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18-715 Suspension of Board Rules Regarding the Annual Budget
Suspension of Board Rules Regarding the Annual Budget. Board requested to suspend.
18-716 COVID-19- Update - Impact of and Responses -Revised
COVID-19 Update: Impact of and Responses to COVID-19. For information.
nearly 9 million dollars a week lost revenue to BART. That is some pain.
18-725 Update on BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I- Presentation
Update on BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I. For information.
Work appears to be continuing for BART to San Jose.
18-723 COVID-19 Update Impact of and Responses to COVID-19 - Presentation
COVID-19 Update: Impact of and Responses to COVID-19. For information.
18-724 Transit-Oriented Development Policy Amendment – Affordable Housing Financial Terms - Presentation
Transit-Oriented Development Policy Amendment - Affordable Housing Financial Terms. Board requested...
6.A. AC Transit Letter to Governor Newsom
Consider receiving an update on the District’s actions to date in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic...
6.A. MTC Sign on Letter to Speaker Pelosi
Consider receiving an update on the District’s actions to date in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic...
Like how MTC started with the highball in order to make the low number the reasonable one
9.A. GM Report 4.22.20
General Manager’s Report for April 22, 2020.
I applaud how fast AC Transit responded to changing circumstances. 2 days, two service changes and not simple changes at that.
6.H. Att.1. Presentation: BRT Platform Cameras
Consider receiving report and provide feedback on recommendations regarding the District’s use of security...
Big brother is going to be watching BRT platforms.
02 AC Transit Transit Bus Bridge 2020 Attachment A SCOPE
Consider authorizing the General Manager to negotiate and execute an agreement with the Bay Area Rapid...
Its a shame the contract dates are already set and in place, it'd have been useful to further take advantage of the decrease in ridership.
Att.1. Res. 20-xxx General Election
Consider adoption of Resolution No. 20-xxx giving notice of the General District Election to be held...
Staff Report PDF
4-7-20 MTAB Item 10.3 Service Change - 83X
Slide Presentation PDF
4-21-20 MTAB Item 13 FY21 and FY22 Consolidated Budget
SFMTA appears to have settled on fares increases for clipper cards with only a small 10 cents discount by 2022. SFMTA will probably be the most expensive transit agency in the state by then.
Slide Presentation PDF
4-21-20 MTAB Item 11 Transit Update
SFMTA deserves some appreciation for their efforts toward the service plan. it probably wasn't easy in implementation or politically to make this plan. Certainly not what Tumlin came to SFMTA to do.
Staff Report PDF
4-21-20 MTAB Item 10.2 Contract - Rail Grinding
20-0469 Item 08a 3 Attachment UPDATED Work Plan Presentation v2.pdf
Approval of Proposed Work Plan for 1487 Revenue Measure Presentation and approval of a proposed work...
20-0570 4 03-25-2020 ED Report.pdf
Executive Director's Report
Great overview for how the shelter in place order has affected all transportation in the Bay Area. Didn't know express lanes had been made free-for-all for the time being. It makes sense. Ferries somehow got hit the hardest 98% ridership decline.
20-0598 08 CARES Act Rev with Handouts.pdf
Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (H.R. 748) Emergency Transit Assistance Programming...
CARE act distribution to Bay area agencies. With 1.3B to dole out transit agencies should have definitely got enough to get through the initial losses.
20-0535 6h 20-0535 Ops RSRF-Funding Agreement City of Richmond Bike Lane Gap Closure F2B2G.pdf
Master Funding Agreement Supplement: Bike Lane Gap Closure, Ferry-to-Bridge-to-Greenway (F2B2G) Network:...


Muni Cuts Back Service to Core Routes
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Starting Wed., only 17 of Muni's 83 rail and bus lines will be running...

Transit Prevents the Collapse of Civilization
Human Transit

My piece on transit’s role in the Covid-19 crisis, and what it should teach us about what it’s role has always been, is in Citylab today.  Key idea: The goal of transit, right now,...

