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18-713 COVID19 Update Impact of and Responses to COVID19-Presentation
COVID-19 Update: Impact of and Responses to COVID-19. For information.
BART is boned, revenue on all fronts have been hit even sales tax. losing about 8m a week. They were doing pretty well before too.
3.A. Attachment - Resolution 20-020 Emergency Authority
Consider adoption of Resolution 20-020 granting emergency authority to the General Manager for the operation...
AC Transit has been temporarily free so that drivers don't have to interact with the passengers, except for those with disabilities. I think it was the right move.
Att.2.State Update
Consider receiving the MMonthly lLegislative rReport and approval of legislative positions.
AB 2824 is to make the bay bridge support transit better. SB 1283 is about letting buses use shoulders, I've seen buses already do that... but I think it would help Golden Gate transit more than AC Transit
Existing BART Feeder Agreement
Consider authorizing the General Manager to execute an amendment to the Feeder Service Funding Agreement...
BART pays AC Transit for feeder service, didn't know that
Att 1 - BRT Construction and Operational Readiness Report 4.8.2020
Consider receiving the monthly construction progress and operational readiness report on the East Bay...
Thing seemed to be going right for East Bay BRT. but no way they expected this all to go down.
Slide Presentation PDF
3-17-20 MTAB Item 11 Contract Modification - LRV4
The new LRVs are doing great.
Slide Presentation PDF
3-17-20 MTAB Item 15 Muni Service Equity Strategy FY21-22
Slide Presentation PDF
3-17-20 MTAB Item 14 Presentation - FY21 and FY22 Operating and Capital Budget
I like that the pushback appears to have worked and for the most part SFMTA is not planning to raise fares for cash/clipper for till 2022. They still appear to be looking at a service cut in the next two years.
20-0409 7b AB 2829.pdf
Assembly Bill 2829 (Ting): Moderate-Income Housing Welfare Tax Exemption AB 2829 (Ting) creates a property...
Finally someone is thinking about the middle class.
20-0419 5b Election Update.pdf
March 2020 Election Update: Impact on Transportation & Housing Update and analysis of the results of...
Transportation taxes measures are going down, which is not a good sign for the mega measure
20-0410 7c SB 278 Transportation Revenue Measure.pdf
Senate Bill 278 (Beall): Bay Area Transportation Revenue Measure Update on proposed legislation to authorize...
I like the principles particularly the part about trying something other than sales tax for transportation. but I think that stalemate is where it'll end. FASTER has probably only heard that sales taxes is regressive from all sides but they don't know where else to get the money. The Corvid-19 recession that may be on the way isn't going to help to get that passed.
20-0411 6a SB 1408.pdf
Senate Bill 1408 (Dodd): State Route 37 Toll Bridge Act Authorizes tolls and bond financing on State...
tolling regular state highways. The next step.
20-0332 5a Handout-State LegisHistory March 2020.pdf
Legislative History Detailed list of bills the Commission is tracking in Sacramento, including those...
Thats cute someone made a green new deal bill for California. I could understand a resolution in support of the green new deal but Climate change isn't a California problem its a world dependency problem.
20-0537 3 HANDOUT Gov LG 3.12.20-EO-N-25-20-COVID-19.pdf
Commission Business Procedures for Declared Emergencies A proposal to establish Commission business...
20-0421 2c MTC ExpressLanes Q4 2019 Report.pdf
MTC Express Lanes Quarterly Report: Fourth Quarter (October - December 2019)


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