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18-639 Update on BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I PPT
Update on BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I. For information.
18-638 Memorandum of Understanding for Transit Oriented Development at Ashby and North Berkeley Stations PPT
Memorandum of Understanding for Transit Oriented Development at Ashby and North Berkeley Stations. Board...
18-637 Update on El Cerrito Plaza Transit Oriented Development PPT
Update on El Cerrito Plaza Transit Oriented Development. For information.
18-634 Contract No. 49GH-110, Communications Based Train Control
Award of Contracts for Communications Based Train Control. · Contract No. 49GH-110, Communications...
BART finally has the contract for updating the train control. At 783M probably the largest single contract BART will likely have for the decade.
18-631 Fiscal Year 2019 Quality of Life Reserve Expenditure Plan PPT
Fiscal Year 2019 Quality of Life Reserve Expenditure Plan. Board requested to authorize.
hiring Community ambassadors to help solve quality of life issues. I'm surprised that 1.5m can go so far as hire 46 CSOs
18-629 Award of Digital Railway's Master Program License Agreement (MPLA), with Mobilitie Services, LLC PPT
Award of Digital Railway’s Master Program License Agreement (MPLA), with Mobilitie Services, LLC. ...
SF might finally get wireless access in the subway! and by 2025 BART may finally have wifi access. I know the new trains are supposed to already have wifi-ready
7.F. Att 3.Transbay Analysis
Consider receiving a report and provide feedback on staff’s analysis of reallocating unproductive bus...
With these routes its not a surprise. The S and SB covers a long distance without anyone jumping on or off in between. without some extra distance fare, it costs more and the bus can't make more fares than what they got on the freeway with. At least with BART, the operators can pick up far more. No one knows about M or Z. And I don't understand Z's existence.
11.A. GM Report 1.8.20
General Manager’s Report for January 8, 2020.
For some inexplicable reason ridership is doing better than AC Transit expected. I bet because TNCs are getting too expensive.
7.D. Att 1 - BRT Construction and Operational Readiness Report 1.8.20
Consider receiving the monthly progress and operational readiness report on the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit...
AC Transit almost done with East Bay BRT but still won't set a date
Att.1. Double Decker Evaluation Final
Consider receiving a report on the evaluation of the in-service double deckers with a recommendation...
The results from using the double decker buses in Transbay service for AC Transit. SF should seriously consider adopting double-deckers for express routes.
Att 1. Clean Corridors Plan 2020
Consider adopting the AC Transit Clean Corridors Plan 2020, which updates the original Clean Corridors...
Att.1. Federal Update
Consider receiving the monthly legislative report.
DOT is still heavily focused on rural problems. Now they're willing to support rail grade separation. Amtrak got 2 billion. despite this is the year Amtrak is suppose to be profitable. The new CEO changes have been hard to adjust to - they just got rid of lays, pepperoni pizza and pepsi.
Slide Presentation PDF
1-7-20 MTAB Item 13 Train Control
Looks like SF is going to actually start improving infrastructure with the trains in mind. I wonder if this the impact of the new Director of Transportation or was already in progress. should be done by 2029... wow train control systems take forever to redo.
Slide Presentation PDF
1-7-20 MTAB Item 11 Quality Review Report
Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project Update
Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project Update
all this work just to get on to MTC plan bay area 2050
20-0055 3b FASTER.pdf
FASTER Bay Area FASTER Bay Area framework and discussion of transit-related policy concepts under consideration...
So they've updated the presentation again. Now they have an employer mandate as part of the legislation, which definitely make me open to voting it but I'm super suspicious that it'll end up being something like either a transportation stipend(meaning tnc, gas, parking or transit) or anyone can "request" a transit pass. It still comes off as big corp shouldn't have to contribute anything to the region other than what benefits their employees. I'll be watching that legislation super closely.
19-1379 02 PBA50 Draft Regional Forecast.pdf
Plan Bay Area 2050: Draft Regional Growth Forecast Presentation on the draft Regional Growth Forecast...
20-0018 4a 20-0018 2020 TIRCP Endorsements.pdf
Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program Cycle 4 Regional Endorsements Recommended projects for...
20-0019 2d 20-0019 Reso-4250 BayBridgeForward.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4250, Revised. Allocation of $600,000 in Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds to MTC for...
20-0094 Jan 9 2020 RM3 Program Feedback Memo.pdf
Staff will provide an update on the potential new funding program from the voter-approved Regional Measure...
Bay Trails got 150M to spend from RM3. this is going to be good for their options. wish they could spend it all on connecting treasure island to SF.
The legislative agenda for 2020. Lots of bills are still left over from 2019 notably AB-1487 for affordable housing taxing bay area district, SB 50, and the SB-278 the FASTER proposal.
20-0100 5 HANDOUT Presentation AB 1487 Overview.pdf
AB 1487 Overview Presentation Staff will provide a presentation overview of AB 1487 (Chiu): San Francisco...


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