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18-581 Response to Roll Call for Introductions Item No. 19-824, Panhandling - Presentation
Response to Roll Call for Introductions Item No. 19-824, Panhandling. For information.
18-583 Surveillance Use Policy and Impact Reports Automated License Plate Readers - ANNEX
Revision of Surveillance Policy: Automated License Plate Readers. i. Surveillance Use Policy - Revised. ii. Surveillance...
18-586 Update on BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I, and the Operations and Maintenance Agreement - Presentation
Update on BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I, and the Operations and Maintenance Agreement....
Went to a joint BART/VTA meeting on this. VTA is under pressure to get revenue service by December 28th. It looks like its their first-priority, if BART asks for anything drop everything and answer it.
6.C. Att.1. Cubic Clipper 2 Program Update 2019 09 17
Consider receiving a briefing on the Next Generation Clipper (C2) Program.
6.B. Att.1. CoCo TEP AC Transit Resolution
Consider the adoption of Resolution No. 19-036 in support of the county wide imposition of a one-half...
I've looked at the TEP proposal. its appears very weighted toward private automobiles, even the transit "improvements" like express lanes seem to primarily benefit cars.
6.E. Att.3. Bottom quarter routes
Consider receiving the FY18-19 Annual Ridership and Route Performance Report in accordance with Board...
Thats depressing how many routes are doing poorly. BART is basically quietly cutting their early bird routes.
9.A. GM Report 10.23.19
General Manager’s Report for October 23, 2019.
9.A. GM Report 10.23.19
General Manager’s Report for October 23, 2019.
Slide presentation PDF
10-22-19 Item 5 Red Light running collisions and Red Light Camera program
What is with people's impatience in driving. Is it really worth running a red light?


Comparing Brightline and Amtrak Ridership
Stop and Move

The Brightline rail line in Florida has been an exciting rail project that I surprisingly have never posted about. It is a passenger rail line that operates between Miami and West Palm Beach, with...

Mountain View downtown access recommendation: consider paid parking after efficiency steps
Green Caltrain

On Tuesday at a meeting starting at 6:30pm, Mountain View City Council will review recommendations on how to manage and improve downtown access and parking. After study, the staff and consultants...

Better Market Street Approved
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Better Market Street project approved unanimously. Push is on to launch more car-free projects...

Two events: Monday 10/21 – A more-coordinated transit system; Weds 11/6 – Improving Downtown Access and Parking
Green Caltrain

In the next few weeks, come learn about how to make our disconnected transit system much more coordinated; and how to improve access to lively downtowns, in two events that are part of TransForm’s...

New Bill Allows Amtrak California to Sell Bus Tickets Without Restrictions
Stop and Move

A new bill, ” SB 742, Intercity passenger rail services: motor carrier transportation of passengers.” has been signed into law by the Governor that will allow Amtrak to sell bus tickets...

MTC to hold workshop on regional rail in January, 2020
Green Caltrain

Last week, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission announced that it will be hosting a workshop to discuss  partnership/organizational challenges related to efficient and coordinated project...

High Speed Rail and Caltrain address passing track concerns
Green Caltrain

At their September Board meeting in San Jose, the High Speed Rail Authority board voted to approve a preferred alternative that does not include passing tracks on the Peninsula Corridor between San...

Op-Ed: Return Golden Gate Park to the People
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

There's just too much parking and too many cars in San Francisco's main park...

Peskin, Walton seek to solve regional rail governance by Spring
Green Caltrain

As the San Francisco County Transportation Authority considered a potential regional transportation funding measure this week, Board Chair Aaron Peskin and Board Member Shamann Walton, who also serves...