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SB50 is so important that BART had a special meeting about it. It is a revolutionary legislation. I hope this goes through, even if its too little too late one day it would have been shown to make a large impact.
18-368 Surveillance Use Policy-BART Research
(CONTINUED from February 28, 2019, Board Meeting) Surveillance Technology Approvals - BART Research...
18-374 Measure RR Equity Program and Small Business Update March 14, 2019
BART Safety, Reliability, and Traffic Relief Program (Measure RR): Equity Program and Small Business...
BART is ramping up their spending from Measure RR. They know what they need done now and they're putting out RFPs for it.
18-382 Federal and State Legislative Update - Presentation Rev
Federal and State Legislative Update. For information.
BART presentation on legislation going through the state. There is a ton on housing, some are deliberate attempts to undercut cities from some of the methods they use to restrict housing, some about streamlining the process. I'm a bit skeptical about this office of the transportation inspector general. Chui has an interesting one that allows cities and counties to join together to fund affordable housing.
6.A. Att. 1 Revenue & Fare Coll Analysis
Consider receiving a report about current and historical information on revenue trends, and an analysis...
Fare Revenue review, they AC Transit actually has a remarkably good farebox recovery ratio.
6.D. Att.1. Monthly Progress Report
Consider receiving the monthly construction progress report on the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project...
East Bay BRT is getting done, most of the south stops are done.
6.C. Staff Report
Consider approving contract award to Kimley-Horn and Associates in the amount of $546,721.00 for design...
Thats cool AC Transit is trying to improve creating a rapid network, with Telegraph Avenue
4.H. Att.1. AC Transit Strategic Plan
Consider approval of the Strategic Plan.
Strategic plan for AC Transit 2019
March 5, 2019, SFMTA Bond Oversight Committee Meeting - Streets Project Presentation
March 5, 2019, SFMTA Bond Oversight Committee Meeting - Streets Project Presentation
SFMTA really has accomplished a lot of streetscape projects
Slide Presentation PDF
3-5-19 MTAB Item 11 Bike Share Community Outreach
I guess after the snafu for the 24th st mission bikeshare. SFMTA got a policy for bringing new bikeshares to a community. particularly in how they will display it.
Slide Presentation PDF
3-5-19 MTAB Item 12 LRV4 Phase 2 update
Looks like the new LRV are winners. they have some options to make but they're still trucking ahead. Hopefully they can still do the expedited track somehow for phase replacement. Seating issues appears to standout for what they need work on.
What to do about the Potrero Yard Neighborhood redevelopment, appears housing is winning out albeit what kinda housing stands out.
Slide Presentation PDF
3-19-19 MTAB Item 12 Update on Transit Service
I think I underestimated the fire that Mayor Breed put under SFMTA. Apparently Reiskin wants to keep his job. I will note personally the west portal cross guards are crazy useful and felt like they got the train through much faster. People will blindly cross if no one stops them but if someone is there to call them out they wait their turn prioritizing the trains during commute. Disappointing they didn't do it before!
Slide Presentation PDF
3-20-19 FAC Item 7 LRV Procurement
SFMTA is still trying for the accelerated phase 2 of the LRV replacement
Van Ness Business Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - March 21, 2019
Van Ness Business Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - March 21, 2019
Van Ness work is finally continuing 28% as of March. Pretty depressing how off schedule they are.
Slide Presentation PDF
4-2-19 MTAB Item 11 Vision Zero Quick Build Strategy
SFMTA is looking into quick-build projects as an interim solution to vision zero corridors since big updates tend to take a while to get approved in the city.
Slide Presentation PDF
4-4-19 CAC Item 7 54 Felton Route Update
The 54 felton is looking at moving the route. Doesn't say why though
Slide Presentation PDF
4-9-19 OCSC Item 7 The SFMTA’s plans to address the influx of passengers due to the upcoming opening...
This is the plan for the chase center opening. Its going to be a clusterf- basically. They won't do anything to prioritize buses or trains but expect everyone to take transit rather than drive. Luckily the city has a reputation for high cost parking. SFMTA should work to secure streets for the light rail and buses.
Project Design Proposals (Mission and Geneva Corridors)
Mission Excelsior - Project Plan Documents
Mission Street Excelsior safety project is next.
Biking works for Caltrain. They have the most bikes on average in the country. but its a complication to support too, particularly as their trains are often packed and ridership somehow continues to be on the rise for them.
Caltrain is trying to figure out how they could use its land for other options. They don't have much compared to BART but they do have some parcels. What they should look into is seeing if they can do anything about air rights
Rather amazing. Caltrain might be one of the few agencies in the Bay area that can get projects done with diginity.
Correspondence as of 2-28-2019
2019-03-01 JPB correspondence
Highlights how good cyclists are at organizing to push an agenda. They need more space for bikes with the EMUs and they're trying to get it.
FY2019 Rail Operations Performance
2019-03-01 JPB Rail Performance update
Caltrain has been doing well
VTA is really focusing on speeding up their transit operations. They seemed to blocked by the problem that its up to cities to decide on transit {sigh}
19-0204 7a HorizonFutures OpportunitiesAndChallenges.pdf
Horizon: Interim Futures Report - Opportunities and Challenges Initial findings on the three futures...
Horizon looked into multiple possibilities of the future for housing in the bay area.
All the bills that MTC is going to be looking at. This is going to be a fun year as the Democrats have a 2/3rd majority AND a governor that "supposedly" wants to get things done. Its been several months already... he's no Jerry Brown at capturing news headlines making big moves yet.
19-0164 06 TSP Update.pdf
Transit Sustainability Project (TSP) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Transit Ridership...
UCLA did a transit ridership study for MTC. Basically many of MTC's investments have worked but overall things have gone out of the control that a little bit of money can fix. congestion has increased far beyond
19-0325 8ii Draft Regional Growth Framework 2.0 Attachment A Presentation.pdf
Plan Bay Area 2050: Potential Revisions to the Regional Growth Framework Overview of potential revisions...
MTC is starting to look into planning for Plan Bay Area 2050.
19-0290 3a Cap and Trade AHSC Priorities.pdf
Regional Cap and Trade Priorities: Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Based on the Commission’s...


