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On page 28 there is a memo about Prop 6(repeal SB 1) and the ramifications of this to BART. My gosh the reject list is massive I have no idea what is going to happen. Its hard to see it passing but self-interest is a powerful thing. I don't see berkeley or San Francisco on there. I finally have a reason to email my councilmember! Please email your supervisor!(Whether you oppose it or not)
General Manager's Report
It seems silly that a public agency is measure themselves by retweets and likes. Facebook is too powerful
Progress report on how the east bay BRT project is going. Of course its already really late.
Consider receiving semi-annual update on the South County Corridors Transit Performance Initiative Project...
How the Ac Transit 97 improvement are doing along hesperian
Consider whether or not to support the City of Oakland’s Downtown Oakland Community Benefit District...
Renewing the Community Benefit District for downtown Oakland.
Van Ness BRT Community Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - June 28, 2018
Van Ness BRT Community Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - June 28, 2018
Update on the Van Ness BRT. It appears to be off schedule by a year and the left turn is being removed on van ness and Hayes.
Van Ness BRT Community Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - June 28, 2018
Van Ness BRT Community Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - June 28, 2018
I don't normally add minutes documents but the answers to some of the questions are very useful.
Slide Presentation PDF
7-12-18 CAC Item 8 Geary Rapid Project
Presentation on where the Geary Rapid Project is at. they're going to start construction on it. but the first "easy" part is modification of route 38 stops...
Slide Presentation PDF
7-12-18 CAC Item 9 Muni Forward
27 bryant is being looked at to be improved. at least on the north of market side.
US-101 Express Bus Feasibility Study Board of Directors Update
Item PDS 3 Presentation - Express Bus Study
Samtrans is getting serious about looking at a US-101 express bus. I'm not going to lie I anxiously hope this is the LA Metro Silver line. I doubt any of you know how brilliant that line is. Any US rider who says that a bus can't be anywhere near as good as rail has not ridden the Silver line. But it'll only be acceptable if they get a HOV or HOT lane.
18-0487 4c FasTrak CSC RM3 Support Conduent ContractChangeOrder.pdf
Contract Change Order - FasTrak® Regional Customer Service Center: Regional Measure 3 (RM3) Support:...
ABAG is implementing the 2 bridge rule as required by Regional Measure 3
18-0508 4b CTC Update.pdf
California Transportation Commission Update An update from the June 27-28, 2018 California Transportation...
The California Transportation Commission considers most of the bay area eligible for SB 1 money
18-0505 2h Reso-4347 Cycle5 Lifeline.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4347. Cycle 5 Lifeline Transportation Program.
report on lifeline services that MTC supports for operations.
18-0503 2f Reso-4250 Bay Bridge Forward Allocation.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4250, Revised. Allocation of $2.3 million in Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds to MTC...
This is sweet cause money is going into improving access for the AC Transbay buses. hopefully will be ready when transbay bus forward goes forward and the transbay terminal opens up.
18-0501 2i Reso-4353 Rural Transit Program of Projects.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4353. Approval of the FY2018-19 and FY2019-20 FTA Section 5311 Rural Transit Program...
Kinda neat that they're giving money to rural transit projects.
18-0466 06 Staff Liaison Report July 2018.pdf
Staff Liaison Report (5 minutes) Relevant MTC policy decisions and other activities.
Summary report of what happened between May and June from the staff liason
18-0476 4a Tom Bulger's DC Report JUN 2018.pdf
Tom Bulger’s Report Report from Washington D.C. advocate.
A few changes from the federal side. US DOT money is going to HUD. Apparently states and cities can require sales tax from out of state retailers. Thats going to be complicated.
18-0477 3a SB 1 Repeal Initiative - Prop 6.pdf
Senate Bill 1 Repeal Initiative: Proposition 6 November 2018 statewide ballot measure, which would repeal...
Prop 6 is clearly going to be THE fight prop for Nov 2018. Part of me thinks its a distraction to help save election seats for republicans. but a group did put a lot of effort into ensuring it made to ballot.This gives a LOT of information where money has already gone from SB 1.
18-0478 3b Housing and Homelessness Bonds.pdf
Propositions 1 and 2: Affordable Housing and Homelessness Bonds - Support November 2018 statewide ballot...
Prop 2 concerns me. Alameda county voted down a measure to support homelessness. I didn't agree with the alameda county one because it didn't state how it was going to fix homelessness, it seems this has the same flaw. I wish the state would make a clear cut vision or plan to follow even if its a lie.
18-0479 2b FY 18-19 State Budget.pdf
FY 2018-19 State Budget
State budget review. It was finally signed by Gov. Brown. He's leaving on a good note - 13.8B in the rainy day fund. first full Sb 1 year = more money in local city and county streets. He fixed up everything and set focus to the legislature. Time for California to screw it all up again!(JK)
18-0532 3c SB 1376 TNC Accessibility.pdf
SB 1376 (Hill): Transportation Network Companies: Accessibility - Support SB 1376 would require the...
Interesting Hill wants to force the CPUC to make TNC be accessible.


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