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Consider authorizing the issuance of Requests for Qualifications for 1) design, and 2) construction management...
Cool they're investing in improving the rapid corridors - telegraph, san pablo and grand
More BRT Progress
Consider receiving a status update on the Next Generation Clipper (C2) program
Clipper 2.0 update. Also has interesting information on Clipper 1.0. I'm shocked that MUNI only has 38% market share using clipper. Is it the tourists? It actually went down from last year! Most usage across the bay area transit agencies have gone up in the last year but North Bay is really behind though.
Slide Presentation PDF
6-7-18 CAC Item 9 Interactive Mapping Project
Actually a project is pretty cool. although I think gov will end up paying way too much for it. I could build this in two weeks. I'm actually interested in copying it but maybe for the whole bay area. If anyone would be interested in helping me with compiling the information please tell me.
Handout PDF
6-12-18 OCSC Item 7 Central Subway Expansion
Survey that SFMTA did for extending the central subway
Handout PDF
6-12-18 OCSC Item 8 Market Street Hub
I just found it out this weekend that they want to make a new neighborhood - The Market Street Hub
Slide Presentation
6-12-18 OCSC Item 8 Market Street Hub
Planning information presentation about the Hub. It doesn't seem so bad.
Diagram PDF
6-12-18 OCSC Item 8 Market Street Hub
Presentation diagram on the Van Ness Station
Slide Presentation PDF
6-12-18 OCSC Item 7 Central Subway Expansion
Oh good! SFMTA is finally looking at extending the central subway. to marina or elsewhere.
PFM/Schaller Taxi Industry Report: Evaluation and Recommendations to Improve the Health of the Taxi Industry in San Francisco
PFM/Schaller Taxi Industry Report: Evaluation and Recommendations to Improve the Health of the Taxi Industry...
This is actually very sad to see the death of a industry.
18-0375 3a HOV Lane Enforcement Contracts.pdf
High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Enforcement Contracts: i. Contract or Contract Amendment - HOV Violation...
Technically not interesting for San Francisco but for East Bay this would be amazing. There are soooooooo many cheats now. But I feel like CHP will do nothing to help this.
18-0379 3c Handout Election Update.pdf
Election Update Summary of June 5, 2018 election results, including Regional Measure 3, Proposition...
Well this is awesome a great breakdown of results the Regional Measure 3 in the June election. And a comparison to how it was for the previous regional measure. Overall I was disappointed that it there wasn't more voter turnout. I didn't mind if RM 3 failed but the low turnout means so many more people will be griping about it. Also gets into all the other ballot measures for the counties and cities. Its pretty thorough.
Interesting bills coming through the legislature. Feel free to call/email your representative to support something.
18-0424 3b SB 828 (Wiener).pdf
SB 828 (Wiener): Regional Housing Needs Assessment and Allocation - Support Senate Bill 828 would update...
State Senator Wiener at it again with another great bill. North Bay hates it but it is a lot more tame then SB 827 was.
18-0382 4b FY2019 Appropriations Update.pdf
Update on Federal Fiscal Year 2019 Transportation and Housing Appropriations Update on federal funding...
Federally they seem to be supporting transportation too. Its kinda weird.
18-0380 3d Budget Update.pdf
Update on FY 2018-19 State Budget Summary of the Governor’s proposed FY 2018-19 May budget revision...
The Governor's budget revision is apparently good for public transit and affordable housing.
18-0372 4c Tom Bulger's DC Report May and APR 2018.pdf
Tom Bulger’s Report Report from Washington D.C. advocate.
My condolences to 350 Bay Area. The GHG performance measure rule was appealed. I'm actually surprised that the 2017 tax bill didn't remove the tax exemption for transportation. but alright!


The rise of “Super Commuters”
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Caltrain kicks off transit-oriented development strategy
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At its upcoming board meeting on Thursday, Caltrain is kicking off a process to set its strategy and policies for land around Caltrain stations, including and especially land owned by Caltrain. This...

Clipper executive board explores “mobility as a service”, FasTrak/Clipper integration
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On Monday, the Clipper Executive board, execs of the region’s top transit agencies, decided to explore “mobility as a service”, a trend to facilitate trips – and service packages...

Caltrain FY19 budget passes uneventfully, with help of 4million from VTA to support South County
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On Thursday, the Caltrain board approved an FY2019 operating budget of $151.5 million and a $42.7 million capital budget, without additional fare increases beyond already approved last summer, and...