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Van Ness Business Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - August 16, 2018
Van Ness Business Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - August 16, 2018
Seriously van ness "BRT" isn't going to start service until 2021 and they're not bothering to update the presentation anymore... SF transit seems more less salvagable by the month.
8-28-18 Item 5 Strategic Plan Action Overview - August 2018 PDF
8-28-18 Item 5 Strategic Plan Action Overview - August 2018
Where muni stands with Key Performance indicators. They have a lot of goals and objectives they want to pursue.
Resolution PDF
8-21-18 MTAB Item 10.9 Amend MTA Board Rules of Order
This is really stupid. Staff can't meet rules of the process so they recommend changing the process? Thats not cool. Its arbitrary
Resolution PDF
8-21-18 MTAB Item 11 Traffic Modifications - Geary Blvd
They've approved the geary blvd improvements
Slide Presentation PDF
9-4-18 MTAB Item 12 Request for Proposals - Next Generation Customer Information System
SFMTA is looking at improving their cell phone information game. Primarily with better real time information. Apparently that is a number 1 issue for riders... who would've guessed? Duh.
Report PDF
9-6-18 CAC Item 7 the SFMTA Commuter Shuttle Program and private transportation companies
The Commuter Shuttle annual report. despite the shuttle stop restrictions they've actually increased in usage... "If you move the stop an extra block I'll have to drive" ha. Shuttle bus service appear to be expanding nevertheless. Penalties fees have gone down. although its hard to say if thats because people got bored reporting them or if commuters got better at following the restrictions.
SF Expansion Handout PDF
9-6-18 CAC Item 8 Motivate Bike Share
Go bike is taking over.
2018-09-06- JPB packet
Has Caltrain business plan
2018 Annual Passenger Count
Somehow Caltrain continues to grow, despite rising fares and construction. especially during peaks. The growth appears to be coming from the San Mateo County stations. I'm surprised some startup didn't try to be the luxury commute for trains. At least that has a profit margin.
Correspondence Packet as of August 30, 2018
2018-09-06 JPB Correspondence
If anyone says being involved, complaining and contacting city official doesn't create change show them this. It works, its effective and can make the difference however vain it sounds.


SFMTA Launches “Muni Backward” Program
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Fulton bus service had improved, but neighbors complained, so let the roll back begin...

Twin Peaks Tunnel Opens on Schedule
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

K Ingleside, L Taraval, and M Ocean View commuters finally said goodbye to replacement bus service...

TMI about the Transbay Transit Center
Transit Reality

The Salesforce Transit Center is open but it took a lot of history, criticism and sacrifice to build the future northern home of Caltrain and High Speed Rail.

Why Did America Give Up on Mass Transit? Don't Blame Cars.

Streetcar, bus, and metro systems have been ignoring one lesson for 100 years: Service drives demand.

SF transit chief vows to reduce Muni bus and rail delays within three months

Stung by criticism from the mayor, San Francisco’s transit chief pledged Thursday to reduce delays in bus and train service and make other noticeable improvements within three months. In a letter...

BART may have to spend up to 200M to replace turnstiles in attempt to curb fare cheaters
Fox News

A widespread fare evasion problem costing the Bay Area Rapid Transit system tens of millions of dollars each year may end up requiring the agency to spend even more money to stem the tide of 22,000...

Lawmakers kickstart development of BART parking lots into retail, housing

A bill to speed up the development of housing and retail on BART parking lots and other property is headed to Gov. Jerry Brown's desk, despite staunch oppostion from local political leaders around...

BART rolls out platform monitoring at Civic Center
Curbed SF

Screens show riders "what the situation is" on platform