Make Transit the Practical Choice!

Policy Advisory Council

Wednesday July 8, 2020 1:35pm | MTC Event Url
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20-0967 08_Staff_Liaison_Report July 2020.pdf
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Staff Liaison Report
(5 minutes)

Relevant MTC policy decisions and other activities.
20-0966 04_Council Minutes_Jun 10 2020.pdf
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Approval of the June 10 2020 Meeting Minutes
(5 minutes)
20-0956 06_PBA2050-Draft Blueprint-Key Findings.pdf
Plan Bay Area 2050 Draft Blueprint: Key Findings
(45 minutes)

Presentation on the findings from the Draft Blueprint analysis highlighting successes and shortcomings in advance of stakeholder workshops later this month.
20-0958 07_PBA2050-Key Transpor Ele.pdf
Plan Bay Area 2050 Final Blueprint: Key Decisions for the Transportation Element
(45 minutes)

Recommendations on specific regional discretionary funding levels for the Transportation Element of the Plan Bay Area 2050 Final Blueprint in advance of broader strategy refinements in September 2020 following robust public engagement.