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18-490 BART Measure RR Report July 12 2019 FINAL
Michael McGill, Chairperson of the Bond Oversight Committee, presentation of Annual Report.
18-511 Update Transbay Core Capacity
Update on Transbay Corridor Core Capacity Project. For Information.
Its going to be a looooong time before CBTC can go online
Consider receiving an update on service planning efforts in Special Transit Service District 2, which...
9.A. GM Report 7.10.19 RED FOLDER
General Manager’s Report for July 10, 2019, will be made available to the public at the time it is...
Consider receiving an update on service planning efforts in Special Transit Service District 2, which...
C. Att.2. St Report
Consider receiving the monthly legislative report and approval of legislative positions.
AB 101 is pretty intense. Suing cities for not building housing. 100,000- 600,000 can really hurt some cities. Even SF can't shake that off. But cities that do get pro-housing get the other city's money. Carrot and Stick its a proven method. Can't divert transportation money though so...
C. Att.3. State Matrix
Consider receiving the monthly legislative report and approval of legislative positions.
SB 742 would be awesome!!! Theres a law on the books that says we can't just take an Amtrak bus from San Jose to SLO or Martinez to Arcata without a rail connection. Amtrak bus routes often end up empty due to this restriction. With it undone riders in SF can jump on an Amtrak bus to Emeryville or to Santa Barbara without a rail component. I understand why they did it to support the for-profit industry(flixbus, megabus, greyhound) but it would be great that this might be an option.
C. Att.1. Fed Update
Consider receiving the monthly legislative report and approval of legislative positions.
Federal legislative updates. Apparently Amtrak's CEO is really out to eliminate long distance trains. I'm kinda glad that rural state senators hate the idea.
E. Att.1. AC Transit Line 97 Adaptive Signal System and Transit Sigal Priority Final Report
Consider receiving Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s report on the performance of the Line 97...
I think that this is a very impressive way of doing a report on the results from transit improvements. Someone should suggest that SFMTA do reports like this.
Consider receiving report on service changes scheduled for implementation on August 11, 2019, in conjunction...
This is very interesting an FTA report on various technologies being produced for transit buses. Automation appears to be the focus but they've noted that there are so many environmental scenarios is would not work that buses are long long way off from being ready for market. But there are operator assist technologies being tried, braking, valet driving and different type of camera and sensors being tested.
G. Att.1. Summary of Service Changes
Consider receiving report on service changes scheduled for implementation on August 11, 2019, in conjunction...
Draft Job Description PDF
7-11-19 CAC Item 8 SFMTA Director of Transportation Selection
Slide Presentation PDF
7-16-19 MTAB Item 12 Traffic Modifications and TC Amendment - Folsom Pacific Rincon Hill Extension
Wow this is awesome. Did the 12 used to serve Rincon hill? I like the 10 and 12 being in sync along 2nd but option A is far better where it cross direct paths with the SF Transit Center and cut through areas not served by any routes. The Essex turn is a little weird but I guess they want to get as close to rincon hill as possible.
Slide Presentation PDF
7-16-19 MTAB Item 11 Traffic Modifications - Octavia 'Open Street' Project
7-23-19 Item 5 Lombard Paid Reservation study presentation PDF
7-23-19 Item 5 Lombard Paid Reservation study
Lombard street seems to be getting its own congestion pricing area - paid reservations. Not going to lie it really does seem like when rich people want something, it happens. I think they should make the residents pay the fee though.
DOT Job Profile PDF
7-23-19 Item 4 DOT job profile
Think you could cut it as the Director of Transportation?
Slide Presentation PDF
7-24-19 EMSC Item 8 Better Market Street
Market Street is not going to be fun for the next 2-3 years. But wow is it long overdue, that street is tired and broken.
Correspondence as of 7-10-2019
2019-07-11 JPB Correspondence as of July 10
Yikes the bicycle community for Caltrain is tough.
Update on
Update on Reimagine SamTrans (Revised 7-1-2019)
19-0680 5a Handout Temporary DMV Plate Information.pdf
Toll Collection Impacts due to the Implementation of Temporary DMV License Plates Toll collection impacts...
19-0707 4a Transp Funding Housing Linkages rev.pdf
Transportation Funding and Housing Linkages Staff will recap the discussion on transportation funding...
19-0679 4b CTC Update.pdf
California Transportation Commission Update Update on the June 26-27, 2019 CTC meeting
I guess the president is officially trying to usurp California's EPA.
19-0806 07 Transit Fare Integration Update.pdf
Transit Fare Integration Update (30 minutes) Update on recent MTC staff work on transit fare integration...
The Complexity of fare integration. It appears that the clipper executive board postponed deciding about whether the MTC should bother trying to integrate fares until October. Likely so that transitioning managers - SFMTA/BART could move on and could fall into the hands of new directors
19-0825 4c State Housing Update.pdf
Update on State Housing Legislation Summary of the status of legislation on which MTC and ABAG took...
Most of the housing bills appear to be frozen in committees or made into two year bills.
19-0841 06c RM3 Update.pdf
Regional Measure 3 Update Update on Regional Measure 3 (RM3) implementation.
RM3 money is still locked up due to anti-tax people.
19-0839 06b SB1 Programming Update.pdf
Regional Approach to Senate Bill 1 (SB1) Competitive Programs Discussion on a comprehensive regional...
First set of money MTC is asking for SB1 money


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Americans Shouldnt Have to Drive, but the Law Insists on It
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Governor hires watchdog to uncover BART financial waste and fraud
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New gig "prevents fraud, waste and abuse, and identifies opportunities for efficiencies in the administration"

Muni completes safety fixes to new trains following series of mishaps

Transit officials have unlocked the back doors and put two-car trains back in service on San Francisco’s new metro rail fleet, now rehabilitated after a string of mishaps earlier this year.

Breed appoints task force to review SF Muni service, recommend improvements

As San Francisco’s transit chief prepares to step down, Mayor London Breed and other City Hall politicians are taking ownership of the city’s stumbling light-rail and bus system.

Salesforce Transit Center quietly reopens after nearly 10-month closure - The San Francisco Examiner
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Park and gondola are open to the public but buses have yet to arrive