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Regional Transit Fare Coordination
Spur presentation to the AC Transit Board for integrated Fares.But they still don't have a plan for integrated fares. No one seems to want to propose a plan for this. Even if seamless bay area were to say everyone charges 2.50 no matter the agency that would be a plan. But its burdensome to come to board meetings with no proposal or even napkin idea to even debate.
Consider adoption of Resolution No. 18-035 authorizing the General Manager, or his designee, to execute...
AC Transit may take over the amtrak bus route from Emeryville to San francisco. Strange but makes sense. 500k is a lot of money to just look in to it though
Consider adoption of Resolution No. 18-038 approving the service change proposals for Lines 19 and 96...
updates for line 19 and 96 for the island of Alameda
Consider authorizing the General Manager to negotiate and execute an agreement with the Bay Area Rapid...
for 3 and a half years BART will open at 5am and AC Transit will be operating a massive East Bay bus network
Consider receiving a report on completion of AC Transit Multimodal Corridor Design Guidelines
AC Transit has developed a design for bikes and bus islands platforms. It appears they'll be planning for more of those types of street improvements.
Consider receiving a report regarding the feasibility of developing partnerships with community colleges...
AC Transit working with local colleges and universities to increase workforce. Thats actually pretty cool even if it doesn't work out.
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10-16-18 MTAB Item 10.7 Request for Proposals - Security Services
I didn't know that SFMTA had any security guards for transit centers. I thought they just had the fare inspectors and city police.
Slide Presentation PDF
10-16-18 MTAB Item 11 Traffic modifications - Howard Near Term Improvement Pilot Project
SFMTA howard and folsom near-term improvements.
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10-16-18 MTAB Item 12 Traffic Modifications - 6th Street Pedestrian Safety Project
I guess 6th street has some problems. A person is hit on 6th street once every 16 days. I can see it, just didn't realize it was that high on the list
Slide Presentation PDF
10-16-18 MTAB Item 13 Traffic Modifications - Safer Taylor Street
make a Safer Taylor Street presentation
Slide Presentation PDF
10-16-18 MTAB Item 14 Traffic Modifications - Lower Great Highway
SFMTA is starting to look into safety improvements for the lower great highway. That I can agree greatly needs to be done, that street is terrifying to cross.
18-0783 2c MTC ResoNo-4354 BART Market Street Corridor.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4354. Allocation of $1.5 million in Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds to BART for the...
Apparently there was a plan to allow direct access from BART to MUNI. Anyone know why that didn't happen?


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