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Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee

Friday January 8, 2021 9:45am | MTC Event Url
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Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee location Bay Area Metro Center - Board Room - 1st Floor (REMOTE)

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Legistar Agenda
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Legistar Minutes
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21-0060 2a_Joint LEGIS_Minutes_Dec 11 2020.pdf
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Approval of Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee Minutes of the December 11 2020 Meeting
21-0142 3a_Sacramento Update .pdf
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Sacramento Update

Sacramento update: new committee assignments 2021 legislative schedule and state fiscal update.
21-0143 3b_Federal COVID Relief and FY 2021 Appropriations.pdf
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Overview of COVID Relief and Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Federal Appropriations

Summary of Transportation and Housing Provisions in the consolidated COVID-relief and FY 2021 Appropriations Act.
21-0061 3c_MTC December Washington Report.pdf
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Washington D.C. Legislative Update

Report from Washington D.C. advocates.
21-0141 2b_Leg History_State_with Calendar.pdf
Legislative History

Detailed list of bills the Commission is tracking in Sacramento including those ABAG or MTC supports or opposes.