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Wednesday July 24, 2019 9:35am | MTC Event Url
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Metropolitan Transportation Commission location Bay Area Metro Center - Board Room - 1st Floor

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19-0702 2c_Reso-3914_Transbay_Transit_Center_Rescission.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 3914 Revised. Rescission of $264000 in AB1171 funds savings on previous Transbay Transit Center design and pre-construction phases and reallocation to construction close-out.
19-0702 6c_PAC_2c_Reso-3914_Transbay_Transit_Center_Rescission.pdf
19-0672 2d_Reso-4202_OBAG2_Revisions.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4202 Revised. Revision to the One Bay Area Grant Program (OBAG 2) to delegate authority to the Executive Director or designee to enter into Letters of Understanding with regional agencies for the exchange of federal Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STP) or Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) funds within certain conditions and limitations and to delegate to a Committee of the Commission the authority to approve exchanges beyond these conditions and limitations.
19-0672 6d_PAC_2d_Reso-4202_OBAG2_Revisions.pdf
19-0676 2e_Reso-4388_WETA_and_SF_Bay_Trail_Project_P&A.pdf
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MTC Resolution No. 4388. Programming for FY2019-20 and allocation of approximately $2.9 million in Five Percent Unrestricted State Fund Revenues and $0.6 million in Two Percent Bridge Toll Revenues for WETA ferry operations and the San Francisco Bay Trail project.
19-0676 6e_PAC_2e_Reso-4388_WETA_and_SF_Bay_Trail_Project_P&A.pdf
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19-0686 2f_Reso-4375_TIP_Amendment_2019-18.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4375 Revised. 2019 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment 2019-18.
19-0686 6f_PAC_2f_Reso-4375_TIP_Amendment_2019-18.pdf
19-0698 2h_Mariposa_LTC_CMAQ_Exchange.pdf
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Proposed agreement with Mariposa County Local Transportation Commission (MCLTC) for exchange of federal apportionment. A request to authorize an agreement with the MCLTC to exchange roughly $0.7 million in Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) funds in Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2018-19 with an equal amount of CMAQ funds in FFY 2019-20.
19-0698 6g_PAC_2h_Mariposa_LTC_CMAQ_Exchange.pdf
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19-0677 3a_Reso-3664_Dublin_BART_Parking_Garagex.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 3664 Revised. Allocation of $7 million in Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds to the Alameda County Transportation Commission for construction of the Dublin Transit Center Parking Garage at the Dublin BART Station.

A request for an allocation of $7 million in RM2 funds to the Alameda County Transportation Commission for construction of the Dublin Transit Center Parking Garage at the Dublin BART Station.
19-0677 7a_PAC_3a_Reso-3664_Dublin_BART_Parking_Garagex.pdf
19-0671 3b_Resos-4360-4379-4380-4381-4382-4389_Fund_Estimate.pdf
MTC Resolution Nos. 4360 Revised 4379 Revised 4380 Revised 4381 Revised 4382 and 4389.

Revises the FY 2019-20 Fund Estimate allocates $380 million in FY 2019-20 Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds State Transit Assistance (STA) funds Assembly Bill 1107 (AB 1107) funds and Regional Measure 2 (RM 2) operating and capital funds to several transit operators to support transit operations and capital projects in the region and approves the FY 2019-20 State of Good Repair Program project list.
19-0671 7b_PAC_3b_Resos-4360-4379-4380-4381-4382-4389_Fund_Estimate.pdf
19-0696 3c_Reso-4250_Bay_Bridge_Forward_Allocation.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4250 Revised. Allocation of $2.3 million in Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds for the Bay Bridge Forward suite of projects.

A request for an allocation of $2.3 million in RM2 funds for the Commuter Parking Initiative project part of the Bay Bridge Forward program.
19-0696 7c_PAC_3c_Reso-4250_Bay_Bridge_Forward_Allocation.pdf
19-0697 2i_Federal Earmark Repurposing.pdf
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Federal Earmark Repurposing - Potential projects to receive Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) repurposed earmark funds under the Department of Transportation Appropriations Act 2019.
19-0697 6h_PAC_2i_Federal Earmark Repurposing.pdf
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19-0780 3b_MTC Res. No. 3931, rev.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 3931 Revised - Policy Advisory Council Appointment
19-0780 6i_Leg_3b_Reso-3931_PolicyAdvisoryCouncil_Appointment.pdf
19-0823 2g_Reso-1058_Commission_Procedures_Manual_Revision.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 1058 Revised - Revision to MTCs Commission Procedures Manual
19-0823 6b_Admin_2g_Reso-1058_Commission_Procedures_Manual_Revision.pdf
19-0721 5a_AB 1487.pdf
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AB 1487 (Chiu): Bay Area Regional Housing Funding

This bill would authorize a regional housing funding measure for affordable housing production preservation and protection of tenants from displacement to be placed on the ballot in the Bay Area with funds administered by MTC and ABAG.
19-0721 5a_Handout_AB1487_flow_chart.pdf
19-0721 5a_Correspondence Received During the Meeting.pdf
19-0721 8c_AB 1487 (Chiu).pdf
19-0721 8c_HANDOUT_AB 1487_Summary of Amends.pdf
19-0721 8c_HANDOUT_Correspondence(6).pdf
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19-0722 5b_SB 330 (Skinner).pdf
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SB 330 (Skinner): Housing Crisis Act of 2019

SB 330 aims to accelerate new housing construction by speeding up project approvals; prohibiting downzoning in high-rent low-vacancy areas; and providing project proponents with a higher degree of certainty as to the rules and standards that apply when submitting a preliminary application for a housing development.
19-0722 8a_Leg_5b_SB 330 (Skinner).pdf
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19-0724 5c_AB 1486 (Ting).pdf
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AB 1486 (Ting): Surplus Lands Act Expansion and Revision

AB 1486 would revise the Surplus Lands Act (SLA) - the state law that requires local agencies to prioritize affordable housing as well as parks and open space when disposing of land no longer necessary for the agencys use.
19-0724 8b_Leg_5c_AB 1486 (Ting).pdf
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19-0873 4_ED Report July 2019 - HANDOUT.pdf
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Executive Directors Report