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General Manager's Report
Consider authorizing the General Manager to execute a funding agreement with the Alameda County Transportation...
AC Transit is going to continue the student pass pilot
Consider receiving the Monthly Legislative Report and approve legislative positions
Legislative breakdown. FTA got appropriated more money, SB 1 repeal got certified for the ballot(ensue panic). Interesting SB 929 would require all special districts to have a website. doesn't matter for most bay area ones though.
Consider receiving the results of the 2017-18 on-board rider survey administered by the Metropolitan...
takeaway of the Survey of AC Transit riders.
2017-18 On-Board Rider Survey (Attachment 1)
Full survey of AC Transit riders. I wish other agencies went this far.
Consider authorizing the General Manager to exercise the third of five one-year contract options with...
Extension of the Dumbarton express
Staff Report PDF
7-17-18 MTAB Item 10.2 Traffic Modifications - 22 Fillmore
Seems SFMTA is updating some street policy for the fillmore project.
Slide Presentation PDF
7-17-18 MTAB Item 11 Traffic Modifications - L Taraval
They're going to be doing construction on the L Taraval. I don't understand why they need to take away the train for 18 months. Thats pretty extreme.
Staff Report PDF
7-17-18 MTAB Item 13 Fare Policy Changes
Integrating a 2 hour fare transfer window. I would still far prefer the daily pass that they were recommending earlier. there are still 24 hours in a day, meaning clipper paying patrons can end up paying up a day. er rather realistically they would only need to take 3 trips in a day to make it .5. Meanwhile in the rest of the state each agency has a day cap. SacRT - day pass, VTA - , AC Transit - , Samtrans - .50. MUNI is really behind in this.
Slide Presentation PDF
7-17-18 MTAB Item 14 Services for Seniors and People with Disabilities
How SFMTA service seniors and people with disabilities. microtransit technology may not be right for the typical transit users but they might be perfect for serving paratransit
7-24-18 PAG Item 7 Twin Peaks Tunnel Update PDF
7-24-18 PAG Item 7 Twin Peaks Tunnel Update
Twin Peaks tunnel update. good to know they're on track! I was complaining to coworkers that I wish they'd decided to take metrics on the effects of the closure. like how much traffic increased, whether TNCs were used more, increase collisions, etc... it would have been very useful.
7-24-18 PAG Item 6 Cybersecurity Roadmap PDF
7-24-18 PAG Item 6 Cybersecurity Roadmap
Good! SFMTA is taking some precautions for cyber security.
7-24-18 PAG Item 5 Controller's Report PDF
7-24-18 PAG Item 5 Controller's Report
Public Outreach project is on going for how SFMTA can improve communications with stakeholders.
Van Ness BRT Community Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - July 26, 2018
Van Ness BRT Community Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - July 26, 2018
Van Ness update presentation with Van Ness updates. 21% completion, although it was at 21% two weeks prior so that concerns me. its seem to be getting pushed into 2021. The Bay Area is just really bad at delivering on-time projects.
20th Avenue Neighborway Project - Updated Proposal
20th Avenue Neighborway Project - Updated Proposal
20th Ave Project plan thus far.
2018-08-02 JPB Agenda Packet
Gets into Caltrain's legislative priorities. its amazing how much they value engagement through social media. And downright hilarious how many line-items the president's budget suggest and then the actual that FTA gets. Caltrain is also against PROP 6
The electrification project is going! sounds like they're not doing bad. Its awesome that they're so focused on web/social analytics
Get Us Moving Update - July 2018
GUM Update - July 2018
Get us moving improvement service.
SamTrans Business Plan
PDS 4 Presentation - Business Plan
Samtrans business plan. They have a lot they want to do including adding wifi, a TNC and microtransit pilot
Coastside Transit Study - Draft Final
PDS 3 Presentation - Coastside Transit Study Adoption
sounds like they completed the coastside transit study and now are working to implement reasonable changes to improve it.
