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The BART board codified the surveillance policy and the prohibition of travel to anti-lgbtq law states. And thats pretty impressive that the Office of Independent Police Auditor found that with 70 individual recordings from fare inspectors that none were discriminatory, so they're bringing on 2 more.
Draft Medallion Reform Recommendation
Taxi Task Force Meeting Documents 9.12.2018
SFMTA is looking for reform recommendations. Including more transit lanes, SFO drop off exclusive rights, opening up the buyers market, etc...
Slide Presentation PDF
9-18-18 MTAB Item 11 Contract - Vendor Managed Inventory Services
MTA staff don't exactly explain what the vendor managed inventory service project is but apparently its successful
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9-18-18 MTAB Item 12 Stationless Bike Share Program Mid-Pilot Evaluation
SFMTA approved JUMP in 2017 to provide stationless bike share pilot program this presentation compares it to the goford program
9-25-18 Item 5 Accessible Pedestrian Signals PDF
9-25-18 Item 5 Accessible Pedestrian Signals
Presentation on making pedestrian signals accessible.
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9-26-18 EMSC Item 7 7th & 8th Street Project Update
They're starting the safety and transportation improvements for 7th street. I've liked the improvements already done for 7th and 8th.
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10-4-18 CAC Item 8 Third Street SOMA Project
SFMTA is kicking off a 3rd st SoMa safety project. I feel like that is much needed.
Theres not much particularly notable but just want to note how progressive caltrain is with social media and with displaying public comments.
Caltrain Fare Policy Update
Caltrain is still working on making a fare policy
18-0715 8a PAC 3c ResoNo-3914 ValleyLink Rail Projectx.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 3914, Revised. Allocation of $10.1 million in AB 1171 Bridge Toll funds to Tri-Valley...
Valley Link is getting their money
18-0811 HANDOUT Rebecca Kaplan.pdf
Handout from Member of Public
Interesting letter from Rebecca Kaplan of Oakland to the MTC
18-0804 5a Twilio Lease.pdf
Lease Agreement: Twilio Inc. A request for authorization to proceed with final negotiations on an expansion...
Twilio is moving into 375 Beale street.
18-0796 06 RM3 Update.pdf
Regional Measure 3 Implementation Update Update on Regional Measure 3 approved by voters on June 5,...
Update of Implementation of RM3. two lawsuits are challenging SB 595.
18-0798 08 Transit Ridership Trend Study.pdf
Bay Area Transit Ridership Trend Study MTC has partnered with the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs...
This will be insightful when it comes out for the Bay Area


What is a Spine?
Human Transit

A spine is a really powerful network design idea that takes a moment to explain.  This is how a spine works, in an example from the Dublin bus network redesign proposal. That diagram by Dublin-based...

Why Your Bus Network May Never Improve
Human Transit

Improving a bus network requires changing things.  Maybe you change a bus route number so that the system is easier to figure out.  Maybe this segment of a bus route would be more useful...

Transit Week Kickoff Marred by Broken Trains
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

But A.B. 1184 was signed by the governor, bringing some good news to start the celebrations...

Transit Week Kickoff Marred by Broken Trains

But A.B. 1184 was signed by the governor, bringing some good news to start the celebrations...

Collecting cable car fares an uphill struggle - 1 in 4 auditors not asked to pay, study finds

Undercover city workers who joined the crosstown commuters and selfie-taking tourists on San Francisco’s cable cars got 1 in 4 rides for free, according to a city controller’s report released...

SMART Windsor link gets OK
Santa Rosa Press Democrat

With $24 million in spending authorized Wednesday, the passenger train is now set for arrival to Windsor by early 2022.

2.2 billion Salesforce Transit Center closes after crack found in steel beam - The San Francisco Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner

Safety concerns led to the closure of the newly opened $2.2 billion Salesforce Transit Center Tuesday after workers discovered a crack in a steel beam that supports the center’s rooftop garden....

Officials fail to simplify convoluted transit fares before costly Clipper upgrade
Curbed SF

But there’s still time.

Los Angeles Times

The L.A. Times' in-the-moment look at California political and government news.

Caltrain canceling San Francisco weekend service until 2019
Curbed SF

The last stop is Bayshore, at least for now

Nearly half of BART fare-evasion citations go to blacks, but board votes to expand the enforcement program

A new report from BART shows pronounced racial disparity in the people who are cited for fare evasion, nearly half of whom are African American. Although the numbers alarmed several members of BART’s...