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Update on state legislative activities.
Governor Brown and the state of california are doing great! Anti-tax advocates seem to have enough to bring to ballot a repeal of SB 1
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Theres not much in the pipeline for legislative. But if you have a chance it would be great if you would contact your state senator and assemblymember to be against AB 2065 or at least exempt Transit special districts.
Consider receiving a report on the performance of the AC Go service enhancements implemented between...
This is really impressive. Ac Transit Go is kinda working. The breakup of the loop service worked out the best but 80/81 were outperformed by 36 and 79 and now they want to connect 80/81 to rockridge BART.
Consider receiving report on the service changes associated with the June 2018 sign-up, including the...
The last package for AC Transit GO is pretty intense, they are eliminating 81 and increasing frequency of 80 and bringing back the 51B marina. I preferred that 51b keep going to amtrak, it made life easier but this is the right move.
Van Ness Business Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - April 19, 2018
Van Ness Business Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - April 19, 2018
Presentation on Van Ness Project
Staff Report PDF
6-5-18 MTAB Item 10.4 Agreements - Transbay Terminal
A very long agreement between SFMTA and the Transbay joint Powers Authority. The MUNI buses will be moving in June 16th. Although I'm confused how the 25 is supposed to work since it's supposed to get on the bridge.
Slide Presentation PDF
6-5-18 MTAB Item 11 Residential Parking Permit - Transportation Code Amendments
The need for parking is insatiable.
Executive Summary PDF
6-5-18 MTAB Item 12 Rail Alignment Study
The full DTX RAB study
Slide Presentation PDF
6-5-18 MTAB Item 12 Rail Alignment Study
A more simplified presentation for the DTX Rail alignment study
Draft Report PDF
6-7-18 CAC Item 7 Emerging Mobility Evaluation Draft Report and Passenger Loading Knowledge Share
Full emerging mobility evaluations report
Passenger Loading Knowledge Share Slide Presentation PDF
6-7-18 CAC Item 7 Emerging Mobility Evaluation Draft Report and Passenger Loading Knowledge Share
Another presentation on emerging mobility. Basically passenger loading/curb management is screwed.
Report PDF
6-7-18 CAC Item 8 Commuter Shuttles and Private Transportation Companies
Annual report for the commuter shuttle program.
Art Takes a Bus Ride - The Wild Side of SamTrans
Art Takes a Bus Ride - The Wild Side of SamTrans
Samtrans Art takes a bus ride. Its adorable. I wish SFMTA did a program like this.


SF downtown extension: 1 year and 1 billion to knit city together
Green Caltrain

It would take an additional year, and cost an additional billion dollars to modify the plan to connect Caltrain to downtown San Francisco with a design that knits the city together, according to the...

BART: Say No to Freeway-Based Rail to Livermore
Stories by San Francisco Transit Riders on Medium

Below is our letter to the BART Board of Directors opposing I-580 rail projects to Livermore. It’s way too expensive an option, competing for funding needed for more crucial projects that serve...

MTC approves means-based fare pilot with direction to explore seamless fares
Green Caltrain

This morning, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission unanimously approved a pilot program for means-based transit fares. Commissioners also set direction for staff to come back with report on...

Is Anyone Owed a Transit Line?
Human Transit

San Francisco’s regional rapid transit agency, BART, just voted not to build a long-planned extension to the eastern suburb of Livermore. To create the consensus to start the BART system, over...

Elections have consequences – 3 updates for voters who care about sustainable transportation
Green Caltrain

Voting is under way for the June ballot, with a primary race for governor, and Regional Measure 3, an important transportation funding measure. Also in the next few months, San Mateo County decision-makers...

This week: transformation from SF Downtown to Diridon
Green Caltrain

Transformations at either end of the 50-mile Caltrain main line – in downtown San Francisco and San Jose Diridon Station – are connected – setting the stage for the rail line potentially...

Caltrain grade separations: Palo Alto considers winnowing tonight; Menlo Park pursues one-street option
Green Caltrain

Tonight, in an agenda item slated for 9pm, Palo Alto City Council will start to consider a set of ten options to separate Caltrain tracks from four city streets (Palo Alto, Churchill, Meadow and Charleston)....

Transit, But For Other People - TransitCenter

As we recently found, the demographics of most transit agency boards don’t match that of their riders. But some of the effects of this mismatch could be ameliorated if board members are at least...