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18-647 Report of the Office of the Inspector General for the Period August – December 2019 - Presentation
Report of the Inspector General for the Period August - December 2019. For information.
The first BART inspector general report. So far nothing serious. I think that this office is pretty important for BART to show that contrary to media they have been operating rationally
18-649 Title VI Fare Equity Analysis for the Proposed Discontinuance of Sales of Magnetic-Stripe Tickets S
Title VI Fare Equity Analysis and Public Participation Report for the Proposed Discontinuance of Sales...
BART working toward full elimination of ticket fares.
18-654 Agreement with the Tri-Valley San Joaquin Valley Regional Rail Authority to Provide Funding to BART
Agreement with the Tri-Valley San Joaquin Valley Regional Rail Authority to Provide Funding to BART for...
BART signing on the Valley rail system. At least there was no legislative requirement for BART to simply service the Valley link. It'll be incredible if they come up with the money.
18-657 Update on BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I - Presentation
Update on BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I. For information.
No real updates on the BART silicon Valley extension. It'd be great if were more detailed to the public about what was missing and going on. But I assume it is so VTA and BART don't get into a finger pointing drama.
18-658 Resolution in Support of a Bus-Only Lane on the Bay Bridge
Resolution in Support of a Bus-Only Lane on the Bay Bridge. (Director Saltzman’s request) Board requested...
The famous resolution for a bus only lane on the bay bridge. I'm rather apathetic about the concept. It seems weird that BART is voting on a resolution for bus problems but it has really overshadowed AC Transit's resolution, which really should be the one that matters.
18-659 Resolution in Support of Proposition B in the City and County of San Francisco
Resolution in Support of Proposition B in the City and County of San Francisco. (Director Dufty’s...
This seems dangerous. I mean I really don't want to see "build the wall" advertisements up. I wish I had emailed opposition to this.
9.A. GM Report 1.22.20
General Manager’s Report for January 22, 2020.
Consider adoption of Resolution 20-010 supporting a Bus-only lane on the Bay Bridge. [Requested by Vice...
This should be the bus-only lane on the Bay Bridge resolution that matters. AC Transit is the primary transbay bus service provider over the bay bridge
Slide Presentation PDF
1-21-20 MTAB Item 11 Muni Reliability Report
If they could solve the vehicle maintenance and train control issues the train system could run a lot better. Vehicle maintenance is 51% of delay time despite being 31% of delays. This working group is good but shouldn't it involve some political members? like the mayor. So they can fight for these ideas politically. The employee shortage is becoming a bigger and bigger issue.
Slide Presentation PDF
1-21-20 MTAB Item 12 Presentation - Transit Service
Keeping up with reliability should have been too easy to do for December.
Slide Presentation PDF
1-22-20 EMSC Item 8 Bayview Community-Based Transportation Plan
The community based transportation plan is kinda cool. As a technocrat I kinda think that that the regular constituent may not know what they need or how to vocalize it. But it seems clear that SFMTA is trying to focus on hunter point and equity in general this year and participatory budgeting is a very blunt way to give visible proof of government effectiveness and earn faith.
1-28-20 MTAB workshop presentation PDF
1-28-20 MTAB workshop presentation
I'm sadden. I can no longer say that SF has a plurality of transit mode share. Its a car city now. Still a very high alternative mode share compared to Seattle or Chicago, probably more carpooling than most other cities but the city has to fight to get back the transit riders.
20-0016 8a PAC 3b 20-0016 Reso-4347 Lifeline Participatory Budgeting Pilot.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4347, Revised. Lifeline Transportation Program Cycle 5: Participatory Budgeting...
20-0019 6d PAC 2d 20-0019 Reso-4250 BayBridgeForward.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4250, Revised. Allocation of $600,000 in Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds to MTC for...
20-0018 8c PAC 4a 20-0018 2020 TIRCP Endorsements.pdf
Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program Cycle 4 Regional Endorsements Recommended projects for...
Ferry to mission bay and treasure island might be coming soon.
19-1290 6f PAC 2f 19-1290 Reso-4381 BART-Allocation VTA-Rescission.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4381, Revised. Allocation of roughly $35 million in State Transit Assistance (STA)...
20-0101 6 HANDOUT Presentation EMC 19-7451 Report Housing Advocate - 14.pdf
Summary of Preliminary Polling Results A presentation on polling results for a regional housing measure...
Sadly this seems to emphasize the differences between the renters and the owners. Shockingly 74% seem to suggest that they believe that homelessness and housing needs to be a regional issue. On the other hand due to the 2/3rd requirement the regional measures appear to be barely able to pass and likely wouldn't with any opposition.
20-0079 3a BAIFA Toll Facility Ordinance Adoption.pdf
Proposed BAIFA Toll Facility Ordinance Amendment A recommendation to adopt proposed tolling rules for...
Express lanes are coming. express lanes 880 is on the way. This presentation seems to reek of elitism and dismission. The inequity plan appears to be "we'll deal with it later, if they whine enough"
20-0168 10 Transit Ridership.pdf
Bay Area Transit Ridership Trends Study MTC has partnered with the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs...
The results of a UCLA study on transit ridership. Pretty steep decline since 2014-15. BART's satisfaction has tanked. I don't know how much I agree with the study since there isn't much detail in how it was measured. I certainly think quality of life impacts BART's perceptive decline but I also think that fares increases that have been happen in the last couple of years impact ridership too in concert with the TNCs. If I find the full report maybe it'll change that view
SB 50 update. apparently the bill is going forward, they're trying to get it at least to a senate vote. I find it hard to imagine it'll pass but at least weiner may get a vote on the bill.
20-0164 4a Cal ITP.pdf
California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP) Update Board members about the Cal-ITP and statewide...
Not quite sure what ITP is supposed to do. It looks like it could be a mainstream Caltrans program but it also looks like its just MTC's role but for the state - trying to enable inter-regional transit cards, encourage realtime for agencies without it and market alternative transportation options.
20-0191 4b C1 Program Update.pdf
Current Clipper® System Update Update Board members on the current Clipper program. Clipper staff last...
BART killed it with moving rapidly toward clipper card usage.


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