Our Responses To VTA’s Latest Service Cut Proposal
Silicon Valley Transit Users

A group letter was written to VTA to protest and suggest their latest service cut proposal.  Read it below.  First, read letters from Andrew Boone, Andy Chow, and a news article featuring...

Following grim report, VTA SR 85 Committee abandons light rail dream
Green Caltrain

On February 25, the VTA’s State Route 85 Committee reviewed a report with scathing conclusions about the viability of transit on the suburban highway. The report concludes that investments in...

Full house Dumbarton Rail meetings in Fremont, Redwood City, Menlo Park
Green Caltrain

Largely supportive, full-house crowds gathered to hear updates, ask questions and make comments at the Dumbarton Rail meetings in Fremont, Redwood City, and Menlo Park, with a variety of local and...

Electric Caltrain’s future and how you help can shape it – Redwood City – March 20 – 6:30pm
Green Caltrain

Transformative improvements to Caltrain service will depend on decisions in a visionary business plan that the Caltrain board will decide on this year. Electric service, which will start in 2022,...

Safety Advocates Rip City’s Vision Zero Strategy
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Advocates say without metrics, transit improvements, and rock-solid commitments, San Francisco's Vision Zero plan is destined to fail...

US Congress Considering Freedom-Based Measures of Project Success
Human Transit

It’s hard to capture what good news this is.  Through a bipartisan bill, Congress is seriously considering a plan to give more weight to how proposed transit investments improve access...

San Francisco moving forward with Uber/Lyft tax
Green Caltrain

On March 17, the Chronicle reported that San Francisco is likely to be moving forward with an Uber/Lyft tax, raising $30M annually fund Muni Transit and “vision zero” safety improvements....

A Chat with SPUR’s New CEO
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

A Q&A with Alicia John-Baptiste...

Supervisor Pushes Back Against Density Near Transit
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Well, you could have seen this coming...

Mountain View downtown transit center project moves forward, but safety improvement questioned for Castro/Moffett/Central
Green Caltrain

On Tuesday March 19, Mountain View City Council supported moving forward with the project to close Castro Street at the Caltrain tracks, extending Evelyn with an onramp onto Shoreline for drivers...

Wednesday March 27: Palo Alto community considers citywide tunnel for Caltrain tracks
Green Caltrain

On Wednesday, March 27 from 6pm to 8pm, the City of Palo Alto is hosting a community meeting that will review a popular but challenging option to separate the Caltrain tracks from city streets. ...

Sticker shock, business tax voter initiative ideas at Palo Alto grade separation forum
Green Caltrain

At Wednesday evening’s well-attended Community Meeting regarding Palo Alto grade separation, some residents expressed “sticker shock” at the $2.5 Billion to $3.8 Billion price tag...

April 2 7pm in SF – Transportation, Land Use, and the Green New Deal
Green Caltrain

The Green New Deal catapulted climate action onto the top of the national agenda, but the first drafts out were pretty light on transit and land use. Alex Baca of Greater Greater Washington critiqued...

Is Bay Area Ready for Congestion Pricing?
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

New York's lead may be catalyst that gives San Francisco political push it needs...

New Caltrain data highlights redundancy of BART Diridon to Santa Clara
Green Caltrain

New information from the Caltrain business plan highlights the redundancy of VTA’s planned BART segment from San Jose Diridon to Santa Clara station.  Caltrain’s new data...

Today: VTA considers funding study of increased Caltrain to South San Jose/South County
Green Caltrain

At this evening’s board meeting the VTA board is considering allocating $750,000 for a study of increased Caltrain service to South San Jose and South Santa Clara County.  This is a very...

Bay Area Polls: Housing and Traffic Misery Abound — But Many Are Ready to Help Pay for Part of the Fix

Traffic congestion, lack of affordable housing, the high cost of living and homelessness were the top causes of discontent among survey respondents.

Independent monitor warns Central Subway project in danger of further delays - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner


Lyft IPO: Shares pop, end day up 8.7 percent
The Mercury News

S.F. ride-hailing company kicks off stampede of tech unicorns set to go public this year, including its big rival Uber.

Why Trains Are So Much Greener Than Cars or Airplanes

The quickest way to decrease greenhouse gases from transportation is to travel by train and move goods by rail instead of on the road or by air.

This rogue Muni driver broke the rules and printed the first streetcar schedules on his own

Before 1972, San Francisco's commuters didn't know when their streetcars, buses and cable cars were going to arrive. One rogue Muni driver put a stop to that.

After BART systemwide meltdown, officials say new technology should prevent a repeat

An overloaded switch caused BART to shut down for hours on Saturday. Officials hope their new disaster recovery data center will prevent it from happening again.

BART add-fare machines inside fare zones will finally start accepting credit cards - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

BART add-fare machines inside fare zones may finally take credit and debit cards, BART General Manager Grace Crunican announced Thursday. That’s a first for the agency, which opened for revenue...

You cant ride a train directly from Modesto to San Francisco. That could change someday

Passenger trains could someday run directly from Modesto, California, to San Francisco under a proposal that is undergoing initial study. A trip to the big city now requires a transfer to BART or...