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18-723 COVID-19 Update Impact of and Responses to COVID-19 - Presentation REV
COVID-19 Update: Impact of and Responses to COVID-19. For information.
Consider receiving a briefing on the Next Generation Clipper (C2) Program.
Maybe that is something that transit advocacy organizations could be pursuing. undoing misinformation about clipper and other transit programs. the means-based program is going to be the hard sell.
Reduced Service Network Plan Guiding Principles
Consider approving staff’s plans for bus service over the next 12 months as a result of the Coronavirus...
AC Transit appears to be gearing up to extremely cut service for the fall.
Resolution PDF
4-21-20 MTAB Item 10.4 Traffic Modifications - Twin Peaks Figure 8
SFMTA making permanent the twin peaks figure 8 pilot. I was one of the skeptics but it worked out.
The FASTER bill is dead, the seamless bill is still in the works. Maybe now that we have at least another 2 years its development can be made more equitable and realistic.
20-0612 6a 20-0612 PRESENTATION HANDOUT Congestion Pricing Suspension.pdf
BATA Resolution No. 136 - Suspension of Congestion Pricing on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge A...
20-0577 7f 20-0577 HANDOUT Correspondence-Emails(18).pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4420. Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (H.R. 748) - Emergency...
20-0516 6b Tom Bulger's DC Report Mar 2020.pdf
Tom Bulger’s Report Report from Washington, D.C. advocate as well as information on bills being tracked...


Sacramento redlining map
Getting Around Sacramento

Thanks for the website Mapping Inequality: Redlining in New Deal America, I have better copies of the Sacramento redlining map, which was produced in 1937 by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board and the...

SF to "slow" some streets as traffic drops
The Bay Link Blog - News Views and Analysis from the MetropolitannbspTransportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments

Mirroring what Oakland did, San Francisco will begin to "slow" some streets to allow for more social distancing, the SFMTA announced Tuesday.With transit and regular traffic down because...

Time to Overhaul Funding for Public Transit
Stories by San Francisco Transit Riders on Medium

The coronavirus crisis has made it abundantly clear that public transit is an essential service. Over 100,000 people in San Francisco still rely on transit every day. Across the Bay Area, 31% of usual...

Congestion pricing suspended at Bay Bridge
The Bay Link Blog - News Views and Analysis from the MetropolitannbspTransportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments

In light of the steep drop in vehicle traffic across the Bay Area’s seven state-owned toll bridges due to state and local shelter-in-place mandates during the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency,...

Santa Clara BOS committee advances Caltrain ballot measure; schedule update
Green Caltrain

On Thursday, May 23, a Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Committee quietly forwarded the Caltrain ballot measure onto the full Board of Supervisors for a hearing now scheduled for Tuesday June...

Fresno’s Bus Ridership Was Going up Before COVID-19
Stop and Move

A transit agency can lose ridership extremely quickly and it can take years to build it back up again. When a bus route is cut, or service is decreased, riders are immediately affected and have to...

BART amends policy to focus on affordable housing
The Bay Link Blog - News Views and Analysis from the MetropolitannbspTransportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments

The BART board has voted to amend its transit-oriented development policy to support affordable housing.Last week's vote provides clarity and allows for a discount of up to 60% from fair market...

New Rail Cars for Amtrak San Joaquin are Now Being Tested
Stop and Move

Remember the 2010 stimulus package? Way back then, money was set aside to build new trains for Amtrak California. They were supposed to be similar to the existing bi-level models, but with an updated...

Coronavirus: Shelter in place speeds up several major Bay Area transportation projects

Caltransis taking advantage of the empty lanes, accelerating everything from guardrail installation and pothole plugging to big projects that typically tie up traffic for weeks or months. BART, which...

This map shows what transit could actually look like in San Jose and Silicon Valley in the 2040s

It's difficult to think long-term these days, but in the glacial world of transportation planning, the long view is the only view. The Bay Area has some exciting transportation plans to look forward...

San Francisco is closing these streets to help with social distancing

The "slow streets" initiative, similar to the one already rolled out in Oakland, will eventually close a dozen streets around the city to through traffic. Although some cars will still be...

Cost of monthly Muni pass to exceed 100 as fares rise - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

SFMTA board approves budget designed to increase revenue, avoid service cuts

Here’s how much BART, VTA and others will get from 2 trillion coronavirus stimulus
The Mercury News

The federal stimulus included $25 billion for public transportation agencies nationwide, of which $1.3 billion went to the Bay Area.

BART and Muni to get largest share of 780 million in federal coronavirus stimulus funds

BART and Muni will receive the greatest share of the $780 million in stimulus funding doled out to Bay Area transit agencies, the first round of what will ultimately be $1.3 billion from the federal...

UC Berkeley hopes to build 16-story housing complex at People's Park — Berkeleyside

The building would be part of a complex that could house as many as 1,200 students and 125 community members who need supportive housing. Cal is seeking public comment through April 27.

Palo Alto may ban cars from some streets during coronavirus pandemic
The Mercury News

Palo Alto council members could vote to ban cars from some city streets in an effort to stem increased reports of speeding and to promote social distancing.

100-mph speeding tickets soar statewide: Roadshow
The Mercury News

‘My friend was going 92 mph on the freeway, and another driver was aggressively tailgating him.’