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18-1029 COVID-19 Update - Presentation
COVID-19 Update. For information.
Its interesting that they've transitioned from just red line to millbrae and yellow line to sfo to now both connecting to both stations. And both need to be on the caltrain transfer platform. It sounds like a complicated strategy.
18-1031 Update on Regional Transit Coordination - Presentation
Update on Regional Transit Coordination. For information.
The path to regional transit is not bad. I don't think its what the regular riders had in mind but its a start.
18-1027 Resolutions Ratifying the Collective Bargaining Agreements with BART Police Officers’ Association and BART Police Managers’ Association - Presentation
Resolutions Ratifying the Collective Bargaining Agreements with BART Police Officers’ Association and...
Interesting tactic. BART police pay increases will be subject to the return rate of passengers compared to pre-covid avg weekday rates.
21-16 Update on Sustainability Action Plan - Presentation
Update on Sustainability Action Plan. For information.
21-11 Future Service Scenarios for Consideration - Presentation
Future Service Scenarios for Consideration. For information.
The future of BART. I think they shouldn't do midnight until bars and late night venues are fully open. but I know that the next service change is probably august or september, so they're making a gamble on where we'll be in 4-5 months. This is kinda of the cost of sync up service schedules for "transit integration".
Att. 1 Fare increase July 1 2021
Consider the approval of receiving a report on the upcoming fare increase scheduled to go into be effective...
Yay a fare increase in July just when people didn't need it.
Att. 4 - State Matrix
Consider receiving the Monthly Legislative Report
There aren't many transit related bills for consideration but AB 784, AB 917 and AB 455 are decent ones to put political pressure on.
8.A. GM Report 3.24.21 Final
General Manager’s Report for March 24, 2021.
Slide Presentation PDF
3-16-21 MTAB Item 11 Traffic Modifications and TC Amendment - 25 MPH
Slide Presentation PDF
3-16-21 MTAB Item 14 Transit Update
Oh poor Tumlin, he did not know what he was signing up for. Partial Muni Metro service back in May!
Slide Presentation PDF
4-6-21 MTAB Item 12 Traffic Modifications - Slow Streets
Its so cool that they want to make slow streets permanent in some cases. A little bit of good that came out of COVID, that and parklets for restaurants.
Governance Mtg #1 PowerPoint
Governance Mtg #1 PowerPoint
Really feel like the caltrain board is going to spend too much time on deciding how to address governance and not anytime on deciding a new governance model.
Caltrain Station & Terminal Planning PPT
Caltrain Station & Terminal Planning PPT v2
Kinda disappointing that Redwood City is undisputed the mid-penisula station hub of the future. so many cities along the caltrain corridor that should at least attempt to be vying for that position
21-0346 8b - 21-0346 - AB 455 Bonta Support and Seek Amends.pdf
Assembly Bill 455 (Bonta): Bay Bridge Fast Forward Program Requires the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA)...
I agree with the MTC that this bill kinda ignores the reality of the situation and issues. I don't think Bonta really has advisors or has taken the transbay bus himself so he might be picking at straws. I think anyone who has taken the transbay bus would call out the gross misuse of HOV lanes. which mean either CHP needs to have more responsibility for enforcement(which right now they have to be bribed by MTC to enforce the lanes) or the punishment needs to be harsher for violations.
21-0316 2b Mar Leg History.pdf
Legislative History Detailed list of bills the ABAG and MTC are tracking in Sacramento, including those...
21-0320 04 Presentation.pdf
i. Fare Coordination / Integration Study and Business Case Project Status Update Project update on...
lucky to all the cities that got to gain from the Bay Area's losses.
hmm the global pandemic recession is bad, worst than the 2008 recession but not anywhere near as bad the great depression. The recovery path is so unique for each county and region.
21-0426 5bi PowerPoint Express Lanes Strategic Plan.pdf
Regional Express Lanes Strategic Plan Adoption of a Bay Area Express Lanes Strategic Plan, which links...


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