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Wednesday July 8, 2020 9:40am | MTC Event Url
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20-0871 2a 20-0871 Minutes of June 10 Meeting.pdf
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Minutes of the June 10 2020 meeting
20-0872 2b 20-0872 Investment Report April 2020.pdf
Investment Report for April 2020
20-0895 2c 20-0895 Monthly Travel Report.pdf
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Monthly Travel Report
20-0897 3a 20-0897 BAAQMD Partnership Agreement.pdf
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Partnership Agreement - Database Development and Training: Bay Area Air Quality Management District ($300000)

Accept $300000 in funding from the Air District for the Data and Visualization Unit of the Regional Planning Program to provide it with ongoing technical assistance and training on AB 617 projects and the Climate Program. Funding from the Air District will support one temporary employee position for one year within the Data and Visualization Unit.
20-0897 3a 20-0897 Presentation.pdf
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20-0914 2d 20-0914 BCDC Funding Agreement Amendment.pdf
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Funding Agreement Amendment - Regional Planning Coordination Adapting to Rising Tides Program and Resilience Planning: Bay Conservation and Development Commission ($227052)