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Bay Area Partnership Board

Friday July 19, 2019 1:00pm | MTC Event Url
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Bay Area Partnership Board location Bay Area Metro Center - Yerba Buena - 1st Floor

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Legistar Agenda
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19-0781 03_Election of Vice Chair.pdf
Election of Bay Area Partnership Board Vice Chair

Election of a vice chair for the Bay Area Partnership Board is now open and will remain open until the election scheduled for the July 19 2019 meeting.
19-0782 05_Seamless Mobility: Partnership Food for Thought?.pdf
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Discussion of Strategic Direction for Bay Area Partnership Board
(2 hour)

Board members will discuss the strategic direction of the Partnership Board including identifying top policy priorities; establishing regular and consistent meeting dates; and relationship and coordination with other partner/stakeholder groups.
19-0787 02_09-28-2018_Partnership Meeting_Draft_Minutes.pdf
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Approval of the Bay Area Partnership Board Minutes of the September 28 2018 Meeting
19-0838 06a_Transit Fare Integration Update.pdf
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Transit Fare Integration Update

Update on recent MTC staff and transit operator work on transit fare integration in the Bay Area.
19-0839 06b_SB1 Programming Update.pdf
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Regional Approach to Senate Bill 1 (SB1) Competitive Programs

Discussion on a comprehensive regional approach for the upcoming SB1 competitive programs including Solutions for Congested Corridors Trade Corridor Enhancement Local Partnership and Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Programs.
19-0841 06c_RM3 Update.pdf
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Regional Measure 3 Update

Update on Regional Measure 3 (RM3) implementation.
19-0842 04_Letter from Therese W. McMillan.pdf
Welcome from New MTC Executive Director - Therese W. McMillan
19-0843 07_FY2019-20 Partnership Board Calendar.pdf
Board Member Wrap-Up / Next Steps

An opportunity for Board Members to provide additional input / direction to staff on priorities and future meeting topics. A suggested calendar of future meetings is provided.