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BART's draft surveillance policy. its interesting as it details all the parts of where and how BART records its customers. I believe they should have a release within a week of police footage when there has been a shooting. But that may have to come from the state. I guess they're going to deploy CCTVs too to show people how they're being watched. And BART is buying 425 more new BART train cars
BART is going to contract with Braintree so they can process credit cards in the morning when they have to open at 5am, since before that the stations will be closed. This would allow people to pay for parking by credit card
Consider receiving the Monthly Construction Progress Report on the Bus Rapid Transit Project for October...
East Bay BRT is kinda coming along
Consider receiving the monthly Legislative Report and approve legislative positions.
The results of transportation based bills in the state legislature. SF might be getting its TNC tax! And TNC now are paying a state tax to support accessible mobility
Consider setting public hearings at 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. on January 23, 2019, concerning proposed...
AC Transit is getting so greedy
Consider receiving a report on the service changes associated with the Winter Sign-up.
Upcoming transbay and local AC Transit changes.
Consider receiving the Quarterly Operations Performance Report for AC Transit Fixed Route Services during...
Consider receiving report on the proposed expansion of the Alameda County Transportation Commission’s...
General Manager's Report.
AC Transit setting the standard high! first Fuel Cell Electric 60 foot bus built in the US coming soon.
Consider receiving the Certificates of Election Results and the Official Canvas for Directors Elsa Ortiz,...
AC Transit results. Joel won again... I'm impressed that Jones got that close
Consider authorizing the General Manager to negotiate and execute an agreement with the Bay Area Rapid...
Thats pretty cool AC Transit and BART working together to get bathrooms for the drivers
Consider receiving the monthly construction progress report on the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit Project...
December BRT progress report
Consider receiving the Monthly Legislative Report.
Resolution PDF
10-16-18 MTAB Item 11 Traffic modifications - Howard Near Term Improvement Pilot Project
Resolution PDF
10-16-18 MTAB Item 12 Traffic Modifications - 6th Street Pedestrian Safety Project
HSH Slide Presentation PDF
11-6-18 MTAB Item 11 Policy Guidelines - Oversize Vehicle Parking
Homelessness and supportive housing department presentation
Van Ness Business Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - November 15, 2018
Van Ness Business Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - November 15, 2018
At least the BRT has finally started building again going 30%! Its been at 22% since the summer. Apparently a BRT street project takes as long as a subway construction in San Francisco
11-27-18 Item 5 Strategic Plan Progress Report PDF
11-27-18 Item 5 Strategic Plan Progress Report
The strategic plan progress report from SFMTA. apparently the farebox ratio is going down, probably a result from ridership falling and their on-time performance slightly falling.
Slide Presentation PDF
11-28-18 EMSC Item 8 Automatic Train Control System (ATCS) Update
SFMTA is looking into updating the train control system.
Slide Presentation PDF
12-4-18 MTAB Item 12 Muni Improvement Project
MUNI improvement plan. basically what you would expect.
Slide Presentation PDF
12-4-18 MTAB Item 11 Traffic Modifications - Valencia Street
Scopes Handout PDF
12-6-18 CAC Item 9 Capital Improvement Program
Full descriptions for all the SFMTA capital improvement projects
Schedules Handout PDF
12-6-18 CAC Item 9 Capital Improvement Program
The schedule for the Capital Improvement going on with SFMTA. They look like they're not accomplishing much but really theres a lot happening in the next 5 years.
Slide Presentation PDF
12-6-18 CAC Item 9 Capital Improvement Program
SFMTA capital programs.
Slide Presentation PDF
12-6-18 CAC Item 8 2019 Draft SFMTA Legislative Program
SFMTA legislative goals for the 2019 year
Slide Presentation PDF
12-6-18 CAC Item 7 Vision Zero
Vision Zero seems to not be a blazing success. It probably has deterred 100s of collisions but to say that it has declined the injuries is a bit much unfortunately.
Peninsula Corridor Electrification Quarterly Update
So far Caltrain doesn't appear to be getting far behind for the electrification project.
Caltrain Fare Policy
2018-11-01 - Fare Policy - Revised Presentation
Still working on what a fare policy could be. They seem to be overthinking it.
Caltrain appears to be beating the odds and actually mildly increasing ridership...
Cool breakdown of trasnportation/housing related legislation that happened and will likely
MTC Legislative results from 2018
18-0783 6d PAC-2c MTC ResoNo-4354 BART Market Street Corridor.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4354. Allocation of $1.5 million in Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds to BART for the...
MTC has determined that the R2 money to make a muni to BART esculator or stairwell is infeasible so they're going to use the money to add an elevator and renovate an elevator.
SF Transit riders recommending that MTC use the seamless bay area interview kit
Seamless bay area interview kit to guide the hiring of the next MTC director.
18-0891 4d RSRF-Funding Agreement City of Richmond Bike Lane Gap Closure.pdf
Funding Agreement - Richmond-San Rafael (RSR) Bridge Forward - Bike Lane Gap Closure: City of Richmond...
Adding bike lanes to the richmond-san rafael bridge
18-0879 4c WSP Contract BBF-CommuterParkingInitiative.pdf
Contract Amendment - Bay Bridge Forward - Commuter Parking Initiative - Construction Management Services:...
Building a Park and Ride in Albany under the 880 which sounds cool.
18-0772 6a Automated Veh Occ Enforcement Update.pdf
Automated Vehicle Occupancy Enforcement Update Update on technology-based strategies to enforce vehicle...
So this is interesting they've completed a pilot for attempting automated HOV lane passenger detection... it doesn't appear very satisfactory. 5-6% was false postives - cases where they had enough people to qualify but the system got it wrong.
18-0912 5b Governance Info Gathering Rev.pdf
Governance Information Gathering Update on MTC/ABAG staff Information Gathering related to Governance...
Kinda funny MTC and ABAG are still trying to figure out a how to join together their staff. Now they have a schedule.
18-0856 5a Election Memo.pdf
November 2018 Election: Impact on Transportation & Housing Effects of the November 6, 2018 General Election...
Bay Area election propositions that may have results effect transportation and housing.
18-0776 6a AET Options.pdf
Options for Implementing All-Electronic Tolling on State-Owned Bridges A report on the findings of research...
Looks like BATA is planning to move toward Automated tolling. kinda seems as if its not worth changing over.
18-0898 3a TDA Triennial Audit Update v2.pdf
Transportation Development Act (TDA) Triennial Audit report for FY2017-18. A presentation of the findings...
Triennial Public Transportation performance audit of particular agencies. most are doing worst but some have figured out how to at least stabilize ridership
18-0900 2f RM2 Operating Performance Update.pdf
Regional Measure 2 Operating Performance Update for FY2017-18.
Results from MTC RM2 sponsorship of routes, most are meeting their standard some aren't and look like they may never.
18-0876 2e RM2 Capital Program Semi-Annual Update.pdf
Regional Measure 2 Capital Program: Semi-Annual Update
Update on RM2 projects a lot seems to have gotten done with the money, even if not everything is as promised.
18-0970 5a CHP Enforcement Agreements.pdf
Express Lanes Enforcement: California Highway Patrol (CHP) i. Contract Amendment - I-680 Express Lanes...
MTC paying off the CAlifornia Highway Patrol to do their job. This is a confusing world


