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18-669 I - Operations Update
Operations Update.
By 2023 we're not really supposed to be seeing the old BART trains anymore. I'm a little scared of such a future, I'll kinda miss them.
18-668 H - Rebuilding Ridership
Rebuilding Ridership.
Its unfortunate that the clipper card system really does limit what BART is capable of doing in encouraging sales. They're still reliant on tickets for providing discounts and free travel.
18-662 A - Introduction & Past Year Accomplishments
Introduction and Past Year Accomplishments.
BART is going ahead with buying Oakland property. Its the right move.
18-670 J - Parking Program Update
Parking Program Update.
They're thinking about doing some parking cost increases but no one really has an idea what to do that would compromise with the auto-dependent directors. They need a 2/3rd passing vote so nothing will probably get done. The common view was maybe they could use parking to supplement bus service in the suburbs.
18-665 D - State of the Region
State of the Region.
169k daily commuters into the bay, most by car. Such a disappointment and just so crazy.
18-674 N - The BART Brand
The BART Brand.
I was laughing at this in the meeting. This feels ridiculous "Let's Go" is the new BART phrase? I can believe that BART needs new branding, maybe even a new logo but I don't believe that "Let's go" is going to stand out. Maybe I'm wrong but I was cringing in the meeting
18-673 M - New Transbay Rail Crossing Update & Regional Funding Measures
New Transbay Rail Crossing Update and Regional Funding Measures.
Quiet Zone Exhibit for ILC
A. New ILC Framework - AC Transit B. Quiet Zones from Trains - Emeryville
5.B. March Service Changes for AAC
Review March Service Changes (David Berman)
7.H. Att.1. Closed Session Memo
Consider adopting Resolution No. 20-015 imposing penalties on Director Greg Harper for violating the...
My favorite elected AC Transit board member Harper made a mistake.
10.A. GM Report 2.12.20
General Manager’s Report for February 12, 2020.
East Bay BRT may be getting started in May!
7.D. All-door Boarding Memo 1.7.20
Consider authorizing the General ManagerreceivingReceive a report on the District’s plan to pilot...
I'm personally against AC Transit instituting all door boarding. Seems like another way to let people ride the bus for free with extra steps. but assuming they do a pilot first to show that they're still extracting the same fares, it might be alright
5.A. PSC 022020
BRT Project Updates: 1) Operational Readiness for Passenger Service 2) Construction Readiness - Substantial...
BRT is getting close to completion, 4 more BRT "stations" to go. May 10th is the estimated opening date!
Slide Presentation PDF
2-4-20 MTAB Item 11 Embarcadero Traffic Safety
Bike lanes and road diet coming to Embarcadero
Slide Presentation PDF
2-6-20 CAC Item 9 SFMTA FY 2021 & 2022 Operating and Capital Budgets
Staff Report PDF
2-18-20 MTAB Item 18 Central Subway Contract Modifications
This is so seemingly crooked. I don't know why SFMTA has to keep amending their contract to complete the central subway, which was supposed to be done last year.
Slide Presentation PDF
2-18-20 MTAB Item 14 Muni Forward Quick Build
This quick-build stuff is great. I wish I knew how much of it to thank the former director Reiskin for and how much is the new director's impact. whom I'm sure is looking at putting quick-build into overdrive. They're definitely reviewing things in my ideal approach. recognizing where cars are most blocking buses and kicking cars out of a lane.
Slide Presentation PDF
2-18-20 MTAB Item 13 Curb Management Strategy
Gosh 90% of curb space goes to parking... Why am I not surprised?
Slide Presentation PDF
2-18-20 MTAB Item 12 Fare Policy
Is San Francisco claiming to be progressive while aiming to be the most expensive transit agency in the Bay Area, probably in California, for a single local fare ticket? Comparing themselves to other US major agencies and they don't even have a daily pass(except with a phone app) like those other agencies do. So much for getting closer to free.
