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The BART board will be voting on banning travel to anti-LGBTQ policy states - which currently is alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas. And BART will be working with SFMTA to put elevator attendants at Civic Center and Powell stations due to the homeless issues. The pilot was a success although its disappointing its needed as much.
Public hearing regarding the adoption of Resolution No. 18-032 approving Service Change Proposals for...
This is awesome. And I wish more transit agencies would try converting deadhead trips to actual trips. I doubt it'll get much attention or use, but the existence doesn't hurt anyone.
Consider receiving the monthly Legislative Report and approve legislative positions
I didn't think about it but the new wake up later bill for middle and high school really burns public transit agencies that run school trips.
Consider receiving the Monthly Construction Progress Report on the Bus Rapid Transit Project
18-0645 4d ContractAmend RSRbridge-OCJones.pdf
Contract Contingency Increase - I-580 Richmond-San Rafael (RSR) Bridge Access Improvement Project - Construction...
18-0648 4e Contract and Funding Amendments - Southgate HDR and SFCTA.pdf
Yerba Buena Island Southgate Road Realignment Project - Funding Agreement Amendment: San Francisco County...
Improving access to Yerba Buena island from the new east span of the bay bridge to allow better access for pedestrians,cyclists and wheelchair users from the bridge.
18-0653 2b ResoNo-3655 AC Transit RM2.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 3655, Revised. Allocation of Regional Measure 2 (RM2) Funds to AC Transit East Bay...
AC Transit saved 1.9 Million on East Bay BRT. hopefully it stays that way
18-0715 3c HANDOUT SPUR Letter - MTC - Megaregional funding - September 12 2018.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 3914, Revised. Allocation of $10.1 million in AB 1171 Bridge Toll funds to Tri-Valley...
Interesting take from SPUR on MTC supporting the Valley Link project.
18-0667 2b CHP HOV Enforcement Study Contract Amendment.pdf
Contract Amendment - High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Enforcement Services: California Highway Patrol...
18-0677 3a Prop 6 update.pdf
Proposition 6: Overview, Bay Area Impacts and Public Information Plan Update on the Senate Bill 1 Repeal...
Great overview of ramifications of Prop 6 ramifications. Somehow I believe that Californians will pass this on. but try every transit advocate must to protect it. Never the less I'm suspicious on it effect on transit operations. They just started collecting last year. I don't know how they could already be spending the monies for it.
18-0678 3b Priority Bill Status Update.pdf
Update on MTC Priority Bills Overview of the 2018 State Legislative Session.
Quick summary of the results of MTC wins and loses with the state legislature. For environmentalists there are quite a few wins.
Full results of all the Bay Area relevant legislation. There are a lot of bills!
18-0765 Presentation GARE 2018 Final.pdf
Presentation on Government Alliance for Race and Equity
Presentation on basically encouraging agencies to train employees to try to be equitable to neighborhoods baring race. Kinda scary that somehow we've gone from 457 hate groups in 1999 to 954 in 2017
18-0672 3a Handout PPT C2 award Ops v10.pdf
Contract: Next Generation Clipper® (C2) Regional Fare Payment System Integrator: Cubic Transportation...
Presentation for the clipper card 2 updates.


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Muni launches 90 day plan to improve citywide slowdown - The San Francisco Examiner
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After a citywide Muni service slowdown that itself stretched at least 90 days, Muni officials now have a 90-day plan to reverse those woes. Buses sat cold in Muni yards across The City from late April...