San Mateo County Measure W way too close to call; State Nixes Prop 6
Green Caltrain

With well under half of votes counted, San Mateo County Measure W was less than .5% short of the votes required to win – much too close to call. On election night, results were inching...

Now is the time to share your thoughts on future Caltrain service – biz plan meetings coming up
Green Caltrain

Have you been eager for improvements to Caltrain service that will take advantage of electrification?  Now is the time to speak up. Starting this week, Caltrain is hosting a series of community...

Dumbarton Updates: Facebook studies Rail connection; MTC studies EastBay links; Union City studies expressway
Green Caltrain

Starting next year, Facebook and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission will be respectively studying rail options for the Dumbarton Corridor; and East Bay station connections as called for in...

VTA pursues high capacity transit study for Stevens Creek, other corridors; will the study affect budget crisis options?
Green Caltrain

On Friday November 16, the VTA Ad Hoc Financial Sustainability Committee reviewed and recommended options to deal with a $25M deficit.   The Committee recommended a less draconian option...

Tonight: Caltrain biz plan feedback in San Jose – big opportunities for Diridon, South SJ, South County
Green Caltrain

Tonight Caltrain is hosting a public meeting soliciting feedback on service in the age of electrification.   The potential for future service could be transformative for San Jose: for...

Opportunities for more Caltrain service to South San Jose and South Santa Clara County
Green Caltrain

Caltrain is working on a major business plan that will set the stage for potential significant improvements to service in the age of electrification, and for the investments that will be needed to...

Treasure Island decongestion pricing to fuel comprehensive transit and equity program
Green Caltrain

On Tuesday, November 27th, the members of the Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency Committee will review the latest steps in crafting a comprehensive transportation program for Treasure Island,...

Show thanks for sustainable transportation wins on #Giving Tuesday
Green Caltrain

The narrow victory on Measure W, and 2/3 Bay Area margin to defeat Prop 6 were pushed forward with a big coalition grass-roots effort with participation from TransForm, SVBC, San Francisco...

Expert believes SF transit center cracks a limited problem, not design flaw

The investigation into the pair of cracked girders that forced the closure of San Francisco’s newly inaugurated, $2.2 billion Transbay Transit Center in late September is now focused on the composition...

BART unveils new canopy at Powell Station entrance - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

Transit officials cut the ribbon Tuesday morning on a canopy that was recently completed at the Powell Street BART Station entrance in San Francisco. The canopies are part of a pilot program and more...