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Bay Area Toll Authority Oversight Committee

Wednesday July 8, 2020 9:35am | MTC Event Url
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20-0869 4a 20-0869 Minutes June 10 Meeting.pdf
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Minutes of the June 10 2020 meeting
20-0881 5a 20-0881 STA Funding Agreement Amendment.pdf
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Funding Agreement Amendment - I-80/I-680/SR-12 Interchange Package 2A: Solano Transportation Authority ($7100000)

A request to amend the funding agreement with the Solano Transportation Authority (STA) for activities associated with the I-80/I-680/SR-12 Interchange Package 2A project in an additional amount not to exceed $7100000.
20-0901 5b 20-0901 Econolite Systems Contract Amendment.pdf
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Contract Amendment - Toll Facilities Maintenance: Econolite Systems Inc. ($10500000)

A request for approval to enter into a contract amendment with Econolite Systems Inc. (Econolite) formerly known as Aegis ITS Inc. in an amount not to exceed $10500000 through August 31 2023 to maintain existing toll facilities and equipment and provide as-needed maintenance and repair services at the seven state-owned Bay Area toll facilities on a scheduled and as-needed basis subject to the approval of future BATA budgets.
20-0901 5b Public Comment - Aleta Dupree.pdf
20-0909 4b 20-0909 Conduent Contract Change Order.pdf
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Contract Change Order - FasTrak Regional Customer Service Center: Support VTA 237 Express Lane: Conduent State and Local Solutions Inc. ($800000)
20-0934 5c 20-0934 AET Recommendation and Contract Actions.pdf
Recommendation and Contract Actions - BATA Tolling Operations:
i.Contract Change Order - FasTrak Customer Service Center Transition to All Electronic Tolling: Conduent State & Local Solutions Inc. ($10500000);
ii.Contract Amendment - FasTrak Public Education for All Electronic Tolling: Caribou Public Relations ($990000);
iii.Purchase Order - FasTrak Toll Tags: Neology Inc. ($2881000); and
iv.Contract Amendment - Civil Design for All Electronic Tolling at Southern Bridges: AECOM Technical Services Inc. ($250000)

A recommended roadmap for all electronic tolling at State-owned bridges and requests to authorize the Executive Director or designee to negotiate and enter into supporting contract actions.
20-0934 5c 20-0934 Presentation.pdf
20-1096 6a 20-1096 I-880 Express Lanes Campaign.pdf
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I-880 Express Lanes I-680 Express Lanes Clean Air Vehicle and FasTrak Marketing Campaign

A presentation of images for the campaign to promote the opening of the I-880 Express Lanes and the new clean air vehicle requirement for the I-680 Express Lanes in Fall.
20-1096 6a 20-1096 Presentation.pdf
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