18-0503 6h PAC 2f Reso-4250 Bay Bridge Forward Allocation.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4250, Revised. Allocation of $2.3 million in Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds to MTC...
while Not particularly relevant to san francisco. This is the Bay Bridge forward project. An attempt to privilege transit on to the bay bridge. Although I find it a bit sketchy that MTC needs to pay the CHP to actually enforce HOV lanes along 80. Which will probably actually lead to no more enforcement. The tools for checking if a car with closed windows has 3 or more people are pretty much eyes and stopping every car.
18-0502 6f PAC 2d Reso-3819 Vallejo Station RM2.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 3819, Revised. Allocation of $1.5 million in Regional Measure 2 funds to the City...
reallocation of funds for the vallejo transit center/ferry terminal
18-0501 6l PAC 2i Reso-4353 Rural Transit Program of Projects.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4353. Approval of the FY2018-19 and FY2019-20 FTA Section 5311 Rural Transit Program...
Rural transit programs supported by the FTA rural funds
18-0595 6m PAC 3c Reso-4202-4356 VTA SR85 Transit Guideway Study.pdf
MTC Resolutions Nos. 4202, Revised, and 4356. Agreement for the exchange of $1.2 million in Santa...
18-0595 6m HANDOUT Combined Correspondence SR85 TransitGuidewayStudy.pdf
MTC Resolutions Nos. 4202, Revised, and 4356. Agreement for the exchange of $1.2 million in Santa...
State Route 85 is due a transit guideway study but because of the ongoing measure B(2016) lawsuit its being held up
MTC legislative history breakdown for july.
18-0478 7b LEGIS 3b Housing and Homelessness Bonds.pdf
Propositions 1 and 2: Affordable Housing and Homelessness Bonds - Support November 2018 statewide ballot...
And so the fight for the Nov proposition arguments begins. MTC says vote yes for the Prop 1 and 2
18-0477 7a LEGIS 3a SB 1 Repeal Initiative - Prop 6.pdf
Senate Bill 1 Repeal Initiative: Proposition 6 November 2018 statewide ballot measure, which would repeal...
What a surprise how MTC recommends voting on Prop 6. heh. I really hope the combined effort of transit advocates and people who've benefited from SB 1 pull enough support against prop 6.
18-0617 #16.2 Public Land Regional Agency Strategies 20180705.pdf
16.2 Regional Actions to Support, Incentivize, Enforce Housing on Public Land
CASA is pursuing actions to get public lands used to build housing.
18-0601 Preliminary Summary of Survey Results July 2018.pdf
Preliminary Results from Local Jurisdiction Survey
Crazy interesting survey from local staff and policymakers about how they would like to solve the housing crisis
18-0613 14.3 Lower Voter Approval Threshold for Affordable Housing Measures to 55%.pdf
(14.3) Lower Voter Approval Threshold for Affordable Housing Measures to 55%
CASA would like to see a constitutional amendment to lower the voter threshold for affordable housing taxes. It seems a lot of interests want to break down the barriers that prop 13 has set up.
18-0614 14.4 Recreate Redevelopment Agencies with a focus on Affordable Housing.pdf
(14.4) Recreate Redevelopment Agencies with a Focus on Affordable Housing
CASA wants to bring back redevelopment agencies with a focus on building affordable housing.
I guess diesel free by '33 is a project now. Cool
18-0637 Housing Production 2 Action Plans PPT
Housing Production 2 Action Plans PPT for Agenda Item III.c and III.d
CASA's action plan for increasing housing production, inclusionary housing and affordable housing. They're going to be busy
18-0636 Rent Stabilization & Anti-Gouging PPT
Rent Stabilization & Anti- Gouging PPT for Agenda Item III.a and III.b
CASA action plan for rent stabilization and anti-gouging
18-0626 9. 11.1 Reduce Impact Fees.pdf
d. 11.1 - Reduce Impact Fees
Restriction of state regulation of impact fees is a risky opinion to take. I don't like it when local jurisdictions use it to block new development but I don't want the state government to cut local jurisdictions at the knees.
CASA is also pursuing an anti-gouging policy for the whole bay area. No increase of over 10%. I would argue when rent is 2000+ and you can raise it 200 thats still gouging but its certainly an improvement over what they have no-rent control regions


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