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6.A. RED FOLDER State Matrix 10-17-19
Consider receiving the monthly legislative report.
AC Transit's final legislative review for the year. A lot of good things got approved. SB 742 to allow California Amtrak to have bus only passenger was chaptered. AB 934 - is an interesting bill I didn't notice before that would allow school buses to record and fine drivers that go around the bus when the bus "stop" sign is out. SB 278 is the bill that will become significant in the next year - FASTER proposal.
4.C. Board retreat powerpoint presentation
Operations and Maintenance Obligations Under the Memorandum of Understanding Between AC Transit and the...
No one can say that AC Transit isn't trying to make the BRT work. Due to start march 2020.
6.G. Att 1 - BRT Construction and Operational Readiness Report 11.13.19
Consider receiving the monthly report on the construction progress and operational readiness of the East...
Consider receiving a report on the service changes associated with the December 2019 Sign-up.
I'm a little annoyed that BART said they would offer these early bird buses and now they're removing them. 60 to CSU East bay is getting a frequency increase
6.I. Att.1. Rapid Corridors Location Map
Consider receiving update on the Rapid Corridors Project.
6.H. Att.1. December 2019 Sign-up
Consider receiving a report on the service changes associated with the December 2019 Sign-up.
transit changes occurring in December.
Consider receiving update on the Rapid Corridors Project.
AC Transit is thinking about creating a local-rapid variant, which is just basically further stops with some BRT elements - bus lanes, all-door access. This would replace the 6.
9.A. GM's Report for November 13
General Manager’s Report for November 13, 2019.
Somehow the Chase center is working. It appears that a lot of people are just walking. I wonder if BART figured an increase
Van Ness BRT Community Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - October 24, 2019
Van Ness BRT Community Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - October 24, 2019
Van ness BRT doesn't give percentage complete numbers anymore.
Slide Presentation PDF
11-5-19 MTAB Item 12 Mobility Permit Harmonization
More scooters!
Slide Presentation PDF
11-5-2019 MTAB Item 13 Contracts - Low Floor Battery Electric Vehicles
Slide Presentation PDF
11-7-19 Item 7 General Transit Update, LRV4 Seating Configuration Update, and the Short Range Transit...
San Mateo Community College District "Try Transit" Promotion Update
San Mateo Community College District Try Transit Promotion Update
Good! finally some agency realized that college students are the best passengers of a transit agency.
19-0703 3a HANDOUT SPUR Support Letter.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 3815, Revised. Reallocation of $599,839 in RM2 funds to MTC for the Business Case...
SPUR has the history on it. That there was a fare intergration study in 2008 that did nothing, there is a strong chance this will net nothing but since its being done they want more goals for study.
19-0703 7a PAC 3a Reso-3815 Fare Coordination Integration.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 3815, Revised. Reallocation of $599,839 in RM2 funds to MTC for the Business Case...
The process for how MTC plans to look into regional fare coordination. They have 6 steps and to be done in 12-18 months, and mere 600k for the research.
19-1044 2b Handout October LegisHistory State and Federal.pdf
Legislative History Detailed list of bills the Commission is tracking in Sacramento and Washington...
19-0906 5b Handout Correspondence MTC Regional Rail Update Item 5b 10.11.19.pdf
Transit Update: Rail Synthesis and Crossings Highlights of the progress on regional rail over the past...
19-1188 Item 03 Presentation RHNA Overview v3.pdf
Regional Housing Needs Allocation Overview Discussion on RHNA Background and What is the RHNA Housing...
19-1188 HMC Handout RHNA Methodology Examples v2.pdf
Regional Housing Needs Allocation Overview Discussion on RHNA Background and What is the RHNA Housing...
19-1082 03d Investment Strategy.pdf
Investment Strategy - Upcoming Opportunities for Partnership Board Input Update on two investment opportunities...
Why Jarvis and anti-tax people are the worst. They are still holding up RM3 in the courts! The FASTER presentation is a lot more fleshed out.
19-1083 03c Connected Transportation Seamless.pdf
Seamless / Connected Mobility The Seamless Mobility effort seeks to better integrate existing and new...
19-1210 03b Equity Presentation Memo Partnership Board.pdf
MTC ABAG Equity Framework A presentation on the proposed MTC ABAG Equity Platform.
I find it funny that Atherton and Hillsborough have the lowest poverty rates.
19-1145 02 Vital Signs Land and People Update Nov 2019.pdf
Vital Signs: Land & People Update Summary of findings from recent updates to Vital Signs Land & People...
San Francisco at least can keep the claim that they permit the most affordable housing.
19-1236 Nov 2019 Planning magazine article.pdf
Reflecting Back: Where We’ve Been In the 30 years since the Bay Trail Plan was adopted, over 235...
30 years of Bay Area trails
19-1155 5ai Handout Correspondence.pdf
Horizon / Plan Bay Area 2050: Draft Project Performance Assessment Results Presentation on the draft...
San Francisco CTA highlighting out their major upcoming projects to MTC
19-1162 4a Tom Bulger's DC Report Oct 2019.pdf
Tom Bulger’s Report Report from Washington, D.C. advocate.
Congress for some reason was trying to talk about TNCs, which are regulated by states and localities
19-1176 5aii RSRBridge BicyclePath Update.pdf
Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Update: i. Contract - I-580 Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Forward - Open Road...
The Richmond - San Rafael bridge bike/pedestrian lane is opening up next weekend. drivers got a third lane on the bottom floor
19-1179 5b TDA Triennial Audit Update.pdf
Transportation Development Act (TDA) Triennial Audit report for FY2018-19. A presentation of the findings...
19-1165 2f RM2 Capital Program Semi-Annual Update.pdf
Regional Measure 2 (RM2) Capital Program: Semi-Annual Update
Love how they put the transit projects first as if that is where the money went


CA-99 Widening Defunded – Where is the Money Going?
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Two weeks ago, CBS47 lobbed the following headline: Gov. Newsom redirects gas tax money to fund railway systems, not highways. Unfortunately, the reporting was pretty light on details. Where is the...

Events – Convenient downtown access; more homes with less driving
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Getting Downtowns Moving with Convenient and Sustainable Access Many downtowns in the Bay Area are facing this challenge: Customers and workers, residents and visitors all need to be able to get downtown,...

Fresno night bus service expands to Saturdays
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Two and a half years ago, Fresno Area Express (FAX) created a “night bus” network by extending bus service past 9pm on the five busiest bus routes. This new service came with a major asterisk:...

Tonight: Redwood City considering Downtown Plan update for major rail and development opportunities
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On Monday November 4, Redwood City City Council will consider whether to go ahead with an update to the city’s Downtown Plan, given major rail changes in the works; many development requests...

SPUR Talk: Uber Tax and Election Analysis
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Analyst is confident that even if the Uber tax fails, the idea of taxing Uber and Lyft is not going away...

Washington voters favoring Tim Eyman’s I-976 to slash car-tab fees in Tuesday’s election results

I-976 would lower the cost of vehicle registration for drivers across Washington state by capping many annual state vehicle license fees at $30.

NYC Opens 0 Million Decoy Subway Station To Catch Turnstile Jumpers
The Onion

NEW YORK—In a new effort by the MTA and law enforcement to crack down on fare evasion, New York City reportedly opened a $500 million decoy subway station this week to catch turnstile jumpers. “This...

SFMTA and Bay Wheels Reach Agreement

Earlier this week, the SFMTA and Bay Wheels, also known as Lyft Bikes, reached a 4-year agreement to provide 4,000 stationless shared e-bikes throughout San Francisco. Under the agreement, Lyft will...