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18-538 Purchase of Commercial Property for BART Headquarters - Presentation
Purchase of Commercial Property for BART Headquarters. Board requested to authorize.
Hey if it the fiscal position to buy an expensive building, then BART is making a sound investment. Still wish it was in another location.
18-555 BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I and Operations and Maintenance Agreement Update - Presentation
BART and Valley Transportation Authority Phase I, and the Operations and Maintenance Agreement Update....
They're getting stuff done which is the best we can ask for.
18-554 Update on Valley Link Project - Presentation
Update on Valley Link Project. For information.
Its kinda sad that the Suburbs pretty much always get what they want.
18-553 Fare Gate Pilot Project - Presentation
Fare Gate Pilot Project. a. Update on Faregate Pilot. For information. b. Standard for New Fare...
I'm glad they realize that their faregate experiments were kinda stupid. A SFMTA like fare gate would be fine for curbing some fare evaders
Att.1.Fed Update
Consider receiving the monthly legislative report..
9.A. GM Report for 9-25-19
General Manager’s Report for September 25, 2019.
Consider exercising the fourth of five one-year options with MV Transportation to continue Dumbarton...
6.B. Att 3. Title VI Fare Equity Analysis
Consider the adoption of Resolution 19-033xxx approving the AC Transit EasyPass pricing schedule for...
Slide Presentation PDF
9-17-19 MTAB Item 12 Construction Mitigation
Slide Presentation PDF
9-17-19 MTAB Item 13 20-Year Capital Needs Update
30 Billion in Capital needs for SFMTA. No way SF is ever going to get on top of that.
Slide Presentation PDF
9-17-19 MTAB Item 7 DOT Report - Muni Service Improvements
Slide Presentation PDF
9-17-19 MTAB Item 11 Contract Modification - Central Subway Project
Central Subway delayed until 2021. Oh well I guess we should just accept it now.
Slide Presentation PDF
10-1-19 MTAB Item 12 Transit Performance Update
LRV4 replacement seems to already be having an affect on reliability and capacity. And the Chase center access plan seems like a nightmare
Staff Report PDF
10-1-19 MTAB Item 10.3 Transportation Code Amendment - Violation Penalties
Slide Presentation PDF
10-1-19 MTAB Item 13 Traffic Modifications - Fourth Street
This is cool they're going to add bus lanes on forth street.
Slide Presentation PDF
10-1-19 MTAB Item 15 US-101 Deck Replacement at Alemany Circle
commuting in the peninsula is going to be fun next July
Slide Presentation PDF
10-3-19 CAC Item 7 J Church Improvement Update
Starting the process to improve the J church corridor
Slide Presentation PDF
10-3-19 CAC Item 8 Legislative Update
Looks like some legislation got through. AB 47 will make distracted driving add points on the driver, and bus agencies won't have to pay sales tax on procurement
19-1056 4 San Pablo Baylands Public Access Report.pdf
San Pablo Baylands Public Access Scoping Report The Committee will receive an update on this public...
19-0947 5a Federal Transportation Bill Update.pdf
Federal Surface Transportation Bill Update Status update regarding the reauthorization of the federal...
The America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act of 2019 (ATIA) tries 287 Billion over 5 years to highways. Jeez if even a portion of that would go to transit...
19-0960 3aii Handout Comments ii SPUR Comment Letter.pdf
Fare Coordination and Integration Work Program Request for Board approval of the following items related...
19-0964 4b C2 Program Update.pdf
Next Generation Clipper® System Update Update Board members on key developments related to the implementation...
19-0916 4a Legislative Update on Priority Bills.pdf
2019 Legislative Update on Priority Bills Overview of the 2019 state legislative session, with a focus...
Not much really came out the legislative session this year. looks like the fun bills are going to be two year. sb 330 is the best we got for housing which says that a local agency can't deny a develop application that meets the criteria they were supposed to .
19-1134 4 HANDOUT ED Report September.pdf
Executive Director’s Report
I don't know if the MTC used to do an executive report but this is rather useful


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