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4-17-18 MTAB Item 11 Traffic modifications - Twin Peaks Figure 8
They're extending the twin peaks figure 8 loop. Seems like its kinda perfectly worked out. lower driving speeds, safer side for bikes and pedestrians. Results are results.
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4-17-18 MTAB Item 12 Residential Parking Permit Area EE - Dogpatch
Dogpatch seems like its finally getting some of that SFMTA parking love
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4-17-18 MTAB Item 13 ConnectSF
Seems like a rather long report to say not much of anything.
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4-17-18 MTAB Item 13 ConnectSF
I don't really get the purpose of the SFconnect. is it really to get the SF agencies up behind SFMTA goals for transportation?
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4-18-18 FAC Item 7 Employee Satisfaction Survey
Most surveys are for riders and citizens. This is a satisfaction for the employees of SFMTA. 41% confidence in SFMTA leadership. WOW I guess low approval rating is just the norm now for leadership. It seems like customer facing is bringing it down tho... and thats a bit of a depressing job anyhow. Page 6 makes me sad
This won't be interesting to many but here is a breakdown of what San Jose will be investing in in the future.
18-0072 5a HANDOUT SPUR Correspondence.pdf
Proposed Regional Means-Based Transit Fare Program Framework An update to the report that was presented...
SPUR letter for the Means-based Transit far program proposal. Basically they want 50% discount and to connect the program with Clipper 2.0


Three tracks, shared platforms recommended for entrance to Salesforce/Transbay
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Update on 38 Geary Bus
Muni Streetsblog San Francisco

Note: Metropolitan Shuttle, a leader in bus shuttle rentals, regularly sponsors coverage on Streetsblog San Francisco and Streetsblog Los Angeles. Unless noted in the...

Bills to legalize housing near transit – what do you think?
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The Bay Area, and California as a whole, have a deep housing shortage dating back 40 years. More than a third of young adults live with a parent, leading to a mass exodus. The housing challenge...