What’s Wrong with an Empty Bus?
Human Transit

When people want to imply that public transit is irrelevant or failing or wasteful, they always point to relatively empty buses or trains.  To the layman it certainly seems as though buses with...

COVID-19 Impacts to Fresno Area Transportation as of April 8, 2020
Stop and Move

Ten days ago, I decided to make a record of how COVID-19 (coronavirus) has affected transportation providers in Fresno and the surrounding areas – including the Bay Area and LA region. This...

Cutting Transit Service During the Pandemic: Why? How? And What’s Next?
Human Transit

Most of the goals that we expect public transit to pursue have just turned upside down.  Ridership was an important goal two months ago, but now public transit agencies are telling customers...

BART to Silicon Valley Phase 2 – time to prune costs
Green Caltrain

As the lockdown response needed to save lives from the pandemic opens deep holes in public sector budgets, the escalated costs of the next phase of the BART Silicon Valley project are looking ever...

Tumlin Talks Post-COVID Muni
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Everything has changed with the pandemic. But with crisis comes opportunity...

April 22 – MTC to divvy up federal CARES Act funding for transit; more emergency funding likely needed
Green Caltrain

On April 22, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission is scheduled to divide the first slice of $1.3 Billion in emergency funding for public transportation that the Bay Area received from the federal...

Belated Downtown Fresno Photo Update
Stop and Move

I went downtown a couple of months ago (January) to take photos, as I usually do. I hesitated on posting them because frankly, not much has changed over the last year. This is in contrast to five...

Golden Gate Transit helping Muni customers during crisis
The Bay Link Blog - News Views and Analysis from the MetropolitannbspTransportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments

Golden Gate Transit is now permitting local bus rides within San Francisco in an effort to help the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency  as it makes necessary service reductions...

BART slows service, trains run every 30 minutes Monday through Friday
The Bay Link Blog - News Views and Analysis from the MetropolitannbspTransportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments

Beginning Wednesday, April 8, Monday through Friday BART service will run every 30 minutes until further notice as a response to Bay Area extended shelter-in-place orders. Effectively,...

North Bay train service cut in half
The Bay Link Blog - News Views and Analysis from the MetropolitannbspTransportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency grabbed all the headlines Monday with deep cuts to MUNI service, but in the North Bay the Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit Agency has now cut its...

VTA drops plan for record-breaking downtown San Jose BART tunnel, will seek smaller options
The Mercury News

What remains unclear is how much the redesigned project will cost, or when BART trains will finally roll into the center of the Bay Area’s largest city.

SFMTA to Vote Next Week on Muni Fare Hike - SF Weekly
SF Weekly

A week before the SFMTA is set to vote on a new Muni fare structure, the board of supervisors is urging them to hold off on any rate increases.

BART trains are mostly empty, but that doesn

Despite sharp BART ridership drop and stay in place order, fare cheats continue to plague the system. That’s even more difficult to deal with during a pandemic

Sunset supervisor wants to keep Great Highway car free during crisis - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

Mar eyes empty roadway as ideal space for bicylists and pedestrians

Golden Gate Bridge suicide barrier work continues during pandemic
Marin Independent Journal

The project is being deemed essential work under the state and local “shelter in place” orders, according to the bridge district.

In a Pandemic, We're All 'Transit Dependent'

Now more than ever, public transportation is not just about ridership. Buses, trains, and subways make urban civilization possible.

Palo Alto considers banning cars from some streets during coronavirus shelter in place

Officials in Palo Alto said they are in the beginning stages of the plan but that they are looking at existing and planned bike routes.

BART’s San Jose extension is woefully delayed, and the hardest part is still to come
The Mercury News

The biggest subway tunnel ever built. Stations 10 stories below the street. Plans for bringing BART to San Jose are unlike anything the Bay Area has seen before.

Caltrain, battered by the coronavirus, pushes ahead with November sales tax measure

As it stumbles through the coronavirus pandemic, Caltrain still has ambitious plans to electrify and nearly double the size of its fleet by 2022. All the agency needs is money.