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Consider directing staff to reduce service levels on Lines 800 and 801 commensurate with the end of BART’s...
This is a bit unfortunate as it will reduce late night service to East bay from San Francisco and it was increasing ridership.
Staff Report PDF
5-15-18 MTAB Item 10.4 Changes to Fees - Transportation Code Amendment
Jeez 689 to rent out a street car. Guess that dream is out.
Staff Report PDF
5-15-18 MTAB Item 11 Zero Emission Policy
350 bay area must be happy about this. Of course SF had to take on LA a little bit. full electric fleet by 2050 it appears
SFMTA Clean Air Plan 2004 PDF
5-15-18 MTAB Item 11 Zero Emission Policy
cool report on progress since 2004. MUNI is far beating its CARB requirements
Evaluation Report PDF
5-15-18 MTAB Item 12 Emerging Mobility
Long report on emerging mobility options
Geary Community Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - May 15, 2018
Geary Community Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation Deck - May 15, 2018
While not particularly relevant to the group as a whole. Its something to know where your water goes. And Geary Rapid project has 2 open houses coming up in June and then two Design showcases in July.
5-18-18 Metrics Report PDF
5-18-18 Item 5 Strategic Plan Metrics report
This metrics report is an amazing deal of data! SFMTA is succeeding at most things, but failing at the some of the important things. on-time performance for non-rapid routes seem to be going down, security complaint seem to be going up. On-time performance for transit overall is the lowest since January. And its rather disappointing that MUNI operators seem to be getting less commendations.
Slide Presentation PDF
5-23-18 EMSC Item 8 Service Changes
June 2018 MUNI schedule changes! Starting the move into the new Transbay Terminal!
Preliminary FY2019 Operating and Capital Budget
Currently Caltrain has a funding deficit. Thats not good.
This is interesting. Points out the work on diridon and VTA's efforts to make the VTA light rail through santa clara safer and faster. They're not really willing to make the necessary changes to forcibly ensure success but they're trying.
18-0310 3b HANDOUT Means-Based Letters of Support.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4320. Approval of Regional Means-Based Fare Program Framework. Based on feedback...
Letters in support of a Means-based fare program
18-0306 6e PAC 2e Reso-4332 FY2018-19 Regional Coordination Program.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4332. Adoption of the FY2018-19 MTC Regional STA Program in support of Clipper and...
I think I shared something similar to this before whereas a description of the all the MTC programs for regional connectivity.
18-0310 8b PAC 3b Reso-4320 Regional Means-Based Transit.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4320. Approval of Regional Means-Based Fare Program Framework. Based on feedback...
So I guess they're really doing this thing. subsidize a 20% discount to those make 200% less than the poverty level. I wish I got a discount like that.


Caltrain faces budget gap, considers means-based fares
Green Caltrain

At its board meeting on Thursday, May 3, the Caltrain board reviewed a draft budget with a $6.6 million deficit in operating budget and $15M gap in capital.  Caltrain will be working with its...

Wrestling with climate and transportation; two events on unblocking climate transportation progress
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Next week May 16th and 17th, there are two events about how we can catch up and make progress on addressing the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions – transportation.    Learn...

Regional Measure 3 – Good for the Caltrain Network, better coordination needed in future
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The June ballot includes Regional Measure 3, a bridge toll increase that would fund a set of valuable improvements for the Caltrain Network with connections, including (see charts below). Downtown...

U.S. transit systems are shedding riders. Are they under threat?
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raquo; Transit agencies are losing ridership across the country. Just how bad is this problem?Between 1996 and 2014, overall transit ridership in the U.S. grew by about 35 percent, roughly twice as...

The Case for Fare-Capping
Streetsblog USA

Low-income people shouldn’t have to pay more per ride than people who can afford unlimited transit passes.

4 Things For Transit Agencies to Remember in a World of Driverless Car Hype - TransitCenter

The threat that automated vehicles pose to public transit is a political threat.