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18-612 Agreement between CCJPA and BART for Administrative Support
Agreement between Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority and San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District...
This is basically the same thing as Caltrain and Samtrans. Its no doubt a lot cheaper to consolidate these roles and is an example of the benefits of consolidation of agencies.
18-619 Quarterly Service Performance Report-First Quarter FY2020 - Presentation
Quarterly Service Performance Review - First Quarter Fiscal Year 2020. For information.
BART is pretty much unsuccessful at reaching most of their service goals. By the measuring there appears to be less "transients" in the sf stations, and escalators appear to be working better - frm. director Josefowitz should be proud.
Att 1 - BRT Construction and Operational Readiness Report 12.11.19
Consider receiving the monthly report on the construction progress and operational readiness of the East...
Att.2.State Matrix
Consider receiving the monthly legislative report.
Att.1. Final Existing Conditions Analysis
Consider receiving report, and provide feedback, on two proposed service change scenarios in Special...
This report looking into the difficulties of trying to make transit convenient in suburban cities like Newark and Fremont. Even with major employers moving in, it makes the job harder to figure out a path of usefulness to riders. AC Transit has developed two proposals to improve service in the cities.
Att.3. Table of Recommendations
Consider receiving report, and provide feedback, on two proposed service change scenarios in Special...
Att.2. Redesign:Fremont/Newark Presentation
Consider receiving report, and provide feedback, on two proposed service change scenarios in Special...
Presentation of the remapping of Fremont/Newark service. The most crucial thing it looks like they want to change is the 200 bus - its alignment and or its frequency
FASTER Bay Area - AC Transit
A FASTER Bay Area Presentation
The updated FASTER presentation. they now have a "sales tax fairness credit" whatever that is and they have a large employer mandate requiring the employers to invest "billions" into the sustainable commute. I assume the big tech companies realized its not going to happen without some commitment. But that'll have to be watched closely
10.A. GM Report 12.11
General Manager’s Report for December 11, 2019.
Somehow ridership and farebox revenue is better than expected for AC Transit
7.A. Att.1. Poard Policy 110 (redlined)
Consider approving amendments to Board Policy 110 - Public Hearing Process for the Board of Directors....
This is a bit disappointing. Even though staff is already doing fare schedules to avoid more hearings. Now they're going to reduce the number of hearing to one needed per big service change - fare increase or service overhaul. Basically they're making it less burdensome.
Slide Presentation PDF
12-3-19 MTAB Item 11 FY 2020 Budget Status Report
Slide Presentation PDF
12-3-19 MTAB Item 13 Modification 123 - Central Subway
I think this is really cool. All rail stations should be multipurpose. Give the people more reason to be there, add value. And another plaza for Chinatown is genius. A bit presumptuous of the staff and contractor to continue without board approval but paperwork is a bother.
Short Range Transit Plan PDF
12-3-19 MTAB Item 15 Approval - Short Range Transit Plan
Kinda of a breakdown of everything SF MUNI does and how the year worked out. Transit ridership appears to be fine for them. presentation has a nice layout of all of MUNI's capital plans for the next decade - fleet replacement, transit line improvement, etc...
Slide Presentation PDF
12-5-19 CAC Item 8 Next Generation Customer Information System
South San Francisco Station Improvement Presentation
South San Francisco Station Improvement Presentation
Caltrain12/05 Board
I hate pedestrian underpasses. I get the safety needs, its just a pain rather than walking over the tracks.
Diridon Integrated Station Concept Plan Presentation
Diridon Integrated Station Concept Plan Presentation
Caltrain12/05 Board
The Diridon integrated station appears to be a bigger megaproject than the transbay terminal. If only it was easier to do eminent domain.
I feel like we should all note that pedestrians and cyclists are being slaughtered in the US. Its a near 20 year high?
19-1329 4g RM3 Annual Report to Legislature.pdf
Regional Measure 3 Annual Report to the Legislature
So this is incredible they're still in litigation over RM3. They've collect money that can't going anywhere cause the anti-tax people won't let the case go. But the law requires MTC to give a report on the use of the funds to the legislature so this is quite informative.
19-1355 5b TAM-SirFrancisDrake-Funding Agreement.pdf
Funding Agreement - Sir Francis Drake Boulevard Overcrossing Bicycle Path: Transportation Authority of...
19-1337 08 Staff Liaison Report Dec 2019.pdf
Staff Liaison Report (5 minutes) Relevant MTC policy decisions and other activities.
19-1151 6b Bay Area Regional Express Lane Strategic Plan.pdf
Bay Area Express Lanes 10-Year Strategic Implementation Plan Report on the approach to develop a plan...
No one can stop the express lanes expansion
19-1333 4a Tom Bulger's DC Report Nov 2019.pdf
Tom Bulger’s Report Report from Washington, D.C. advocate.
allegedly SF Bay Area is now ahead of Chicago for metros GDP.
19-1157 5a PBA50 PublicEngagement Round1.pdf
Plan Bay Area 2050: Public Engagement Round 1 Results Presentation on highlights from the first round...


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