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Consider receiving a report on the implementation of Senate Bill 1051, use of forward facing cameras...
Work with local law enforcement they say. Which means bribe sheriffs more to deal with it.
9.A. GM Report 7.8.20 Final
General Manager’s Report for July 8, 2020.
2A. Average Daily Ridership for Hayward Routes
A. Agency Reports on COVID-19 Impacts, Emergency Response and Recovery Planning - All B. Main Street...
6.G. Att. 1 BRT presentation 7.221
Consider receiving the monthly construction progress and operational readiness report on the East Bay...
6.C. Att.1.Federal Update
Consider receiving the monthly legislative report and approval of legislative positions.
#10 COVID update - connectivity & growth PPT
COVID update; connectivty and growth
Caltrain07/09 Board
Interesting that Caltrain wants to use COVID as an opportunity to reset and attempt to coordinate with other agencies.
Caltrain07/09 Board
Caltrain is continuing the steps toward having their own sales tax measure. They know its not ideal circumstances but the alternative is expecting the counties to shell out for the COVID losses.
Caltrain07/09 Board
Basically Samtrans hasn't been reimbursed in full so it basically owns Caltrain's property equally to the JPA until it has been. And even then Samtrans would have the right to stay as managing agency until it feels like not doing it anymore. Its an extensive history.
(accompanying PowerPoint)
special counsel ppt
Caltrain07/09 Board
BOD #7a - Presentation - Covid-19 Scenario Planning - Service Plan for August 2020 - added 7-8-2020
BOD #7a - Presentation - Covid-19 Scenario Planning - Service Plan for August 2020
20-1034 Item 5a Attach 1 CARES Act
CARES Phase 2 Funding Distribution MTC staff will present a recommended funding distribution proposal...
20-1059 Item 5b Correspondence Received
Correspondence Received for Agenda Item 5
South Bay really wants more money from the CAREs ACT
20-1032 Item 4a MTC BRTF - Transit Health Plan Update 2020-06-29
Transit Public Health and Safety Plan Transit Operators will present their Transit Public Health & Safety...
20-1026 4a Partnership Board Seamless..pdf
Report from the Partnership Board Seamless Mobility Subcommittee Summary of the discussions from the...
20-0810 3b 20-0810 Diridon Coop Agreement.pdf
Diridon Station Cooperative Agreement. A request for approval to enter into a cooperative agreement...
20-1070 5a SB 902 (Wiener).pdf
Senate Bill 902 (Wiener): Housing Approval Streamlining Tool Creates an optional tool for local governments...
Give credit to Wiener. he doesn't give up.
20-1069 4e SB 288 CEQA.pdf
Senate Bill 288 (Wiener): Sustainable Transportation Acceleration
This should be an easy win. But there are a lot of legislators who would probably prefer the exemptions would go to highways and roads.
20-1068 4f Federal Infrastructure Bills Summary Sheet.pdf
U.S. House of Representatives Infrastructure Bill Update
The house passed an infrastructure bill. its not bad, really places a lot of emphasis on rail. transit and rail is still heavily outpace by highway funding but its something. Transit focused cities would be very excited by this bill to pass


Against Measure A
Getting Around Sacramento

The Sacramento Transportation Authority (SacTA) has developed an ordinance and transportation expenditure plan for a new half cent transportation sales tax, intended for the November ballot. All of...

Open Thread : Muni Approves a Handful of Temporary Bus-Only Lanes
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

The transit lanes would be installed in late summer and striped only with white paint, “Bus/Taxi Only” stenciling and signage....

Scott Haggerty Named Transportation Foundation's Person of the Year
The Bay Link Blog - News Views and Analysis from the MetropolitannbspTransportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments

The California Transportation Foundation (CTF) this week named MTC Chair Scott Haggerty as its Person of the Year, recognizing the longtime Alameda County Supervisor during its 31st annual Transportation...

Muni Rail Needs Crossing Gates
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

It's nice to see Muni taking emergency measures to prevent gridlock, but it's time to talk about signal preemption...

SolTrans charging of zero emission bus fleet becomes more efficient
The Bay Link Blog - News Views and Analysis from the MetropolitannbspTransportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments

Solano County's SolTrans is now using cloud-based software to use energy more efficiently, helping the state toward its goal of transitioning all public transit agencies to 100...

Legal decision could unleash 4.5 billion in delayed funding for public transit, road projects
Santa Rosa Press Democrat

A state appellate ruling may finally permit a voter-approved bridge toll hike to fund regional road and transit upgrades, including projects on Highway 101, SMART and Highway 37.

MTC allocates 46.8M for Valley Link project

An infusion of $46.8 million in funding to prepare for the Valley Link project's next stage was approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission last month.

AC Transit could cut 30 of bus service in East Bay as revenue sinks

San Francisco is bracing for a gutting of its bus system, and AC Transit is contemplating similar cuts in the East Bay.

Is it safe to get back on the bus? Ask Bay Area public transit agencies

Bay Area public transit services, seeing a slow rise in ridership as the local economy reopens, respond with a comprehensive set of safety protocols in the hope of luring commuters back.

Uber drivers to set own rates in parts of California

Uber is letting Southern California drivers set their own fares, a feature it will soon bring to the Bay Area as the company battles AB5 reclassification.

Paper or plastic? BART will soon offer no choice. - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

Four more San Francisco stations will stop selling paper tickets this month

Buoyed by public support, Caltrain one-step closer to considering 1/8-cent sales tax - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

Agency’s governing body will meet Thursday to discuss new poll results and future of ballot measure

Jeffrey Tumlin was hailed as SF

He enthralled transit activists and drew thousands of Twitter followers. Now Jeffrey Tumlin is steering Muni through the worst financial crisis in its history.