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BART Legacy Fleet Decommissioning Report. For information.
Outlines BART's plan to get rid of the old fleet
18-317 Declaration of November 6, 2018, Election Results
Declaration of November 6, 2018, Election Results. Board requested to authorize.
BART Election Results from November 2018
18-328 3-B State of the Region
State of the Region.
Economic breakdown of the Bay Area and what to look forward to in 2019
What does BART have coming up
BART's fare is apparently still the highest farebox recovery ratio, with caltrain at a close 2nd.
18-336 9-J Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at BART
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at BART.
Don't know if you've noticed BART's external office has been taking a really proactive approach recently. They're even on reddit so I'm so proud to see them taking PR seriously. They fight back with facts and even encourage participation
18-332 3-F Quality of Life
Quality of Life. i. Homelessness. ii. Cleanliness iii. Fare Evasion. iv. Safety and Security.
SF should be proud of the Elevator Attendant program. If you have a moment thank Dir. Dufty for that. Its a really impressive achievement.
18-337 Annual Report 2018
Workshop Review.
BART's Annual report
2.A. Att. 1 Draft Strategic Plan
AC Transit Strategic Planning Process.
6.C. Staff Report
Consider receiving report on current bus routes that might be better suited for Flex service. [Requested...
Flex/on-demand service is a waste of money. It unfortunate that TNCs tricked transit agencies into thinking that it would be a good investment
6.C. Att.2. Flex Presentation
Consider receiving report on current bus routes that might be better suited for Flex service. [Requested...
Flex services don't work, they're far worst than fixed routes and serve only the ego of people who they deserve state-funded taxi services. How unfortunately that transit agencies everywhere have to fall into this trap that copying the super subsidized TNCs will lead to better ridership.
5.F. Att.1. W. Grand Ave Transit Improv. Supp.
Consider authorizing the General Manager to execute a funding agreement with the Metropolitan Transportation...
AC Transit attempting to continue constructing the west grand Avenue transit signal priority project. starting in 2020 and finish construction 2021
2.A. Att 1. Fed PPT
Update on federal legislative activities.
AC Transit's quick breakdown of the federal government for 2019 year
6.G. Att1. Exhibits
Consider approving a series of service changes for the June 2019 sign-up that would normalize service...
AC Transit is cutting a little bit of service for different routes to make up a budget deficit. Coming June 2019
8.A. Agenda Planning
Agenda Planning Pending List.
AC Transit Agenda plans for this year. Lifetime pass for AC Transit board directors of 3 or more terms. report on MUNI's accessiblity issues, looking at having sheriffs patrol stops to ticket trucks that are blocking AC Transit, and having ticket reader people to loading backload people on buses at Berkeley bart.
6.E. Att.1. BRT Monthly Progress Report
Consider receiving the monthly construction progress report on the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project...
AC Transit BRT progress. 18 stations are complete so they're getting somewhere!
6.A. Att4.2018 Fed Leg Prog
Consider receiving the Monthly Legislative Report and approval of legislative positions.
6.A. Att3.State Matrix
Consider receiving the Monthly Legislative Report and approval of legislative positions.
Interesting bills to see ACA 1 wants to making the voting percentage require 55% for tranportation and affordable housing.
2.A. State Update PPT
Update on state legislative activities.
Weiner has reintroduced SB 827 as SB 50. The requirements for an high quality bus corridor are pretty strict. Maps that identify the areas affects will probably be get it support or opposition. Its neutered for all intents and purposes for the central valley but still in theory should bring the Bay Area and LA region into some rational housing
Slide Presentation PDF
1-15-19 MTAB Item 11 Rail Service
problems with SFMTA rail service and what they can do to overcome
Slide Presentation PDF
1-23-19 EMSC Item 8 90 Day Action Plan
SFMTA's 90 day plan(starting Jan 15) to make things better(under pressure from Mayor Breed). The real problem this identifies is why weren't they doing these changes before? Why do they need threat of firing Reiskin before implementing these changes? Maybe SFMTA does need to be run more like a tech company, with releases and drive to improve, reviewing prior issues and solving with a ideology of working toward perfection? I went to the Board workshop, apparently SFMTA likes the 90 day schedule so they're going to continue 90 day improvements and review
Slide Presentation PDF
1-23-19 EMSC Item 7 Accelerating Replacement of the Light Rail Fleet
Van Ness BRT Community Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - January 24, 2019
Van Ness BRT Community Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - January 24, 2019
Van Ness "BRT" is finally going again. 26% complete
Slide Presentation PDF
1-29-19 MTAB Workshop Strategic Plan Metrics Report
Metrics report on MUNI. Not going to lie the number of traffic fatalities that occur just in "communities of concern" are mortifying. Side Note remember always call them traffic collisions, car crashes, traffic fatalities. calling them "accidents" is an attempt to absolve car manufacturers and motorists of guilt for not making it safer or driving safer. Dir Brinkman made that note of that in the board workshop.
