Range Planning: Invoke Technologies ($200000)