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Consider receiving the Bi-monthly Budget Update for the period of July 2017 through April 2018
Budget update for AC Transit. things are not looking good.
Consider receiving the Monthly Legislative Report and approve legislative positions
RM 3 got passed with only two counties voting it down. Contra Costa and Solano. Both not surprising. From the courts its seems Dynamex Operations West v. Superior Court was decided by the supreme court which may disrupt the gig economy, classifying them as employees. Doubt it'll change anything though.
AC Transit's plan for completely moving to electric by 2040.
Consider receiving a report on the Line 51 Corridor Delay Reduction and Sustainability Project
Post improvement 51A and 51B evaluation. There was improvement but not as muchas they would've liked.
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6-19-18 MTAB Item 11 Traffic Modifications - 8th Avenue Neighborway
Not transit related but its noteworthy to see what SFMTA does for streets that don't run buses.
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6-19-18 MTAB Item 12 TNC and PTV Tax
So there might be a tax on TNCs? I don't know how, I thought that they were restricted from doing a tax by the state. unless this is just on the employees.
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6-19-18 MTAB Item 13 Public Outreach and Engagement Report
SFMTA's work on outreach and engagement. They don't seem to be changing anything. But yikes constituents seem a bit mean and what most concerning in this era is how much people enjoy being uninformed and then being angry they weren't informed and it affected them.
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6-19-18 MTAB Item 13 Public Outreach and Engagement Report
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6-20-18 FAC Item 8 Schaller Taxi Industry Report
SFMTA is review what they can do for the Taxi industry.
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6-27-18 EMSC Item 7 Pedestrian Push Button Signals
I wish they pointed out which pedestrian signals were recall run. So I could stop looking like an idiot pressing a placebo button.
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6-27-18 EMSC Item 8 Muni Metro Station Enhancements
SFMTA appears to be getting into redoing their stations.
18-0418 05 Handout Election Result Web Update Council2.pdf
Election Update (15 minutes) Update on the election results in regards to Regional Measure 3 and Proposition...
Went about exactly as one would expect. Those that don't need the state bridges and Alameda county voted for it and everyone else against.
18-0559 Hyperlink
Report on General Assembly
What is ABAG about?


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