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18-481 Update on Assembly Bill 2923 Transit Oriented Development - Presentation-OCR
Update on Implementation Approach for Assembly Bill 2923, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District:...
Implementation of AB 2923 which is the one that forces BART TOD development zoning on BART land(mostly parking) near BART stations.
18-464 Extension of the Productivity Adjusted Inflation -Based Fare Increase Program between 2022 and 2028-OCR
Extension of the Productivity Adjusted Inflation -Based Fare Increase Program between 2022 and 2028....
Extension of the inflation based fare increase.
18-465 Fare Actions - Presentation-OCR
Participation in a Regional Means - Based Transit Fare Discount Pilot Program. Board requested to adopt....
BART is doing a lot of work with fares and appears to be in Means-based transit fare discount issue. It looks likes like they're really going to kill ticket fares soon. surcharge for each way I can't fathom why someone would use that.
18-479 New Transbay Rail Crossing Project - Presentation-OCR
Award of Agreement No. 6M8159, with HNTB Corporation, for Strategic Advising and Program Management Services...
18-480 Update on Irvington BART Station - Presentation-OCR
Update on Irvington BART Station. For Information.
Update on Irvington in-fill BART station being developed. Planned to be complete in 2023.
18-528 Update on the Proposed Implementation of FASTER Bay Area - BART's Presentation No. 2
Update on the Proposed Implementation of FASTER Bay Area. For information.
18-528 Update on the Proposed Implementation of FASTER Bay Area - FASTER Bay Area Presentation No. 1
Update on the Proposed Implementation of FASTER Bay Area. For information.
I'm actually going to be a NO for this. If they're going to be bold they need another tax than just sales tax for transit. Regional Parking, gas, income, wealth tax, corporate tax, fixed property tax. Its insulting that the only tax politicians think are feasible is one of the most regressive ones. I was expecting more.
18-519 Responses to the 2018-2019 Alameda County Grand Jury Final Report, Crime and Quality of Life Impact on BART Ridership - EDD
Responses to the 2018-2019 Alameda County Grand Jury Final Report, "Crime and Quality of Life: Impact...
Grand Jury review of BART crime and quality of life
18-526 Federal and State Legislation for Consideration - Presentation
Federal and State Legislation for Consideration. Board requested to authorize.
3.A. Att.1. Service Change Proposals
Hold Public Hearing to receive public comment regarding a set of proposed service changes for FY 2019/20....
Slide Presentation PDF
8-1-19 CAC Item 7 SFMTA Public Outreach & Engagement District Liaison Program
Slide Presentation PDF
8-13-19 OCSC Item 7 4th Street Transit Priority Project
Slide Presentation PDF
8-20-19 MTAB Item 15 Transit Service and Transit Performance Working Group - slide presentation
Progress on 90 day improvements. Somehow they they got so fast there are more early departures on the low frequency routes.
Staff Report PDF
8-20-19 MTAB Item 16 Central Subway Chinatown Station
Heard this just got passed and it will be known as the Chinatown Rose Pak Station
Caltrain Business Plan
2019-07-24 WPLP business plan meeting
Caltrain Business Plan. They seem to have a lot of plans for the future but no idea what they should do or can afford.
Proposed Fare Changes
2019-07-26 JPB Finance committee codified tariff ppt
Fare plans for Caltrain
Express Bus Service - Foster City <=> San Francisco
Express Bus Service - Foster City - San Francisco
Samtrans is starting express route between foster city and San francisco


Timely opportunity to fix Go Pass to increase Caltrain revenue, ridership and equity
Green Caltrain

As Caltrain considers updates to its fares, there is a timely opportunity to to increase ridership and revenue, while improving equitable access to transit.   Under the rules of the current...

Thursday’s a big day – urge Caltrain to aim high
Green Caltrain

On Thursday, the Caltrain board will give direction about a major transformation in service with electrification as the starting point.   Caltrain’s business plan studies show that there...

High Speed Rail EIR leapfrogged by Caltrain, Diridon planning
Green Caltrain

Community members in San Francisco, San Mateo County (Burlingame) and San Jose all had questions about High Speed Rail’s planning having gotten out of synch with regional planning efforts, at...

San Jose staff, Mayor and Council pursue vision of Caltrain growth, network connections, equity
Green Caltrain

On Tuesday’s San Jose City Council will weigh on on Caltrain’s Business Plan Vision. The San Jose staff report, and a colleague’s memo from the Mayor and four Council members, support...

San Mateo and Contra Costa – Can we prevent highways from harming the environment?
Green Caltrain

A front line in the battle for climate-friendly transportation is being fought on the wonky grounds of how highway projects will be planned and evaluated.   Just last week, the State of California...

SMART considers role of quiet zones after recent deaths
Santa Rosa Press Democrat

After an unprecedented spate of deaths along the rail line — four in 16 days — Sonoma-Marin Rail Transit board members are reconsidering the decision to allow trains to roll through busy intersections...

The Rest of the Industrialized World Has High-Speed Rail, Why Cant the U.S.?
https// looks at the differentiating factors between the U.S. and the rest of the world.

BART, facing big challenges, picks insider Robert Powers as new general manager

The new BART chief, chosen Thursday by the Board of Directors, previously served as the interim general manager and takes over at a pivotal moment for the region’s transit system.

Startups Are Abandoning Suburbs for Cities With Good Transit

A new study finds that cities with good transit are attracting startups.

In a blow to the bullet train, California might shift billions to L.A. and Bay Area projects
Los Angeles Times

A plan is quietly gaining support to truncate California's troubled high-speed rail construction project in the Central Valley and spend some of the remaining billions of dollars in Southern...

BART to ditch paper tickets at 19th Street Station in Oakland

A BART stop in Oakland became the first of the transit agency’s locations to say goodbye to paper tickets Monday, as the 19th Street Station will sell only Clipper cards to board trains. The transit...