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18-928 Fiscal Year 2021 First Quarter Financial Report - Memo and Report
Fiscal Year 2021 First Quarter Financial Report. For information.
18-934 New Fare Gate Board Presentation Board-Final
Update on Fare Gates. For information.
The new fare gates looks nice. Fruitvale is going to be pilot location. I hope they're planning to compare the differences in effect on fare evasion
18-945 Joint VTA BART Committee Presentation
Status Report on BART Extension to Silicon Valley: Phase I to Berryessa. For information.
18-946 Joint VTA BART Committee Presentation
Status Report on Operation and Maintenance Agreement between Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority...
18-947 Joint VTA BART Committee Presentation
Status Report on BART Extension to Silicon Valley: Phase II to Santa Clara. For information.
Ridership to San Jose is obviously underperforming. 2020 is such an unfair year.
5.A AAC COVID Update v1 pdf
Update on COVID-19 State of Health. (Robert del Rosario)
9.A. GM Report 12.9.20
General Manager’s Report for December 9, 2020.
3.A. Presentation from Platinum Advisors
Update on State Legislative Activities.
Slide Presentation PDF
12-1-20 MTAB Item 12 Transit Update
San Francisco turned transit performance around quick. ridership is growing, they really need to put the metro back online though. Getting closer to fixing those splices
Slide Presentation PDF
12-1-20 MTAB Item 13 Traffic Modifications - Temporary Rail Transfer and Bus Route Improvements
Muni metro should be coming back online in pieces over the next couple of months. And a new express bus route bayview - hunters point.
Slide Presentation PDF
12-1-20 MTAB Item 11 Budget Update
FY21 3rd/4th Quarter Operating Budget and Amendment to the FY21 Capital Budget PowerPoint
FY21 3rd and 4th Quarter Operating Budget and Amendment to the FY21 Capital Budget PowerPoint
Board Packet Agenda 12.3
Caltrain ridership appears to slightly inclining and that is good.
As a megaregion we'd consolidate a lot of power, similar to SoCal's united front
The Bay Area MTC is starting to work with the San Joaquin and Sacramento Metro Planning orgs to look at transportation as a whole. It'll be something to see where this heads
20-1661 4a SB1 Update and RM3.pdf
Update on Senate Bill 1 Competitive Programs and Regional Measure 3 Update on Senate Bill 1 Competitive...
Two Years and RM3 is still in litigation. How has the California Supreme Court not just made a decision on this?
20-1667 05a FCIS Project Update.pdf
Project Update Overview of recent activities, including an update on the following: 1) Travel Trends...
20-1608 4a - 20-1608 - CTC Update.pdf
California Transportation Commission (CTC) Update Update on the December 2-3, 2020 California Transportation...
Well at least the CTC won't let anything get in the way of building express lanes.
20-1643 3d - 20-1643 - Priciples for Redirecting Funding for COVID-19 Emergency.pdf
Proposed Principles for Redirecting Funding to Transit Operations for COVID-19 Emergency Response and...
20-1690 3a - 20-1690 - MTC EL Means-Based Toll Discount Pilot.pdf
BAIFA Express Lanes Means-Based Toll Discount Pilot Overview of plans to pilot a means-based toll discount...


Sharks seek a more car-centric Diridon Station Area
Green Caltrain

As the City of San Jose approaches approval of a major Google development in the Diridon Station Area, along with a set of projects and policies to reduce the share of driving trips to 25% in 2040,...

VTA pauses service cuts for now to enable Covid distancing
Green Caltrain

As of last week, VTA has paused its plans to cut service in 2021 Transit, and plans to increase service instead. VTA had been planning to run 80% of service in 2021 while reducing social distancing...

San Francisco Twin Peaks Tunnel work set to start
The Bay Link Blog - News Views and Analysis from the MetropolitannbspTransportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments

Work is scheduled to begin this week on a section of the Twin Peaks tunnel that connects downtown San Francisco to West Portal. In 2019, SFMTA completed a major project in the...

Can Parking Proceeds Close Muni Budget Hole?
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Suggestions from advocates for closing a $68 million SFMTA deficit...

Now Fare Integration is Unfair?
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Tired transit parochialism returns in time for Monday's MTC committee meeting...

SF Transportation Agency Faces Huge Layoff as COVID-19 Fiscal Crisis Deepens KQED

With revenues gutted due to the pandemic, the agency that runs the city's Muni transit service says it may need to dismiss more than 1,200 employees — 22% of its workforce.

First Muni trains will return to service Dec. 19 - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

Three additional bus routes coming back online in January

Construction on 19th Avenue to begin Monday, traffic delays expected - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

Officials encourage drivers to take alternate routes, factor in longer travel times

'Flexing their power
the Guardian

Atherton, California – home to Silicon Valley heavyweights – isn’t technically a gated community. But its laws create walls of their own

Bay Area transportation receives 407 million to fund 11 projects
The Daily Californian

On Thursday, the Bay Area received a total of $407 million from the California Transportation Commission, or CTC, to fund 11 projects.

End of an era: You’ll never see another toll taker at Bay Area bridges
The Mercury News

Bridge toll collectors, who were pulled out of their booths in the early days of the pandemic, will not return to them.

City Council approves Adeline Corridor plan, kicks off next 2 decades of South Berkeley development

The Adeline Corridor Specific Plan passed one last checkpoint Tuesday night with near-unanimous approval from the Berkeley City Council.