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Consider receiving a report regarding an analysis of the number of District operators having second jobs...
I guess transit agencies need to be invested in whether or not drivers are driving for TNCs because drivers have a limit on the number of hours they can work driving.
Staff Report PDF
4-3-18 MTAB Item 10.4 Gift - 18th and Minnesota Traffic Signal
I don't think a gift is something you can ask for back.
Performance Metrics and Targets PDF
4-3-18 MTAB Item 11 SFMTA Strategic Plan
SFMTA metric planning targets for 2019 and 2020. They're pretty broad and ambitious. 0 fatal collisions... yeah not on the streets I see today. but I bite my tongue cause last year was the lowest yet
Slide Presentation PDF
4-3-18 MTAB Item 11 SFMTA Strategic Plan
Presentation for strategic plan
Operating Budget Book PDF
4-3-18 MTAB Item 13 FY19-FY20 Operating Budget
SFMTA operating budget book - I can't believe that it is going to be a 1.2B operation for 800-1M people. Thats insane. LA MTA which is the authority for the whole of Los Angeles county is 1.6B for 10 million people. I don't know whether to be impressed that SFMTA can get that much from so few people(most of the new money is from development fees) or is LA underfunded.
Slide Presentation PDF
4-3-18 MTAB Item 13 FY19-FY20 Operating Budget
A quick slide presentation for the operating 19/20 budget. I think I linked this before. take note that Taxis are getting medallions and business license for free now. Its a pretty short presentation I recommend you go through it.
Slide Presentation PDF
4-3-18 MTAB Item 12 Capital Budget
SFMTA capital plan 19/20. They're putting a lot of money into capital. again its a short presentation I recommend you go through it.
Slide Presentation PDF
4-10-18 OCSC Item 7 District 10 Mobility Study
Apparently SFMTA feels really bad about visitacion valley, they seem to be focusing a lot of effort there.
Bayview Fact Sheet PDF
4-10-18 OCSC Item 7 District 10 Mobility Study
And Bayview
Handout PDF
4-10-18 OCSC Item 9 Public Outreach & Engagement Requirements Focus Group
This meeting seems like the place many people should be.
Fiscal Year 2018/2019 and 2020 Budget Outlook
2018-04-05 Budget presentation
Budget breakdown for Caltrain. They're a really lean transporting machine. I can't believe they do all they do with 270M revenue. If they had a tax income like BART or SFMTA it'd be interesting to see what they could be. I know its easiest for them being on a single path rail route but still its impressive
quick look at what they're doing to get the EMUs. lots of legislature support.
18-0177 02 Horizon Prelim Guiding Principles.pdf
Horizon: Preliminary Guiding Principles Overview of March pop-up outreach events and share preliminary...
Not exactly sure what MTC is trying to accomplish with this but it looks interesting.
17-3092 5b BARTRailcar and Transbay Corridor CoreCapacity Update.pdf
BART Railcar and Transbay Corridor Core Capacity Projects Update BART staff will provide an update...
BART presentation to MTC about core capacity updates for the next 10 years. It would be better heard in context.
18-0228 3c SB 1014 support.pdf
Senate Bill 1014 (Skinner): Transportation Network Companies and Electric Vehicles - Support and Seek...
This is interesting. a non-binding bill to try to convince TNCs to go green over the years. hmm... I just don't see why they would.
18-0184 3b SB 957 CAV Oppose.pdf
Senate Bill 957 (Lara): High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes- Clean Air Vehicle Access for Low-Income Registered...
An oppose from MTC for SB 957. it basically undermines HOVs and if we keep saying every SOV gets to access the HOV lanes whats the point of the HOV lanes? If they want to make another special people's lane for rich and clean drivers then they should do that(which is essentially the toll lanes)