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18-994 State Legislation for Consideration - Bill Packet
State Legislation for Consideration. Board requested to authorize.
It'd be nice to see ACA 1 pass but they've been trying for years to lower the voter threshold to pass taxes. I don't think it'll pass the legislature.
6.A. FY21 Mid-Year Presentation
Consider receiving the FY 2020-21 Mid-Year Budget review and Adopt Resolution No. 21-003 amending the...
Consider whether the District should reinstate fare-free rear-door boarding. [Requested by Director Beckles...
It appears operators are actually against rear door boarding as a measure against covid spread cause they have limited control over who enters.
9.A. GM Report 2.10.21
General Manager’s Report for February 10, 2021.
6.D. Att.1. COVID19 Update PowerPoint
Consider receiving ongoing COVID-19 report, including an update on the District’s Vaccination Education...
Newsom screwed transit workers. Another reason to be displeased with him. Its a little concerning that 14% of employees would refuse the vaccine.
5.A. Attachment 1 - BRT Progress Update
BRT Project Updates: 1) Project Delivery & Close-Out 2) Operational Performance 3) Security - Fare...
sound like the tempo BRT is as much a success as could be expected in the circumstances
C. Att. 2 State Update
Consider receiving the Monthly Legislative Report and approval of legislative positions.
Slide Presentation PDF
2-2-21 MTAB Controller's Office presentation
Slide Presentation PDF
2-4-21 CAC Item 9 Better Market Street
Between 5th-8th on Market SFMTA proposes to only provide one lane for transit. Hard to know if thats a good or bad thing.
Slide Presentation PDF
2-16-21 MTAB Item 11 Transit Service Update
A lot of Subway work got completed with the opportunity provided so thats good, splicing is done. They're planning to restart metro service in May
State & Legislative Update PowerPoint
State & Legislative Update PowerPoint
Caltrain02/04 Board
Pete Buttigieg is the new DOT Secretary
21-0109 5a - 21-0209 - Transition to AET corrected .pdf
Transition to All Electronic Tolling at BATA Bridges A status report on the transition to all electronic...
They should put down some lane divider to prevent drivers from changing lanes between the electric tolling gates.
21-0147 5a - 21-0147 - CTC Update.pdf
California Transportation Commission (CTC) and State Programs Update Update on the January 27-28, 2021...
21-0149 3d - 21-0149 - Reso-4450 Fund Estimate.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4450. FY 2021-22 Fund Estimate Annual Fund Estimate and proposed apportionment and...
21-0188 2b Feb Leg History.pdf
Legislative History Detailed list of bills the Commission is tracking in Sacramento, including those...
21-0242 3b SB 10 Wiener.pdf
Senate Bill 10 (Wiener): Housing Approval Streamlining Tool Optional tool for local governments to streamline...
Its crazy that Wiener has gone down to simply settling for allowing cities to decide to rezone without CEQA restrictions and there still exist a list just as long of opposition.
21-0190 4ai MTC January Washington Report.pdf
Washington D.C. Legislative Update Report from Washington, D.C. advocates.


Eleven Transit Agencies Join Clipper START
The Bay Link Blog - News Views and Analysis from the MetropolitannbspTransportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments

Eleven more Bay Area transit agencies today joined the Clipper START program, which allows lower-income adults age 19-64 to receive fare discounts ranging from 20% to 50% on most transit...

Your Turn: Bay Area Transit Fare Coordination Survey Seeks Input
The Bay Link Blog - News Views and Analysis from the MetropolitannbspTransportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments

MTC and Bay Area transit agencies want to hear from the public via a survey as they investigate ways to make the region's transit network better coordinated, improving fare policy and the...

Openings and Construction Starts Planned for 2021
The Transport Politic

is shaping up to be a major year for new transit line openings throughout the U.S....

Bringing Back Muni in 2021
Stories by San Francisco Transit Riders on Medium

The historic funding crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, on top of an ongoing structural deficit, means a tough route aheadPlanning for the UnplannableHow do we plan for the unplannable...

California measure aims to pay off 80 percent of most unpaid rent

But only if landlords agree to forgive the other 20 percent.

Bay Area transit agencies to get funds from federal coronavirus relief package
ABC7 San Francisco

Bay Area transit agencies are getting a cash infusion from a federal coronavirus relief package.

Transit operators ‘thrown under the bus’ in statewide vaccine distribution plan - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

Muni union leader says members are ‘disgusted’ at by move to de-prioritize them for protection

Bart Riders More Satisfied With Transit Agency

By Eli Walsh

Pre-pandemic commuters ditch BART parking permits
East Bay Times

More than 2,000 people have given up their BART parking permits since the pandemic, and 25,000 people have left the waitlist for reserved spaces.

Redwood City weighs in on Sequoia Station
San Mateo Daily Journal


The Californians Are Coming. So Is Their Housing Crisis.

Is it possible to import growth without also importing housing problems? “I can’t point to a city that has done it right.”

Some Muni subway service to reopen in May after year-plus pandemic closure
San Francisco Chronicle

Resuming service on the N Judah and T Third to West Portal would bring the agency one...