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18-538 Purchase of Commercial Property for BART Headquarters - Presentation
Purchase of Commercial Property for BART Headquarters. Board requested to authorize.
While people like to argue this is a bad idea. On paper it looks like the most rational decision. BART is going to exist forthwith, I thought they already had a headquarters building they owned. Its a good investment to own.
4.A. BRT PSC Presentation
BRT Project Updates: a. Construction Progress b. Operational Readiness Update c. Community Outreach d. Project...
10.A. GM Report 9.11.19
General Manager’s Report for September 11, 2019.
7.G. Att.1. FY19 Q4 Tables and Charts
Consider receiving the Quarterly Operations Performance Report for AC Transit Fixed Route Services during...
7.E. Att.3 Title VI Service Equity Analysis
Consider the adoption of Resolution No. 19-028, approving proposed service changes for FY 2019/20 considered...
Consider awarding a contract to Motor Coach Industries (MCI) for the purchase of up to fifty (50) forty-five-foot...
7.E. Att.2 Service Change Proposals
Consider the adoption of Resolution No. 19-028, approving proposed service changes for FY 2019/20 considered...
7.F. Att. 1 BRT Monthly Progress Report
Consider receiving the monthly progress and operational readiness report on the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit...
Resolution PDF
8-20-19 MTAB Item 10.4 Contract - USF Traffic Calming
Planning to calm traffic around USF. I thought thats what the masonic project was supposed to do.
Resolution PDF
8-20-19 MTAB Item 15 Central Subway Chinatown Station
8-27-19 Item 5 Metrics Report PDF
8-27-19 Item 5 Strategic Plan Progress Report
Another one of those cool SFMTA metrics reports
Slide Presentation PDF
9-3-19 MTAB Item 11 Vision Zero Progress Update
vision zero could be working... They're looking at reducing urban speeding limit to 20
Slide Presentation PDF
9-5-19 CAC Item 7 2019 Capital Needs Update
Caltrain Business Plan
2019-07-24 WPLP business plan meeting
Caltrain is still working on this business plan.
Proposed Fare Changes
2019-09-05 JPB Presentation Proposed Fare
2019 Annual Passenger Count
2019-09-05 JPB Presentation Annual Passenger Count
End-of-Year Performance Report FY 2019
End-of-Year Performance Report FY 2019
19-0916 4a Legislative Update on Priority Bills.pdf
2019 Legislative Update on Priority Bills Overview of the 2019 state legislative session, with a focus...
Basically the finally call out for bills going through legislature. The session ends this week or next.
19-0948 3c AB 1142.pdf
AB 1142 (Friedman): Transportation Planning and Transportation Network Companies


Diridon update – Today/Saturday – Watch new Google land use plans for Diridon station compatibility
Green Caltrain

For everyone who is interested in the future of Diridon Station and the ability to support great transit connections between Caltrain, BART, local and regional transit… Today, Google is disclosing...

Blog: Can Caltrain grow up to bring about the vision of high-ridership, all-day, integrated service
Green Caltrain

Caltrain’s draft business plan includes a commissioned organizational assessment to evaluate changes needed in order to achieve a service vision that would:  Triple the ridership or more...

A Look at Amtrak California Ridership – June 2019
Stop and Move

Has it really been over two years since I last looked at ridership on the Amtrak California routes? That’s a surprise! Here are the other posts I made taking a look at ridership and trends:...

The blue memo: San Jose mayor seeks funding leverage to force Caltrain governance reform
Green Caltrain

Last week, San Jose City Council voted in favor of a solid set of recommendations regarding Caltrain’s business plan, encouraging active pursuit of plans and funding for high ridership, strategies...

What is “Microtransit” For?
Human Transit

In last year’s “microtransit week” series, I challenged the widely promoted notion that “new” flexible transit models, where the route of a vehicle varies according to...

A Q&A With Nick Josefowitz
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Advocate, former BART Director, becomes SPUR's New Director of Policy...

Turnout For Better VTA On Thursday
Silicon Valley Transit Users

The fight for better overall public transit in Santa Clara County continues on Thursday evening in San Jose.  Our own Monica Mallon from San Jose has more on what YOU can do. Background As many...

BART eliminates paper ticket sales at first San Francisco station

As part of its plan to eliminate paper tickets and move to Clipper cards, BART is halted sales of the disposable tickets Monday at San Francisco’s Embarcadero station. The move comes after the transit...

SMART board vets strategy for financial future, tax renewal
Marin Independent Journal

As it prepares to pitch a sales tax renewal to Marin and Sonoma voters in early 2020, the SMART Board of Directors provided feedback Wednesday on a strategic plan it hopes will convince taxpayers...

BART’s newest East Bay station cleared for development
The Mercury News

Nearly 20 years in the making, the Irvington Station in Fremont is expected to be completed by 2026.

One-Cent Regional Sales Tax For Transit Could Be On 2020 Ballot

Bay Area voters may be asked to approve a one-cent sales tax in 2020 that would fund a wide array of transportation projects and improvements across the region. The sales tax has been proposed...

Uber And Lyft Don't Have A Right To Exist

On Wednesday, Uber and Lyft released a new petition against Assembly Bill 5, the California bill about to be debated in the Senate that, if passed, would almost certainly result in gig economy workers...

California is about to rewrite the rules of the gig economy

The state is expected to vote next week on a bill that would force companies like Uber to reclassify workers as employees.

Super commuters not slowing down in California. Lack of housing to blame

More people are driving longer distances due to a lack of housing in dense cities where many would have lived and worked a decade ago. A 90-minute commute is not uncommon.