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Clipper Executive Board

Monday July 15, 2019 1:30pm | MTC Event Url
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Clipper Executive Board locationSan Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District
344 Thomas L Berkley Way
Oakland, CA 94612

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Legistar Agenda
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19-0844 06_Handout_Policy Advisory Council_Recommendations_July_2019 Transit Fare Integration.pdf
Legistar Minutes
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19-0775 2a_CEB Minutes_June 17 2019.pdf
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Minutes of the June 17 2019 Meeting
19-0790 2b_Purchase Order_ATT Network.pdf
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Clipper Purchase Order - Network Services: AT&T ($400000)
19-0791 3b_Change Order_Card Procurement.pdf
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Clipper Contract Change Order Amendment - Clipper Card Procurement: Cubic Transportation Systems Inc. ($4000000)

Request for approval of a Change Order Amendment for procurement of Clipper cards: Cubic Transportation Systems Inc. (Cubic) ($4000000).
19-0793 4a_C1 Program Update.pdf
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Current Clipper System Update

Update Board members on the current Clipper program. Clipper staff last updated this Board on the ongoing work and projects related to the current Clipper system at the June 2019 meeting.
19-0794 4b_C2 Program Update.pdf
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Next Generation Clipper System Update

Update Board members on key developments related to the implementation of the Next Generation Clipper System Integrator project provide an overall program update and highlight key technical updates.
19-0808 3c_Clipper_Vice_Chair.pdf
Clipper Executive Board Election of Vice Chair

Nomination and Election of the Vice Chair of the Clipper Executive Board.
19-0820 3a_Change Order_Cubic_PW.pdf
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Change Order Amendments - Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) and Faregate Maintenance - Prevailing Wages: Cubic Transportation Systems Inc. ($1425000)

Change Order Amendments - Adding Funds to Pay Prevailing Wages for TVM and Faregate Maintenance per California Labor Code and Federal Davis-Bacon Act: Cubic Transportation Systems Inc. (Cubic) ($1425000).