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ABAG Legislation Committee

Friday September 13, 2019 10:05am | MTC Event Url
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ABAG Legislation Committee location Board Room - 1st Floor

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Legistar Agenda
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19-0957 2a_LC 20190913 Item 02A Minutes 20190712.pdf
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Approval of ABAG Legislation Committee minutes of July 12 2019
19-0913 3a_MTC LEGIS_Minutes_July 12 2019.pdf
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Approval of MTC Legislation Committee Minutes of the July 12 2019 Meeting
19-0916 4a_Legislative Update on Priority Bills.pdf
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2019 Legislative Update on Priority Bills

Overview of the 2019 state legislative session with a focus on bills for which MTC and ABAG have taken a position.
19-0916 4a_HANDOUT—2019 Legislative Update on Priority Bills.pdf
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19-0916 10a_LEGIS_4a_Legislative_Update_on_PriorityBills.pdf
19-0947 5a_Federal Transportation Bill Update.pdf
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Federal Surface Transportation Bill Update

Status update regarding the reauthorization of the federal surface transportation law including an overview of the five-year bill passed by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.
19-0917 5b_Tom Bulger's DC Report_July and Aug_2019.pdf
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Tom Bulgers Report

Report from Washington D.C. advocate.
19-0948 3c_AB 1142.pdf
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AB 1142 (Friedman): Transportation Planning and Transportation Network Companies
19-0946 3b_SB 277.pdf
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SB 277 (Beall): Local Partnership Program
19-0946 6h_LEGIS_3b_SB_277.pdf
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