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This has a lot of the BART interested legislative bills. Most of them are actually from SF Assemblymember David Chui in regards to homelessness.(Apparently thats a focus of his hehe). Which is more interesting that BART has to take such a focus on homelessness. I wouldn't be surprised if they asked to start watching SF supervisor bills.
Consider authorizing the General Manager to negotiate and execute funding agreements with the City of...
At least the City of Alameda knows how to support more transit. They're getting their route 19
Reconsider the implementation of previously adopted Youth, Senior and Disabled pass prices; and consider...
They're increasing the fare on AC Transit again. essential they want everyone in the bay area to reach that 2.50 mark. Its rather burdensome. Of course Sacramento RT is to blame for initially making it that high
Consider receiving the Monthly Construction Progress Report for the Bus Rapid Transit Project
East Bay BRT construction seems to be going really slowly
A much simpler to read legislative report from AC Transit. Apparently FTA is getting a lot more funding despite our President's threat to veto it. So thankful that the president doesn't have line-item veto power. I think one of the unfortunate parts of SFMTA is because the board is not made up politicians they can't really go to DC and represent SFMTA like AC Transit and BART does. And the Supervisor see their job as to keep SFMTA in check but not aggressively advocate for it. I guess FRA is looking into railroad automation. And it looks like SB 1 repeal is getting to the ballot. All I can hope is the vote turn out against San Diego and their weird obsession with SB 1.
Electric Mobility Strategy Presentation PDF
4-20-18 Item 6 PAG Electric Mobility Strategy
Electric mobility strategy for everything. Cars and truck make of 91% of the emissions. wow. muni apparently is only 2%. Although I wish it also included WETA and presidego in there.
Slide Presentation PDF
4-25-18 EMSC Item 8 Pilot Scooter Share Program Permit
They came up with that scooter permit system fast. If only SFMTA always worked that fast.
SFMTA is taking over part of mission st 24/7 for the Transbay Terminal. Its finally happening! I can't wait.
Slide Presentation PDF
5-1-18 MTAB Item 12 Revisions to the Candlestick Point Hunters Point Shipyard Plan
Yeah Hunters point might actually end being a place to go one day. You can definitely see with all the transportation options they're focused on ensuring that its feasible for prospective residents to not feel trapped and isolated from the rest of SF.
MTC April Legislative review. probably the best one if you want a quick look into what is going on in the state legislature. I think it might be a bit larger now that MTC is merging with ABAG and seeming looking at everything in regards to housing and transportation.
18-0184 8a Leg 3b SB957 CAV Oppose.pdf
Senate Bill 957 (Lara): High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes- Clean Air Vehicle Access for Low-Income Registered...
I don't know how to feel about this. I want more clean air vehicles but they should have a limit to using the HOV lanes, which are so abused as is.


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