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18-607 Millbrae Transit Oriented Development - Presentation
Millbrae Transit Oriented Development. For information.
Millbrae TOD is finally going to start construction next month! They moved pickup/drop off to the millbrae garage and construction will take until 2023
18-605 Update on BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I - Presentation
Update on BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I. For information.
I know the the start of revenue service got pushed out. Too many things wrong, VTA recognized they couldn't commit to this year anymore
The sad part is I totally see this going to be one of those things that frustrates people in the future."I got a parking ticket a BART station but I need to pay it off at VTA?, who thought this made sense?" I miss nick josefowitz he asked great questions about things like that. He probably would've proposed something crazy you could pay off the ticket at either.
18-601 Update on Sunday Revenue Service - Presentation
Update on Sunday Revenue Service. For information.
18-600 Update on Fleet of the Future - Presentation
Update on Fleet of the Future. For information.
We are going to start seeing the new BART cars take over. 150+ cars are ready for going out
18-596 Update on Clipper Next Generation System and Means-Based Pilot Program - Presentation
Update on Clipper® Next Generation System and Means-Based Pilot Program. For information.
Clipper next gen is going to be done in 2023. Means-based discount is a go, they're trying to make the process as simple as possible.
Awarding contract to install new faregates(tall ones like MUNI's but glass) and reopen the bathroom at Powell.
5.A. PSC 12042019 dmw
BRT Project Updates: 1. Operational Readiness for Passenger Service 2. Construction Readiness ...
AC Transit doesn't have any more money. So staff has to make this happen now or never, they're working overtime now
PSAC is proposing a 20mph max speed limit across the city. SFMTA appears to be looking to reset 1/3rd the traffic signals across the city to give pedestrians more time to cross.
Staff Report PDF
11-19-19 MTAB Item 13 DOT Appointment and Contract approval
Jeff Tumlain Starts as Director of Transportation Dec. 16th. He will make a loooot of money
Slide Presentation PDF
11-19-19 MTAB Item 12 Contract modification - LRV Procurement
Staff Report PDF
11-19-19 MTAB Item 12 Contract modification - LRV Procurement
SFMTA making modification to the new LRVs to be received to help with the requests/complaints they've been getting from the public.
Slide Presentation PDF
11-19-19 MTAB Item 11 Traffic Modifications - Page Street Bikeway Pilot
Slide Presentation PDF
11-19-19 MTAB Item 7 DOT Transit Performance Report
Presentatation - Organizational Assessment Workshop
Caltrain is reviewing the governance of how it should run. There are a lot of options, but personally I think its best how it is. Samtrans hasn't done a bad job and since they don't operate the railroad it doesn't appear to be that complicated for them to do.
19-1171 8b PAC-5a Reso-4399 Interregional Project Funding Coordination Policy.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4399. Interregional Project Funding and Coordination Policy Proposed adoption of...
19-1178 6e PAC-2e Short Range Transit Plan Funding Request.pdf
Short Range Transit Plan Funding Request. Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) Funding Recommendations for...
19-1310 Item 07a Presentation West Oakland Community Action Plan.pdf
Report on AB 617 West Oakland Community Action Plan
This makes it look like it really sucks to live in West Oakland.
19-1048 8c PAC-4a Reso-4130 SB1 Approach-Principles.pdf
Regional Approach and Prioritization Principles for Bay Area Senate Bill 1 (SB1) Competitive Program...
Interesting to see what projects SB1 funds are going to in the region
19-1354 5b PPT Peer Agency Comparison re MP.pdf
Peer Agency Review Peer agency review.
Great summary comparison of the dynamic between ABAG and MTC against other region's MPO and regional collaborative policymaking bodies.
19-1268 Item 11b PBA50 Regional Growth Framework UpdateNextSteps.pdf
Plan Bay Area 2050: Growth Framework Next Steps: Proposed Priority Development Areas, Priority Conservation...


Madera Amtrak Station will relocate again
Stop and Move

I have mentioned it in passing, but plans are underway (PDF) to relocate the Madera Amtrak station within the next three years. The title of this post says “again” because the station...

VTA removes promise to cut local bus service to pay for BART for now
Green Caltrain

At its last board meeting, VTA’s leadership agreed to withdraw a longstanding promise to cut local bus and light rail service in order to pay for BART service if other sources of funds run short....

Fresno Saturday night bus service has launched
Stop and Move

This weekend, FAX, Fresno’s transit agency, added Saturday night service to five lines, with “night” meaning bus runs between 6pm and midnight. When I posted about it a few weeks...

Thursday: Upgrading Caltrain to achieve service vision goals
Green Caltrain

On Thursday morning, the Caltrain board will be holding a workshop to take on the issues of organization and governance that are logical consequences of the far-reaching goals the board adopted in...

Fresno gets 2.2m for bus stop ADA upgrades
Stop and Move

FAX, Fresno’s transit system, received a $2.2 million grant to build ADA upgrades at several stops around town. According to FAX: The funding will provide an accessible location to wait for...

Advocates Yee-Haw Over New SFMTA Leader
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Advocates happy to see one of their own taking over at SFMTA...

Major VTA Service Changes On Dec. 28
Silicon Valley Transit Users

Caltrain board makes progress on governance; pursuit of funding unblocked for now
Green Caltrain

At a board workshop in Half Moon Bay, the Caltrain board made some good progress in starting to grapple with thorny topics of how the service will be governed and managed to meet the more challenging...

Trump Shifts Obama Transit Funding to Roads
Streetsblog USA

Obama allocated 28 percent of federal grants to transit. It’s 8.5 percent under Trump. And funding for bike and pedestrian projects dropped to zero.

Why Public Transit Is an Equity Battleground

There's a reason why cracking down on fare evaders can trigger a powerful backlash from riders, says transit researcher Alexis Perotta.

Seattle sees nation’s biggest drop in solo car commuters as transit, walking surge
The Seattle Times


More trains, new stops, no more 90-minute waits with expanded SMART schedule
Santa Rosa Press Democrat

The transit agency plans to launch service to Larkspur next month, helping set the stage for an expanded schedule that agency officials branded “a game changer.”

Amtrak CEO Has a Plan for Profitability, and You Wont Like It

Chopping up long-haul routes and saying goodbye to traditional dining-car service are part of former Delta chief Richard Anderson’s solution. Train lovers aren’t thrilled.

Muni's next chief imagines a city where cars are no longer king

Reduced speed limits. Automated speed enforcement. Banned right turns on red lights. More car-free streets. Incoming Muni chief Jeffrey Tumlin has a lot of big ideas — and those wed to their cars...

New SFMTA director’s tweets show aversion to free parking, cars - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

The City’s new transit leader has a bumpy relationship with cars.