Legal Slide Presentation PDF
1-29-19 MTAB Workshop Item 6 Financial & Legal Responsibilities of the SFMTA
Cool summary presentation of SFMTA development through history and the role of the SFMTA board in presiding over the SFMTA agency. The one thing they didn't ask if they could go very micromanaging on the director of transportation. make a policy that requires he go to the board to do nearly anything.(albeit they wouldn't do that, its an interesting question)
Fiscal Slide Presentation PDF
1-29-19 MTAB Workshop Item 6 Financial & Legal Responsibilities of the SFMTA
Economic view of the country. Basically a recession is coming... we can bet on it but we don't know when. We're 6 months from the longest economic expansion in history. And it seems to concern economists because the higher the US gets the hard we can fall.
Slide Presentation PDF
1-29-19 MTAB Workshop Item 7 FY 2018 Annual Report
You may not personally see it but SFMTA completes a host of projects in 2017-2018.
Slide Presentation PDF
1-29-19 MTAB Workshop Item 8 Goal 1
Slide Presentation PDF
1-29-19 MTAB Workshop Item 9 Goal 2
Slide Presentation PDF
1-29-19 MTAB Workshop Item 10 Goal 3
Slide Presentation PDF
2-5-19 MTAB Item 13 Budget Supplemental - LRV purchase
Cause of some cool fluke of the State laws and the city budget SFMTA gets to spend an extra to expedite new LRVs. that would be cool.
Slide Presentation PDF
2-12-19 OCSC Item 8 55 Dogpatch
The plan is to reroute the 22 to mission bay. So they need to figure out a new plan for the 55 which provides service to Dogpatch
Caltrain Business Plan Quarterly Update
2019-01-10 JPB - Business Plan special meeting quarterly report
Caltrain's business plan for 2040. basically once they have HSR and electrification, Transbay terminal they want to compete with BART for service and ridership numbers. They seem to want to keep doing the limited/skip stop routes, but now add it to the weekend and provide weekend service to gilroy.
FY 2019 Q1 Rail Operations Performance
FY 2019 Q1 Rail Operations Performance
Metrics for Q1 2019. Ridership appears to be growing for Caltrain
San Jose Diridon Station
San Jose Diridon Station
Diridon station is going to be completely revamped and there are a lot of shareholders in the discussion.
Regional Means-Based Fare Pilot Program
Means-Based Fare Pilot Program
Caltrain is preparing for a means based fare pilot program with MTC. They don't expect much as most of their ridership comes from higher income passengers.
18-1074 3 Transit Rail Planning Update.pdf
Transit Rail Planning Update Information on four ongoing transit planning studies: Regional Rail Synthesis,...
18-1073 2 Perspective Paper 5 Preview Future of Jobs.pdf
Horizon Perspective Paper #5: Preview - The Future of Jobs Preview of the upcoming Horizon Perspective...
The way the Bay area economy is growing is focused but its nice to know that the rich found another way to screw the poor and millenials by making the gig economy
MTC's legislative review of state legislation. Theres a lot going on with housing but not really anything big execept SB 50
18-1119 7d PAC-4a Reso-4035 TPI Investment Update VTA Re-Programming.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4035, Revised. Transit Performance Initiative - Investment Program Semi-Annual Report,...
How the Transportation Performance Initiative is going for MTC
19-0013 4 Vital Signs Equity Update.pdf
Vital Signs: Equity Update Summary of the latest updates from Vital Signs, MTC / ABAG’s comprehensive...
Vital Sign performance of the bay area by MTC. San francisco apparently has a near equal number of renters and owners. Theres a whole lot more risk of displacement in east bay and North bay
19-0091 7a ACA 1 Support.pdf
ACA 1 (Aguiar-Curry): Voter Approval Requirements for Local Tax and Bond Measures - Support Reduces...
If you have time please ask your state representatives to support ACA 1. I mean they've tried this for years, maybe this will be the year it happens. although I would have much preferred it be just for transit funding and infrastructure not more highways and streets but beggars can't be choosers.
19-0020 06 Staff Liaison Report February 2019.pdf
Staff Liaison Report (5 minutes) Relevant MTC policy decisions and other activities.


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