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SFMTA is preparing bus lanes along mission for the Transbay terminal.
Resolution PDF
5-3-18 CAC Item 8 SFMTA Zero Emission Policy 2018
SFMTA CAC reviews a zero emmission policy for SFMTA.
While it doesn't give any details. it appears that SFMTA is kicking off the Broadway safety improvement project.
Caltrain Fare Study Update
2018-05-03 Fare Study Presentation
Update of the Caltrain Fare Study + a bit on the MTC Means-based Fare Study. Its a little concerning because of how it looks like they can update fares just because the staff feels like it and it wouldn't hurt them too much.
Presentation on the blend of CAHSR and Caltrain. Doesn't really state much that we don't know. It sounds like they just made progress on identifying who needs to be in the committee for determining rail access and needs.
Coastside Transit Study
Item 8c.3 Attachment - Coastside Transit Study Presentation - 5-2-2018
Presentation on how Coastside fares with Samtrans service
Business Plan Update
Item 8c.4 Attachment - Business Plan Presentation - 5-2-2018
What is samtrans business plan. basically new website, mobile ticketing, wifi on new buses, TNC pilot,Express bus service, rapid ECR(would be amazing! although I feel like that would require other improvements to ensure viability along local service)
18-0248 04 Project Performance Assessment Overview.pdf
Horizon and Plan Bay Area 2050: Project Performance Assessment Overview Overview of the proposed Project...
This is a really important presentation that highlights what MTC is planning to pursue in the future for transportation of the region. They have too many codenames though I don't know what Horizon is.
Quick presentation overview of the MTC and affiliated organizations budgets and where the money goes
18-0300 2d MOU-BATA-SMART-GGB.pdf
Memorandum of Understanding between the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA), Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit...
If you're interested in how the San Rafael Transit Center is going to work out. This is also a push for support of Regional Measure 3
17-3100 3a TransForm Funding Agreement.pdf
Funding Agreement - Car Sharing and Mobility Hubs in Affordable Housing Pilot Project: TransForm ($1,569,000) A...
MTC has a funding agreement with Transform.
18-0310 3b Reso-4320 Regional Means-Based Transit.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4320. Approval of Regional Means-Based Fare Program Framework. Based on feedback...
Looks like an official approval of the Regional Means-Based Fare Pilot Program. Lot of interesting Fare modification ideas in here
18-0273 4a CTC Update.pdf
California Transportation Commission Update An update on Senate Bill One programs and a preview of items...
List of what programs Senate Bill One(2017) has supported.
18-0299 2f RM2 Capital Program Update.pdf
Regional Measure 2 Capital Program: Semi-Annual Update
If you're interested in what Regional Measure 2 did for the Bay Area, this has a decent presentation
18-0288 7a Tom Bulger's DC Report Apr 2018.pdf
Tom Bulger’s Report Report from Washington D.C. advocate.
MTC review of whats going on in congress. Its seems like good news and bad news. Good news is FAA is not being sold to the highest bidder. Neutral - The new TIGER program got a ton of money. Bad news is US DOT apparently going to focus on rural area and public and non-profits can no longer consider transportation benefits as business expenses.
18-0326 6b SB 828 (Wiener).pdf
SB 828 (Wiener): Regional Housing Needs Assessment and Allocation - Support and Seek Amendments Senate...
Goes into Wiener new SB. Senate Bill 828 which updates the state's methodology for determining future housing needs.
18-0306 2e Reso-4332 FY2018-19 Regional Coordination Program.pdf
MTC Resolution No. 4332. Adoption of the FY2018-19 MTC Regional STA Program in support of Clipper and...
Simple review of what visible programs that MTC provides to the public. Including clipper and the MTC transit displays


Palo Alto, Mountain View advance discussion of transportation funding
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MTC at a turning point with means-based fares, fare streamlining future
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On May 9 the Programming and Allocations Committee of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission faces a pivotal vote about the fate of a proposal to start a regional means-based fare program –...