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18-568 Update on BART Safety, Reliability, and Traffic Relief Program (Measure RR) - Presentation
Update on BART Safety, Reliability, and Traffic Relief Program (Measure RR). For information.
Wow. the map is really lit up with measure RR work. This is awesome! BART still hasn't taken out very much really though.
18-569 Update on the Parking Program - Presentation
Update on the Parking Program. For information.
18-570 Update on BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I, and the Operations and Maintenance Agreement - Presentation
Update on BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I, and the Operations and Maintenance Agreement....
BART getting closer and closer to the Berryessa opening. Right now they're still resolving critical tests with VTA. The number of blockers appear to be growing so its very likely Berryessa will open for public service next year.
6.A. Att 1 - BRT Construction and Operational Readiness Report
Consider receiving the monthly report on the construction progress and operational readiness report ofon...
Most of the work for East Bay BRT is done. they're training drivers and planning for the opening
9.A. GM Report 10.9.19
General Manager’s Report for October 9, 2019.
4.B. SR 19-339 BRT Operational Readiness
Bus Rapid Transit Operational Readiness Update.
Slide Presentation PDF
10-15-19 MTAB Item 13 Scooter Share program
SFMTA has really put their foot down in regards to the scooter program. They're allowing expansion but harsher requirements - users of the service will have to photograph that they locked the scooter up, if they get cited they can get banned from the service and operator have to consider equity and not just put the scooters in the same place.
Slide Presentation PDF
10-15-19 MTAB Item 11 Better Market Street Project
I guess they'll be done with approval for the project next year. You should email your supervisor and SFMTA board if you support the project. They'll probably need all the support they can get. Its a big ask.
Staff Report PDF
10-15-19 MTAB Item 11 Better Market Street Project
I guess this is the result of the Market street preparedness. Its a rather heavy report
Caltrain Business Plan Long Range Vision
2019-10-03 Caltrain Business Plan Vision
Broadband Wireless Communications
2019-10-03 Broadband Wireless presentation
wifi along the Caltrain corridor they should really just give up at this point. We got phones, we have tethering, if they could get better cell service throughout the whole corridor like BART it'd be fine.
Vital signs is an awesome overview of the bay area and things like housing, transportation and economy have evolved over time. It's great they do this.
19-0888 03 Regional Rail Planning Update.pdf
Transit Update: Rail Synthesis and Crossings Highlights of the progress on regional rail over the past...
At least finally MTC perceives auto only as the least beneficial for the goals they're attempting to seek - moving people not vehicles.
19-0703 3a Reso-3815 Fare Coordination Integration.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 3815, Revised. Reallocation of $599,839 in RM2 funds to MTC for the Business Case...
MTC is willing to invest nearly 600k to trying to envision an integrated fare coordination system. The difficulty is that so many agency have a variety of dependence on fares.
19-1115 02 Update on Regional Means-Based Program.pdf
Regional Means-Based Discount Transit Fare Pilot Program Update Update on the implementation of the...
Mean's based discount is aimed to start in spring 2020.
19-1046 3b Tom Bulger's DC Report Sept 2019.pdf
Tom Bulger’s Report Report from Washington, D.C. advocate.
12B for transit 47B for federal highway. its clear where the US stands for investment
19-1045 3a 2019 Legislative Scorecard.pdf
2019 Legislative Scorecard Overview of legislative outcomes relative to the joint MTC / ABAG 2019 Advocacy...
SB 127 is cool. It makes it so that city street projects related to state highways have to also have to look into updating bike and pedestrian infrastructure at the same time. Most of the good stuff for housing and transportation is on hold for next year.
19-1066 5aii Horizon Futures Final Report AttachmentA Presentation.pdf
Horizon: Futures Final Report Presentation on findings from the second and final round of Futures Planning,...
Horizon is finally complete. now MTC/ABAG gets to go on toward plan bay area 2050


Caltrain board leans toward Caltrain tax backup plan while approving bold service vision
Green Caltrain

On Thursday, the Caltrain board approved a bold vision to provide more frequent service all day long and at peak, by adding more frequent service all day and at peak, as well as longer trains, supporting...

New data show Diridon BART/Caltrain rail connection times could be double Millbrae
Green Caltrain

According to new data published by the Diridon station planning team, one of the station design options being considered would have a Caltrain-BART rail connection time that’s about double the...

Dumbarton Update: Facebook considers light rail on city streets due to challenges negotiating with Union Pacific
Green Caltrain

Facebook disclosed more information about the options it is considering for Dumbarton Rail at a community meeting on Tuesday October 1, at Fair Oaks Health Center. The meeting was intended to be a...

Pacific Surfliner Adds Roundtrip
Stop and Move

This isn’t an Amtrak blog, I swear! I don’t post much about the Pacific Surfliner train, which runs from San Luis Obispo to San Diego via Los Angeles. In fact, I’ve never been on...

Call to Action: For a Better Market Street
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Tuesday is the big vote at SFMTA to get private cars off of San Francisco's main thoroughfare. Advocates want all hands on deck....

Bridge toll cheating way down since new license plate rule
The Mercury News


Marin County could have had BART, but backroom politics got in the way

In the early 1960s, Marin County had a chance to score its own BART line, giving its residents another way to get to San Francisco besides taking a ferry or driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. Here's...

Homeless people were pushed from BART stations. Now they're riding the trains

More than twice as many apparently homeless people are riding BART trains on weekends as in 2018, according to newly obtained agency records. The number of homeless people riding trains on weekdays...

Advocates call for Muni service that can cross SF in 30 minutes - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

Supes join rally for #TransitWeek, show support for faster travel times

Bay Area to study integrating fares among region’s transit agencies - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

Improving discounts and transfers could give riders new incentives to travel by train and bus

Why Bay Area transit is broken, and who is trying to fix it
The Mercury News

Behind the push for a more regionally integrated, seamless transit network.

Marin officials scrutinize pitch for 100B transit measure
Marin Independent Journal

A representative of the Bay Area Council fielded skeptical questions from the boards of the Transportation Authority of Marin and Marin Transit.