Slide Presentation
2-18-20 MTAB Item 11 Bayview Community Based Transportation Plan
Staff Report PDF
2-18-20 MTAB Item 10.3 Contract Modification - Van Ness BRT
Wow Caltrain really runs on crumb contributions from the 3 counties. Its an impressively lean agency.
20-0244 Day1 Agenda Item-2 Seamless Mobility.pdf
Connected Transportation Network / Seamless Mobility - Bay Area Opportunities and Challenges (10:30 a.m....
20-0245 Day1 Agenda Item-3ai BayArea Transportation Revenue Measure.pdf
Bay Area Regional Transportation Revenue Measure (1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.) Staff will provide a legislative...
SB 278 is looking at being signed by June.
20-0245 Day1 Agenda Item-3b FASTER Presentation at MTC Workshop 1-29-20 Final.pdf
Bay Area Regional Transportation Revenue Measure (1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.) Staff will provide a legislative...
FASTER has a congestion management fee now. which sounds good. It means they're taking Voices for Public Transportation in consideration. I don't understand why they still need the full 1% sales tax though and how it only ends up being the same 65b. so I'm suspicious. More a yes with this idea than the flat NO I was before but how the bill turns out is what matters.
20-0245 Day1 Agenda Item-3c Final VPT Presentation.pdf
Bay Area Regional Transportation Revenue Measure (1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.) Staff will provide a legislative...
Voices of Public Transportation got to make a presentation at the MTC workshop as well. I don't think it is as fleshed out but highlights that this should be a big employer problem more than a taxpayer's problem
20-0250 Day2 Agenda Item-2aii AB1487 Presentation.pdf
Implementation of AB1487, San Francisco Bay Area Regional Housing Finance Act (1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.) Staff...
20-0250 Day2 Agenda Item-2b AB1487 Presentation NPH Enterprise.pdf
Implementation of AB1487, San Francisco Bay Area Regional Housing Finance Act (1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.) Staff...
I'm actually surprised that so many think we need a regional approach to housing. albeit something makes me believe everyone just thinks that housing should be built housing elsewhere in the region
20-0255 6a 20-0255 BayBridge BusLane and BayBridgeForwardx.pdf
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge: Bus Lane Assessment and Bay Bridge Forward Staff to report on: 1)...
Considering my time on the transbay buses. I would agree that the problem is on the approaches to the Bay Bridge not on the bridge itself. Most of the time we would fly through the bridge once we got on there. although I would contend that the carpool lanes at the toll plaza were a mess.
20-0113 3a Reso-4402 FY2020-21 Fund Estimate.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4402. FY 2020-21 Fund Estimate Annual Fund Estimate and proposed apportionment and...
It's no wonder that California is going to lose a congressional seat. Its growth rate got decimated since 2000
20-0017 4a BART System Initiatives.pdf
Update on BART System Initiatives The BART General Manager will provide an update on BART systemwide...
Great quick overview of everything that BART is doing.
20-0130 07 Subcommittee on Fare Integration Proposal.pdf
Policy Advisory Council Subcommittee on Fare Coordination / Integration (10 minutes) Approval of a membership...
So the subcommittee for fare integration is happening, with a very very large committee.
20-0167 9a Tom Bulger's DC Report Jan 2020.pdf
Tom Bulger’s Report Report from Washington, D.C. advocate.
319 billion for highways, 105B for transit. democrats don't take climate change seriously either. Surprisingly republicans are for a vehicle miles traveled tax though
20-0208 8a Budget Update Summary Sheet.pdf
State Budget Update Update on the Governor’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2020-21 Budget proposal.
20-0256 7a SMART Measure Summary Sheet.pdf
Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) 1/4-cent Sales Tax Extension Proposed support for a 30-year...
20-0292 7b Measure J Contra Costa.pdf
Measure J: Contra Costa Transportation Authority Proposed support for Measure J, a new Contra Costa...
20-0231 6a LegisHistory Feb.pdf
Legislative History Detailed list of bills the Commission is tracking in Sacramento and Washington D.C.,...


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