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Policy Advisory Council

Wednesday September 11, 2019 1:30pm | MTC Event Url
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Policy Advisory Council location Board Room - 1st Floor

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Legistar Agenda
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Legistar Minutes
19-0893 03_Council Minutes_July 2019.pdf
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Approval of July 10 2019 Meeting Minutes
(5 minutes)
19-0896 05_PBA 2050_Overview_Vision + Guiding Principles Approval.pdf
ABAG Resolution No. 09-19 and MTC Resolution No. 4393: Plan Bay Area 2050: Overview and Vision & Guiding Principles Approval
(30 minutes)

Overview of the Plan Bay Area 2050 process and Vision & Guiding Principles previously developed in consultation with the public stakeholders and elected officials through Horizon.
19-0897 06_PBA50_Equity_Sept 2019.pdf
Plan Bay Area 2050: Invitation to Participate in Regional Equity Working Group
(5 minutes)

Overview on the Regional Equity Working Group (REWG) process which will help refine strategies and develop implementation actions that advance equity for Plan Bay Area 2050 the next-generation regional plan.
19-0898 08_Staff_Liaison_Report Sept 2019.pdf
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Staff Liaison Report
(5 minutes)

Relevant MTC policy decisions and other activities.
19-0923 07_PDA_OBAG_Assesment Sept 2019.pdf
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Priority Development Area (PDA) / One Bay Area Grant Program (OBAG) Assessment
(15 minutes)

Proposed approach for a combined PDA and OBAG Assessment.