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21-87 Presentation on Progressive Policing and Community Engagement Bureau
Presentation on Progressive Policing and Community Engagement Bureau. For Discussion.
21-99 BART Digital Railway Project Update - Presentation
BART Digital Railway Project Update. For information.
This is great! wifi coming to BART stations!
21-112 Update on Safety, Reliability, and Traffic Relief Program Measure RR - Presentation
Update on Safety, Reliability, and Traffic Relief Program (Measure RR).* For information.
6.A. Att. 1 - Federal Update
Consider receiving the Monthly Legislative Report.
6.E. Telegraph Bike Lanes Board Resolution
Consider adoption of Rresolution No. 21-023 in support of staff’s comments on the City of Oakland’s...
AC Transit is stingy about being left out the rebuild telegraph discussions
9.A. GM Report 6.23.21
General Manager’s Report for June 23, 2021.
6.A. Att. 2 - State Update
Consider receiving the Monthly Legislative Report.
5.B. August Service Change Chart
Review August Service Changes. (Michael Eshleman)
Wow AC Transit really hates the berkeley-el cerrito hills. Its one of the last places they'll consider bringing service back. I'm surprised they brought back the E.
7.E. Att.2. Service Recovery Priorities Presentation
Consider approving the District’s plan (Plan) to prioritize lines for service recovery through August...
Consider receiving a report on the District’s planned service changes associated with the August 2021...
7.F. Att.6. Board Presentation
Consider receiving a report on the status of the District’s contract with Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO),...
Consider receiving an update about social media, including use, growth, and future plans. [Requested...
AC Transit is trying to get into social media like Caltrain did.
3.A. Att.1. Van Scoyoc Federal Update 7-14-2021
Update on Federal legislative activities.
6.A. Att. 1 - Federal Update
Consider receiving the Monthly Legislative Report and approval of legislative positions
Slide Presentation PDF
6-23-21 EMSC Item 8 Geary Blvd Improvement Project Update
hmmm. MUNI slipped that in eliminating the median red lanes for the 38 for all side running. SFMTA selling out rider's experience to make it better for automobiles. Shouldn't expect anything more from them.
Slide Presentation PDF
7-1-21 CAC Item 7 SFMTA Housing and Land Use Strategy
Slide Presentation PDF
7-20-21 MTAB Item 14 Transit Service Restoration
SFMTA is probably in the worst position in the bay area as far as transit agencies. not for any particular reliance on fares but reliance on SF being the center of the bay area. Its quite unfair as it seems inevitable they end in a transit death spiral as long as there is non-commitment to work location. Though its hard to imagine which agency isn't in a bad position.
Slide Presentation PDF
7-20-21 MTAB Item 18 ConnectSF Investment Strategies
Update on Service Restoration PPT
Update on Service Restoration PPT
Caltrain appears to be set to place their bets on new markets outside of the traditional commute patterns. Look forward to bringing back the bullet trains
Caltrain Governance PPT
Caltrain Governance PPT
Considering the complexities of caltrain, its unique placement and development, Caltrain is probably going to have to go solo and make its own agency. There aren't agencies that have a great track record with project delivery and Caltrain along with CAHSR has a lot of projects in the pipeline.
21-0750 10a - 21-0750 - Reso-4320 - Clipper START Extension.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4320, Revised. Clipper® START Pilot Extension Request to extend the Clipper® START...
Extending the Clipper START pilot cause obviously trying during the pandemic was unfair. Really they should've realized it wasn't going to be a useful pilot at the beginning.
21-0870 5a Regional Mapping and Wayfinding Project Update.pdf
Regional Transit Mapping and Wayfinding Project Update Presentation on the findings from Phase 2 of...
Gosh I hope they don't name the regional transit agency Bay Transit... The bay Area is far too creative for that.
21-0905 5b Parking Update.pdf
Climate Program - Local Parking Policy Technical Assistance Update on MTC/ABAG assistance to local...
75k per parking space... How did the US afford that? Its ridiculous! MTC is attempting to push more demand responsive parking costs.
21-0928 4a Update on Surface Transportation Reauthorization.pdf
Update on Surface Transportation Reauthorization Status update regarding the reauthorization of the...
21-0909 3a - HANDOUT - ARP Phase 1 Distribution Presentation.pdf
MTC Resolution 4481. American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Phase 1 Distribution Proposed programming of...
21-0834 04a FCIS July Project Update.pdf
Project Update and Pathway to Policy Recommendations Discuss of ongoing work tasks and presentation...


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Oakland City Council votes to keep protected bike lanes on Telegraph Avenue
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New shuttle provides 5 rides from Santa Rosa to Russian River beaches
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